I’m Living in a Twilight Zone Episode. Rod Serling, Mind Getting Me Out?

When this ‘global manufactured crisis’ was played out on an unconscious and acquiescing human populace the first feeling that ran through my CPU and then my body was anger. I was utterly pissed that the public would fall for a fake, manufactured illness that has swept over the globe killing millions. The jury’s not out for me, it’s left the building, had dinner together, partied all night long, woke up hungover, and then gone on holiday to where people critically think. Why they never took me with them, I still to this day don’t know. Am I a drag? I digress. The narrative of this fake virus (it has failed the Koch Postulates so can’t be proven to exist) benefits and has benefited one group of people who meet at Davos for the World Economic Forum every year, whose wealth has increased in ways that boggle the mind (Jeff Bezos made 14.7 BILLION IN ONE DAY, but is making a whole lot more still) and they’ve more control over the populace than ever before. Gone are the protests that rocked countries across the world last year as the people rose to take back their lives, in their place are engineered riots (George Soros, Open Society anyone?) in the land of the free, the USA, and ruthless heads of provinces, states, countries, who rule like despots over their compliant and terrified serfs.

In this episode, one man, an evil genius (he’s not an evil genius, he’s a gofer for the real power behind the curtain) has used his unfathomable wealth to control every aspect of this crisis through those institutions he ‘donates’ to. World Health Organisation, the Media worldwide, global politicians, and their technocratic ‘experts’ who have been bought and paid for. Rod Serling hasn’t written this episode of the Twilight Zone, Bill Gates has. The inversion of the truth is a fait accompli as talking heads, and the poodle media sit and beg for their treats from their master, who only gives them their biscuits when they harangue those epidemiologists, virologists, forensic psychologists, scientists, and infectious disease experts (who aren’t on the payroll and have a conscience) who point out that if its walks like a duck, talks like a duck, its a fucking duck.

What’s even more astonishing (apart from how fast our collective personal freedoms are becoming annals of history and the masses are being enslaved, buying into the inversion and destroying their health and mental wellbeing by wearing masks and socially distancing, putting children in boxes meters apart at schools and brainwashing them to wear masks) is that some heads of state (especially those present at the Gates Foundation’s Goalkeepers 2019 symposium, eg, Jacinda Ardern ) are dismissing the latest scientific evidence from the most distinguished and recognised infectious diseases institutions on the planet as ‘conspiracy theories’ now as well. Did I mention that it was astonishing? Oh, I see, they weren’t paid out then? Is that it? Rogue elements. Well, Bill, best dig out a quarter or a nickel then, or did you ‘gift’ them some small change and they grew a conscience? They even wrote an article that said that masks, don’t work and their hazardous to your health if you wear them for prolonged periods… whoops… CONSPIRACY!!!

I live in a country where critical thinking occupies about 15% of the human populace. The rest, it’s unfortunate but true, are part of the flock of some 50 million sheep that roam our nation. Masks, tracer apps, narcing on those who don’t behave, it’s all happening here. The worst part of the sleeping masses is in this country is the lack of interest in actually researching, reading, understanding that information like the CDC’s articles, which is prevalent now on the internet, is vanishing as increased (Gates Foundation Event 21 actors strategised censoring all information that was contrary to the narrative they wanted to portray in late 2019 in their ‘game’ in NYC) censorship takes hold on social media and search engines. Sleep now in the fire, and you will burn.

Rise like Lions from your slumber my human whanau/family, and begin to question everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. That’s how we start the process of critical thinking, and that’s the beginning of the end for the small elite who meet at Davos every year and their masters behind the curtain.

I’m not evil, just REALLY REALLY misunderstood

https://www.technocracy.news/masks-are-neither-effective…/ Here is a SUMMARY of the science as to why masks don’t work, and why they are actually DESTROYING your health. So why is our Prime Minister making it mandatory to wear them? Be Kind? Yeah right…

https://nbc25news.com/…/cdc-94-of-covid-19-deaths-had… This is from the world’s leading institution on infectious diseases. Its being called ‘conspiracy theory’ by other news outlets… who ‘gifts’ those outlets money so that his vaccine narrative can be peddled… mmm… can’t think… who???

https://www.cjr.org/…/gates-foundation-journalism… Hard to be ‘objective’ when you’re bitched up to Bill Gates.

https://www.technocracy.news/the-great-reset-a-breakdown…/ Just in case you missed it. Here it is again. Klaus Schwab’s Opus.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6qeQet69aY That’s him… Dishonest John (Bill Gates) but whose pulling his string? That… is the REAL question.

https://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m1505?utm_campaign=Chris%20Kresser%20General%20News&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=94362029&utm_content=94362029&utm_source=hs_email Don’t hold your breath if you think that there’s no conflict of interest in the medical world…

https://www.zerohedge.com/…/swedens-lead-epidemiologist… Sweden. Outstanding. You’re the best

https://www.technocracy.news/technocrats-freak-out-over…/ their reactions are akin to what’s happening in Melbourne. When are people going to claim back their power together and put these technocratic criminals where they belong? In jail?

http://www.humanosphere.org/…/a-personal-view-behind…/ 2013 article, same old story. Guess who? Dr Evil? No… He’s not a medical doctor remember. More like Dishonest John from Beanie and Cecil… yaaa aaa aaa…

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