Lifting the Veil

There was never any question about what I was going to write about. It was just a question about how the information presented in my books would illuminate the reader into a deeper understanding of all possibilities. The feeling that I was in the world, but didn’t belong to it, was an invitation to experience the bewildering, the unfathomable, and the beautiful. I walked a fine line between my human nature and my spiritual essence for most of my young adult life, drawn into connections with others oscillating in the vibration of openness to awe.

Dunedin, The Tasman Region of the South Island of New Zealand, The West Coast of the South Island, Auckland, all in the early/mid-1990s each resonated in their ways. The spirits that gathered in those locations gave much to me, inviting me into their worlds and teaching me about the expansive nature of the multiverse. Their collective frequencies drew me towards them, and the synchronicities rose to meet me as I walked along this road of discovery. Those who encapsulated the balance of human nature and spirit guided me towards empirical understanding that humour unlocked the heart to be able to soak up the energetic confluences that each geographical energetic centre presented. The ripples emanating from the guffaws that erupted from me magnetised the greatest truths, and still do. Voltaire was correct, ‘God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh’. Undoubtedly in my experience.

There was no one book, researcher, author, speaker, or teacher that enlivened me. There has been a plethora of them, each a dot-connecting a larger picture together, one that continues to grow as I discover more, learn more, ask more questions, and get more answers. Some books and the experiences of how they came into my life are truly cosmic and funny (naturally), and the information in those books has been essential to the books I have written. Barbara Marciniak’s channelled books were a veritable download for me, Entwined and United owe much to the research of David Icke, Virginia Essene, and Sheldon Nidle, and Marciniak’s Pleiadians.

Boy oh Boy…. the story of how this book came into my life is hilarious. Barbara Marciniak. Channel Extraordinaire.

The information presented in the short stories, from both authors/characters is a multi-dimensional tapestry that coaxes, entices, and beckons the reader to delve into dreams made real. The myriad of influences in these six books each rose in me like bubbles of inspired learning. Often I would find an idea formulating in my head, to which I would research, and the story would begin to manifest before me. As fantastical as the tales are, each offers a glimpse into infinite possibility along the avenues of creation. Could the stories all be accounts of events that happened in multiple universes? Certainly.

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