Kristi Noem. Vilified for her Leadership by compromised Media and Talking Heads. Here is a Balanced Perspective.

The greatest leaders in politics are those who give the people the personal responsibility to choose their way without legislation that cripples them to do otherwise. This is my opinion. A true leader never asserts power over people in a despotic way gathering more control over the lives of those who have elected them to create their collective vision for the present and future. A true leader rallies around the people and inspires them to be educated, strong, courageous and compassionate in their community by leading by example. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is a shining example of what it means to be a leader for the people. Her state governments decision to not lockdown, have a mask mandate, and apply the restrictions that crushed other states into economic ruin has made her a pariah in the eyes of those who work for a compromised mainstream media, their woke left owners, handlers, and sycophantic idiots in the House of Representatives. Even some of her own political party members in the Republican Party openly condemn her actions during the fake scamdemic as being disastrous and an epic failure. Yet if we look at the facts, they have been anything but. Under her government’s leadership, the state has been a success story in a catalogue of failures from those who complied.

In April 2020, the New York Post ran an article on what they deemed to Governor Noem’s unconventional approach to the scamdemic as she did not lock down the state, close churches, businesses where people could mingle and socialise. She believed that the people would take responsibility for their health, staying at home if they felt sick, going to hospitals if they felt like their health was in jeopardy, saying, ‘“I took an oath to uphold our state Constitution,” suggesting other leaders “take too much power in a time of crisis.” She made it clear that taking away the liberties and freedoms of the citizens that voted her into office was unconstitutional. She allowed for a state-wide trial of Hydroxychloroquine where all people could participate freely in an unprecedented move. Unfortunately, this trial was stopped after a larger trial by the University of Minnesota which was conducting a similar study found no evidence of the efficacy of the drug for people exposed to the virus. I for one have to wonder about that particular trial and how much pressure was put on the university to cease it by lobbyists, FDA officials, and those with financial interests in vaccines in the state and beyond, as Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, Ph.D. Yale Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health provided an evidence-based testimony at a US Senate hearing on early outpatient HCQ treatment for high-risk Covid-19 patients in December that provided information contrary to the findings of the University of Minnesota. It shows to me that Noem, is human after all, and perhaps this new evidence can promote further investigation by Sanford Health in South Dakota.

What has happened since the trial with Hydroxychloroquine stopped has been hit piece after hit piece on Noem by the mainstream everything. As medical professionals in all fields of immunology, virology, as well as whistleblowers who make the RT-PCR tests, have come forward to question the cycles of amplification for COVID testing (knowing full well that most positive tests are from people who ‘asymptomatic’, or have no symptoms due to having DEAD viral particulates and genetic sequencing from old coronaviruses, like the common cold) worldwide, we have seen a reduction in cycles in the USA since Joe Biden became the fake President, therefore the cases have dropped significantly. This is not the case in South Dakota we hear. There has been a spike in cases, but what hasn’t been taken into consideration is that a total of 244,697 doses of the COVID vaccine have been administered to 158,135 people through the state, which doesn’t include those vaccinated by federal programs. Has anyone taken into account that the testing is finding people infected with a coronavirus AFTER being vaccinated? The vaccination program in her state has been comprehensive, so begs the question about the efficacy of the vaccine, and if the cases are from people who have been vaccinated. I look upon her choice to go ahead with the rushed and potentially deadly vaccination program as being another failure of her character. The chickens will come home to roost in the months ahead to see if adverse reactions and deaths take their toll on her state.

What the mainstream everything fails to understand, and report is the nature of Influenza season and its toll on the population, and the misdiagnosis of those with the flu as being COVID cases. In the past five flu seasons have peaked in late February and the five-year average is 6,478 cases, 612 hospitalizations, and 39 deaths in South Dakota. This has been completely passed over by talking heads like woke shill Rachael Maddow who gave Governor Noem a serve for her leadership smearing her by pointing out that in a quote from an article outlining the spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations that led to the state having the highest per-capita rate of hospitalizations in the United States. Noem replied with a tweet, “Stop spreading fear. Only 8% of South Dakota’s hospital beds are occupied by COVID patients.” How do you like them apples Maddow? Sour? Economically, Tourism which was down only 13% in 2020, generated 2.6 billion in gross domestic product for the state. The first time unemployment claims have dropped in March 2021, in April 2020, unemployment in the state peaked at 11%. However, that dropped to 3.6% in October, the third-lowest in the country. Closing the budget the 2020 budget year in June, South Dakota had a $19 million surplus, and their general fund revenues were up by 19.4% in December 2020 compared to the same time in 2019. In a time of economic ruin globally due to draconian measures placed upon the people by despotic technocrats and politicians, this was a success story.

Noem took on Bill Gates who in his woke left madness and with a massive conflict of interest wants to see cattle farming come to an end with his laboratory grown Memphis meats and fungi substitutes filling the niche left behind. What Gates doesn’t mention naturally is the cost of producing these products, and what will happen to the cattle farmer’s land (which he is buying by the hundreds of acres, and has recently become the largest farmland owner in the USA). She understands diversity when it comes to farming, food production as much as she understands energy production diversification. Thanks to the Biden Administration stopping the Keystone pipeline that would have created thousands of jobs in South Dakota, Governor Noem expressed her unease at Biden’s laying all his eggs in the Green New Deal basket after what happened with the windmills in Texas freezing till they no longer worked, creating blackouts, power outages and people freezing to death.

Kristi Noem is not perfect, and as a leader, she will learn from her mistakes (none of which came from the finger-pointing mainstream everything), this is what leaders do. She has surrounded herself with a strong team who look to the people to find strength in common sense, taking responsibility for themselves, supporting each other through community and family, and acting less like a despotic fascist power-hungry shill for the less than 1% and more like an elected official who doesn’t separate herself from those who asked her to represent their best interests.

Kristi Noem. Leader. No question. Kristi Noem get a balanced mainstream media article in April 2020, since then… well you decide. Contrary to what your told, Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc are cures for the magic virus called COVID-19. Cut too short. The trial of Hydroxychloroquine in South Dakota. Active cases AFTER a comprehensive vaccination program? Rachael Maddow you are an enabler for tyranny and should be arrested. Record low in Influenza cases. Washing hands, staying home when your sick, might have something to do with this? No? Tourism was still strong in 2020 for South Dakota. First time unemployment claims have dropped in 2021 Kristi Noem. Under God, the People Rule. Say no more. South Dakota is a fiscal success story. FUCK YOU Bill Gates. Governor Noem at CPAC 2021.

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