I hear you LOUD and clear : Part Four

After the incident of having being burned by a meth addict and his cohorts, I began to get concerned that my voiced frustrations were making me an easy target for retribution. The frequency (as in energetic, vibrational) of this drug is deeply insidious. I felt that my decision to tell everyone that knew Sidney Bell of his actions could lead to a visitation that would lead to a violent episode, with me being on the receiving end. So, I decided to move out of my one-bedroom seaside apartment in Lyall Bay, Wellington (across the road from the ocean) and find accommodation elsewhere.

I began to look for flats, and during this interview process went to a flat where I was interviewed by the person moving out of the flat, that person was Odelia Schaare, who would become instrumental in taking my raw talent and crafting it, forming it, allowing me to create the ongoing body of work called Oho Ake Books. In the interview process, I had told her that I was a writer, and when she told me she was an Editor, I said I was looking for an editor!

I gave Odelia the first drafts of each of the books and then was horrified to get back a novella of a critique, and an apt statement, ‘start again’. I was shocked and bereft of any confidence in my abilities to ‘write’ ever again. I felt defeated, deflated, and was ready to eye up that travel agent again. When I began to wave the white flag in her direction it was her humility and her belief that allowed me to write my second drafts for all three books.

Odelia has been a wellspring of support for me over the years. She has crafted me as a writer, by helping me to understand the nuances of this creative process and the subtleties in the use of language, grammar, and narrative. Her insights have been invaluable and allowed me to dream fearlessly. My gratitude knows no limits. Thank you.

Odelia Schaare. Who crafted this raw talent into a sharpen creative force

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