Hydroxychloroquine, Coronavirus Destroyer (not Covid-19 it doesn’t exist). A Threat to the Cult Agenda.

We can thank John D. Rockefeller for the introduction of global Big Pharmaceutical. The oil tycoon’s petrochemical drugs took his fortune and power to levels that few family dynasties can imagine. Consider this, the land where the United Nations was built was gifted by the Rockefeller family, and by proxy, you can see that the once League of Nations, fell under that dynasty’s sway. Over the decades since the introduction of petrochemical drugs (and the systematic destruction and defamation of complementary medicinal practices, some with a history of 5000 years of success and others with cutting edge discoveries of the what the body is how it’s affected by environmental toxins, which include petrochemical drugs) the explosion of pharmaceutical companies have seen profits that stagger belief throughout the 20th/21st centuries. Companies like, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Roche in 2020 have profits that could have resurrected economies destroyed by the cult that designed the fake pandemic. With the rush to push their vaccines for the C-19 (which in my opinion were ready years before and the time to roll them out on the unsuspecting public has come) scamdemic, governments are spending tax-payers money on purchasing millions of doses of this toxic shite, while investors like Bill Gates (GAVI vaccine alliance) will make an astonishing 20 USD on every 1 USD they have invested in these vaccines.

Thanks to internet memory holes, I can’t find the origins of the use of Hydroxychloroquine, a cheap and widely produced petrochemical drug that has been used to treat C-19 in 2019- 2020. Chloroquine, an antimalarial first created in 1934 by the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer, became Hydroxychloroquine in WWII for soldiers in tropical clime theatres of war. Later the drug became widely used under the brand name Plaquenil and has been used by patients with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis to control inflammation. The conflicting studies about its use in staving off the levels of infection of C-19 (really influenza viruses, and other coronaviruses already in the bodies of most humans) have been like a Wimbledon tennis final. On one side of the court, we have papers written by sceptics with ties to the pharma cartels (that includes bought and paid for media, talking heads, scientists, institutions like WHO, CDC, NHS, etc) and on the other side of the court, we have countless evidence-based protocols and peer-reviewed papers that show success rates at treating influenza infections at early/later stages and quick recoveries across the demographic of humanity (those with compromised immune systems to due to co-morbidity issues can have longer recovery times). I don’t want to get into the slingfest so much as I want to show that the use of cheap and effective preventative medical procedures that use both complementary and pharmaceutical drugs could have ended this pathetic joke of a scandemic overnight. There are dangers in the overuse of any pharmaceutical drugs, however, the protocol I am going to highlight is shown to be effective and safe.

A true pioneer of medical progress is a New York doctor by the name of Vladimir Zelenko. His protocol which he developed to treat those with symptoms (not for a virus that doesn’t exist in my opinion) has saved the lives of thousands of Americans who may have been at greater risk had they entered into hospitals which were looking to cash in on the corruption. In an article by Daniel Bobinski for undercoverdc.com he talked to the Jewish doctor about his protocol and treatment success with case studies to show the demographic of ages for recovery. Bobinski explained the protocol, and the cost, which will make it clear that it’s not in the interest of BIG pharma to allow this treatment or this doctor’s success to be recognised.

‘And the cost of Zelenko’s protocol? About 20 bucks. How does it work? Dr. Zelenko says it’s quite simple. Zinc is well known to inhibit viral replication, as it inhibits an enzyme in the cells that allows the virus to reproduce. The problem with zinc is it doesn’t get into our cells, but hydroxychloroquine opens the door and lets the zinc in. Azithromycin (an antibiotic) is also needed because when lungs are damaged by infection they become susceptible to bacterial pneumonia. The azithromycin acts like a guard by the door, so if bacteria try to get in, they get killed before they can take hold.’

Dr. Zelenko found himself on the receiving end of the censorship monopoly that is CCP controlled Twitter when he asked the question, “Would you immunize someone for a disease that has a 99.99% survival rate without any medical intervention?” In this day and age of ‘woke’ left madness, and anti-semitic vitriol it offers some perspective on whose behind the curtain.

Not long after D.r Zelenko’s protocol was shared by various independent critical thinkers on Twitter (and his account was suspended for questioning the official narrative) the second-largest hydroxychloroquine raw material factory in the city of Taoyuan, Taiwan was suspiciously was destroyed in an explosion. Coincidence? Nothing to see here, move on and take that GAVI (Gates-funded/invested) vaccine.

A simple protocol invented by a HEROIC physician could end this lie overnight for 20 bucks per person globally. No vaccine necessary.

https://www.pharmaceutical-technology.com/features/top-ten-pharma-companies-in-2020/ BIG jagged pill to swallow. The profits from the top ten of these companies could have resurrected many economies worldwide thanks to the draconian lockdowns.

https://dermnetnz.org/topics/hydroxychloroquine/ NOTE : the reduction of cytokine production (where the body’s immune system is literally attacking itself) ties into Dr Andrew Kaufmann’s discovery of EXOSOME production. Therein lies the true nature of WHAT we are dealing with. Not a virus, but a biological process that is completely natural and calling it a ‘virus’.

\https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0924857920304258?via%3Dihub These protocols make nowhere near enough money to be lucrative, and they don’t further the agenda of nanotech implanted into the human genome sequence to change humans into something else… what? You discern that.

https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/study-finds-84-fewer-hospitalizations-for-patients-treated-with-controversial-drug-hydroxychloroquine REMEMBER the survival rate is 99.97% for this ‘virus’ before you read this article. That gives you a clue about the lies about the number of people that are dying from this ‘disease’, which I will blog about at a later date to show the level of fraud.

https://uncoverdc.com/2020/04/30/medical-misinformation-part-1-hydroxychloroquine/ Dr Vladmir Zelenko. Medical pioneer and HERO.

https://worldnewsera.com/news/startups/twitter-suspended-the-account-of-jewish-doctor-zev-zelenko-after-he-suggested-people-dont-need-take-vaccine-for-a-virus-with-99-99-survival-rate-tech-news-startups-news/ Question the narrative and you’re GONE.

https://www.time24.news/2020/12/explosion-causes-fire-in-the-worlds-second-largest-hydroxychloroquine-raw-material-factory-political-connection.html Coincidence or cult move to stop the flow of a cheap and effective way to stop this horseshit scamdemic? Remember the vaccine agenda… THEY demand you take it. It’s their END GAME.

http://web.archive.org/web/20201216121821/https://covidcalltohumanity.org/ama-rescinds-statement-against-the-use-of-hcq-for-covid-19-treatment/ Perhaps the BIGGEST story of the year medically due to the impact of this rescinding from the Rockefeller/Carneige created Amercian Medical Association. It was censored immediately, but backed elsewhere online. It’s the equivalent of the Bank of England saying that they ripped off all the other banks after the battle of Waterloo by spreading the lie that Napolean had won the battle. Which Nathan Rothschild’s messenger said in order for the banks to sell themselves to the English arm of the Rothschild dynasty for cents on the dollar, only to find out later that they had been duped. Guess who funded the British Empire?

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