I hear you LOUD and clear : Part Two

I had finished work in the early afternoon of a late spring day and gone into the Flight Centre in Kilbernie Wellington, to talk about booking my flights, and create my travel itinerary. Attempting to get to Central/South American once before in 2001 from Vancouver, had failed (that’s a tale for my autobiography, and it’s a DOOZY) and here I was again getting ready to travel this time from Santiago, Chile, overland to Cancun, then fly to Montreal, Quebec.

I was in the store for about an hour, the flights were booked, seats, meals… everything. I got out my credit card and was preparing to pay WHEN I heard a voice in my head, LOUD and clear. It was a female voice, one I had heard many years before when I had left my body and gone back to source energy. A complete out-of-body experience and literal death. She had met me when I had transitioned over, calming dulcet tones that reverberated through the light body that is my soul. What I heard her say in the store that day was, ‘No. You must write.’ No travel then??? Damn. Yes Ma’am.

The look of shock on the travel agent’s face when I said, ‘I’ve got to write‘ was comedic gold. She was ashen, the blood slipping away from her cheeks and her hands were trembling. I think she wanted to leap across the counter and throttle me! I had spent the best part of an hour with her. She was diligent, lovely to deal with, and enthusiastic. I didn’t mean her any ill will, I had just been summoned, heard the call, and was off to quit my job and then spend the next three months researching, compiling, composing three books at the same time. A novel (that introduced my short story authors/characters Pablo Wairua and Lord Buford Somerset) and two collections of short stories written by those two characters from that same novel. It was a herculean effort and I don’t remember how I did it, everything happened easily when I got out of the way of myself and let my authors/characters move through me.

Synchronicity began to happen for me daily basis after that afternoon in the travel agents. It wouldn’t be long before the people who are integral to the creative force that is Oho Ake Books would be working with me, and I would know, I must write. 

Is that you God? … Who else? Pick up!

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