Inhale, Exhale, Repeat until Dead. Presence of Heart over Mind.

The government’s enforced house arrest is all but over for me. My other job (when I’m not writing, researching, producing book trailers, doing voiceovers, editing, proofreading, and dealing with taxation departments and ebook platforms in the USA) is a trade, and I’m allowed to go work on the building site that me and builders, engineers, electricians, and plumbers can easily social distance from one another. Going back to work, I’ve had to download an application called Hazardco which makes the spying already done on my iPhone overt. I have to log in when I arrive from home (telling the government where I’ve come from) and then when I leave, tell them where I’m going to. They care you know. I can’t see this outrageous invasion of my privacy being rolled back, and getting used to the idea that wherever you go you will be monitored is here to stay.

If people think that viruses can jump six feet, then they might believe that they can also somersault and backflip into your nostrils too. If you do the research (not government or corporate shills, or experts rolled out by institutions that are bought and paid for) you will discover that a virus, in the back of your throat is VERY hard to pass onto anyone, unless you snog them. Then if you REALLY start looking, you will find ICU doctors who come forward and make youtube clips like Cameron Kyle-Sidell, who say that this ‘disease’ acts like no viral pneumonia he’s ever seen, SO WHAT IS COVID-19? I won’t go down the rabbit hole here, because that’s not what this blog is about, but my research is grim, and the book I’m writing with Dick Swabb details what I feel to be an aspect of what is making people sick. An accumulation of technological ionised radiation and millimeter waves destroying immune systems, which are then vulnerable to bioweapons, eg manufactured weak viruses. Which are then played out as being deadly. 

The rollout of a technology that steals oxygen from the air we breathe (5G, 60 GHZ removes oxygen from the air) I had to share the link, to show you how psychopathic these people are. Seriously. So, we are in unprecedented times as the system of control, and the end game becomes overt as I have said in another blog. I’m going to work now, seeing a semblance of the life that was before the lies were portrayed before the apathetic and the unquestioning masses of my country fearfully gave their liberties away to feel safe. I can see the bars of the prison beginning to manifest. They’ve always been there, but I have been too distracted to notice them, but now I’m aware of them more than ever. I have to wonder though, as the road begins to fork ahead of me how blatant will it have to become for my fellow New Zealanders to see that they are being corralled like the sheep into the pen of succumbing to tyranny.

It’s no longer subtle, and as enamoured as people in this country are with our ‘leader’, I for one am not. Willing or not, she’s destroyed the lives of many thousands of people as she ‘squashed a flea with a sledgehammer’, as one epidemiologist from Auckland said. Holding her, and the advisors in an increasingly technocratic government accountable have never been more necessary. I for one think they should be arrested and then tried in a court of law, with a jury of people whose lives they’ve ruined. Meanwhile, our country like many makes human guinea pigs of us all by rolling out 5G technology (there are no independent studies on the safety of this technology). Coincidentally, the highest number of people with the symptoms of ‘COVID-19’ in my country is in the places where there is 5G. That should warrant an independent research committee, but this isn’t a world where that will happen. Politicians are bought and paid for, telecommunications industries are piggy-backed on by the military, so we will get another dose of radiation, this time, pulsed millimeter waves. So exciting. Yipee!

Lastly, and coming full circle. The World Health Organisation, WHO (bought and paid for by Bill Gates) in 2011 made ELF/EMR’s (electromagnetic low frequency/electromagnetic radiation) a Class 2B carcinogen… and we are swimming in that soup daily. No escape unless you live in the middle of Fiordland I guess… inhale, exhale, continue till I’m dead. 

Neither did I mate.

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