Markus. A long way from Lyra, United’s other Immortal Hero.

 Markus, is a character from the Harmon Sueno novel, United, who came to me when I heard about the Pentecostal snake handlers in the Appalachian mountains quoting this verse from the Gospel of Mark, 

Mark 16:17–18

17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.

I envisaged the humans of the Lyra star system and their subjugation by the Archontic/Draconis Empire eons ago, and then subsequent chasing of the human occupants of that star system across the galaxy to the Pleiades. Then to our solar system where many fought in battles on Mars, Tiamat, Earth, and on moons of the outer planets beyond Earth. What if Morvarid wasn’t the only non-earth human to have fought the cabal and then, when the fall took place into the third dimension, another non-terrestrial human became immortalised here? This thought played out in my mind, and how would he keep a watchful eye on his greatest foe? I pondered.

This former sixth-dimensional being had lost all the abilities that we would consider ‘superhuman’ with the fall, and so would have to resort to other ways to discover the machinations of his enemy, and do so without his nemesis knowing. But how? Then I imagined that Mark, the disciple of Jesus, was a non-terrestrial human who recognised the cosmic consciousness of source energy manifesting in an earthly human, that being Jesus. Mark came to subtly teach and observe the young man, hone his message, and also anchor an energetic influx of the energy from the higher dimensions by helping to create a movement that would encompass the world after the young man’s death.

The handling of snakes (for me) in the Gospel of Mark was both metaphorical and procedural. It pertained to Markus using the snake’s venom to gaining higher levels of perception, focusing his intuition (after being bitten) to zero in on the Archontic/Draconis cabal’s plans, movements, strategies. Later in Markus’ historical arc, the shamanic power he had gained from this procedure meant that he could cast Draconis Reptilians out from their human hosts (demons) and put them into the bodies of poisonous snakes.

It’s not till late in the novel, that Markus begins to regain not only the abilities he lost after the fall into third-dimensional frequency, he also regains the knowledge of how to free the planetary consciousness of Earth, and re-shape the rings of the broadcasting station that is the brown dwarf star,  Saturn. The need to handle poisonous snakes, and have their venom infused into his body is no longer necessary.

Markus. Pentecostal minister and non-terrestrial human from Lyra

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