Is Jacinda Ardern the Trojan Horse taking Aotearoa into Agenda 21/2030? I would say…YES.

Those who read my blogs (especially the last one) know that I’m no fan of Jacinda Ardern. I’m not the only person calling her out as a monumental fraud, others may call her naive as she ushers in the creation of a technological prison system for Aotearoa/New Zealand at the behest of the Climate Change Cult of the UN/World Economic Forum (which is a gravy train bank-rolled into the TRILLIONS by the less than 1% oligarchs who want to rule through technocracy over a MASSIVELY depopulated surveilled planet) and her Communist Chinese Elite sponsors. It’s no use looking to the mainstream media in this country to do some investigative journalism, they’ve been bought and paid for. They are STATE-run media now, like any socialist country (and we are closing in daily on communism as I sit here and draw breath) and therefore only parrot the script that’s handed to them. At one time they would have done what I’m going to do here with far great aplomb. Those days are sadly gone, and those journalists that I admired for their objectivity, their credibility, and veracity to tell the people of this country the truth, well, we are now in the realms of Orwellian memory holes, newspeak, and doublespeak when it comes to the bullshit they spiel on an unquestioning populace. Don’t worry, I’ll be giving loads of sources for all that I’m saying here for you, the reader to discern whether you can see my perspective, it’s mine, and I don’t care if you don’t agree with me. That’s your right, and I’ll fight to the death to allow you to have it while you still can.

Before I continue, I want to say that I don’t HATE Jacinda Ardern, I’m not in that club, I feel great empathy and compassion for her (she’ll need a lot more if she takes this country into the nightmare scenario that she’s abiding by at the behest of her pals Bill and Melinda Gates and the Chinese Communist Elite as the people will eventually turn on her with a vehemence that may send her into exile). I don’t believe she’s naive, oh no, I think she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing and what her orders are. She is the Trojan Horse that will take this country into a facsimile of Communist China. That after all is the blueprint for the planetary society in this decade. Smart cities, smart cars, smart appliances, smart, smartsurveillance down to the biological functions of the human body. Do some research on the mRNA Covid vaccine, got nanotech in that??? YES. Yes, it does. Will that be able to be connected to 5G/6G the Smart Grid? Well if that wasn’t the case, why is Bill Gates so determined to get 7 BILLION people vaccinated? Not to get richer, how about the satellites he’s invested in? For connectivity? Yeah sure Lex Luther.

She knows the less than 1% want to orchestrate a global financial collapse (to wipe away all evidence of their crimes and steal all the fiat currency tied up in banks, financial institutions) that would bring in digital currencies that would also be connected to a social credit system, universal basic incomes and a Hunger Games society where people are told what their jobs are due to automation making unemployment global. This was all to happen by 2030 with humans connected to Artificial Intelligence. Well, guess what? The end game has been brought forward ten years. 1.5 million doses of this mRNA vaccine have been bought with taxpayer money in NZ. The nanotech in this vaccine, can it have a plethora of functions apart from altering the bodies’ genetic sequence or administering antigens? You betcha. Scratch a little deeper, do some research (while you can, as the evidence for its presence in the vaccine will surely be censored after administration globally) into Dr. Charles Lieber’s time at the Wuhan laboratory, his technical specialty, 5G, and the military applications with nanotech (making the human body an antenna due to implantable nanobots).

What was said in August when our chief civil servant (NEVER forget she works for WE THE PEOPLE… well at least in theory) had a private zoom meeting with Melinda Gates? Did it have anything to do with making sure that she would ‘win’ the election outright so she could advance this country to the marching beat of the fascist globalist drum with the help of the Microsoft software in our electoral process? Was the reason for the Auckland lockdown really about software updates to ensure your government wasn’t challenged by the rising tide of Advance NZ? Her government is supposed to be the ‘most transparent ever’ in this country. We are waiting for the minutes of that meeting Jacinda. When can we see them?

If our chief civil servant had any integrity here’s what she could come forward and say to the populace of her country.

Hello, I won’t virtue signal by chiming in here with NZ Maori because I won’t waste your time or mine. I’m a fraud. I didn’t come out of nowhere to become your dictator, I was groomed to be in this position and you, the people bought the lie, hook, line, and sinker. I’m not Donald Trump; a primal scream against the political class, I am the epitome of that class and so much more. You loathed the former merchant banker Jon Key, and Andrew Little, well, he couldn’t win a pie raffle in a tuck shop, so my masters wheeled me out and I was the angelic figure, the saviour on white political posters during the election of 2017, a saint, fresh and exciting, a cruel ruse to which you fell for in your stupidity. My masters have a grand vision for this country and I’m going to give it to them. The Covid hoax has bankrupted this country, made huge dents in the working class, and allowed for small businesses to be demolished. It won’t be long before the new trade deal I made with my masters in China bankrupt the rest of the middle class, outsourcing industry, manufacturing, and food exports to the point where the middle class become part of the lower class, and then I’ll go after the upper classes.,

My masters created The Club of Rome, a stalking horse towards global fascism which utilizes the Climate Change hoax. They have asked me to further the destruction of your freedoms under the guise of saving the planet. Those fools in the Green Party love it! Some of them know the truth, but most are just willing idiots lost in their new wokeness. Carbon dioxide is actually the gas of life, but my masters have inverted the truth, fudged the data and you’ve bought that lie too. Well done suckers. Within three years petrol cars will be a thing of the past in New Zealand, as will farming livestock. Electric cars with batteries made with precious materials mined by children in slave labour in Africa will take to the streets to replace petrol cars. Then when these batteries die in about a decade they will pollute the planet in landfills. With farming and rural work gone, and food being exported primarily to China, the majority of you will be living in cities where after taking the Covid vaccine and subsequent boosters we will connect you to the smart grid to surveil your entire lives. 

Crushing the rural economies with automation and my master weather-making technologies will assist in pushing everyone into cities where it will become increasingly hard to function without the necessary vaccinations that have nanotech which links up all your medical, financial, and biological functions to Artificial Intelligence. If you’re not hooked up, you will die or be rounded up and either join the club or be disappeared. China is the blueprint! Agenda 21/2030 is going to be such fun to implement! I’m looking forward to eroding your freedoms, controlling the narrative of the media, lying whenever a sentence passes over my lips, and eventually watching this country be usurped by my commie pals in Beijing and Davos! 


Jokes aside… watch her like a hawk with a telescope, I’d be only too happy to be wrong, but her actions speak volumes, her connections to some of the most sinister people on the planet today make my skin break out in gooseflesh, and whenever she smiles… I see a Reptile…

‘Here’s a list of all my lies I’ve told thus far! Only a few hundred pages!’ What a load of SPIN. pass me the sickbag… QUICKLY that zoom meeting have anything to do with making sure you won the election via electoral software from Microsoft Jacinda? Jacinda Ardern NEVER asked US, WE THE PEOPLE if we wanted anything to do with Agenda 2030… most are completely fucking clueless of what it means… well would be good if you woke up to it, did some research or read this BRILLIANT article. Consider if/how ‘funding’ controls the narrative of what is learned at this institutions. Is this country becoming a fiefdom of the Communist Chinese Party? (NOTE this article was written when the media was objective in 2018)

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