Integration and Assimilation. A Continuing Process Made Real.

It’s been an age since I’ve blogged, and with good reason. The process of assimilation of what has been changing, leaving, manifesting, anchoring into my being, my heart, my life experience has been so intense that I needed to simply be grounded in action. There is a Gurdjieff methodology to how I was to integrate into the new energy paradigm that’s still assimilating with me. Through the action of work (that being my involvement in my 7.30-3.30 day job) and labour, gifting my energy and time to various activities I have assisted the betterment of other people I have been guided into the means to get clear about where this energetic download has come from, and what it means to me. Understanding myself with greater knowledge via not only my continued awakening, but also from my mentors of conscious awakening into greater connective resonance.

I feel the fog of dense energetic residue beginning to disperse as I allow my body to move, my heart being resolutely still as the frequencies I allowed to pass through me begin to stabilise and the intensity of feeling is no longer so acute. I’ve been sleeping poorly (waking several times a night) my dreams often insanely lucid, as though I am enacting my writing process when my body needs to rest, my mind to be at peace. The fluctuations, the surges of energies moving into my body from my etheric have been like forcing enormous electrical currents through a battery that cannot hold such a charge and I have only found relief through bodily movement. Emotions, feelings, that aren’t mine, but have been conditioned into my being from peers, parents, genealogy, DNA from generations before me rise into my open heart and look to be free as my body becomes lighter in the resonance of peaceful existence.

Last week I went to Auckland to have RomiRomi, traditional Maori bodywork healing, a deep intuitive knowing that coupled with my Shamanic work told me that this would not only allow for trauma locked in the body to be freed but would make space in my body for the new frequencies to move into, filling the space created by vacating those energies that no longer resonate with who I am. My RomiRomi work will continue as I discovered inter-generational anger manifesting in my back that is looking for healing across the lines of time. That anger coming from my biological father’s side of the family. As I already understood at the beginning of the year, when I heard from my ancestors, ‘you can do the work so we all heal, past, present, future’, this is a task I have nobly accepted. I will do it. It’s no burden to me, it’s an honour, a privilege. 

I finished two books of poetry, but haven’t written anything else since being under nationwide house arrest. My energy has been focused on me. Dick Swabb’s novel is on hold till I feel the urge to envision, laugh and create. Publishing the two collections of poetry, creating two book trailers for those books, will be the next endeavour for Oho Ake Books. So I patiently wait to see what comes next. I set about my time to work through action to anchor and assimilate, gain insight and greater knowledge of self and understand the tide of connective love from dimensions beyond the restrictive density we call collective third-dimensional existence. Blogging won’t be a priority for me, but I will share my experiences from time to time, and dive into the creative writing, publishing, imagining, and production processes of this identity called Pharaeus Lysander. 

Peaceful easy feelings welcome here…

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