The night terrors of childhood have stopped when Buford Somerset's body went through puberty, but their memories were the bane of his adolescence. When taking time out from University he visits his uncle's office in London where he discovers a newspaper article that references the nocturnal tormentors of his youth.

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The Light Guides the Way

The Light Guides the Way is the first compilation of fables revealed to Pablo Wairua after his experience at Tiwanaku in Bolivia, as elucidated in the novel Entwined.

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The Darkness Holds Sway

The Darkness Holds Sway is the first collection of short stories from Lord Buford Somerset as he emancipates himself from his hideous fate, portrayed in the novel Entwined.

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The Eyes of Love See All

The Eyes of Love See All is the second compilation of fables from Pablo Wairua, the author of The Light Guides the Way In his tome, Pablo carves out what it means to love, weaving together experiences where meaning and truth coalesce to ignite a spark of wonderment.

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The Wall Begins to Fall

The Wall Begins to Fall is the continuation of the account of Lord Buford Somerset. A bedazzlement in which erotic fiction and dark fantasy tango in a passionate literary embrace, Somerset’s writing pushes into the limitlessness of suffering.

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Sanctum by Harmon Sueno


Teal Maguire is a travel writer of extraordinary ability with a keen sense of adventure who leaves New Zealand to start a post at Vagabond adventure travel magazine in Vancouver, Canada. Here he briefly meets Brody Hobbs a beautiful woman at a party and a love blossoms between them albeit briefly as Teal is swept away on assignment.

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Following the horrors of the final events of Entwined and his father's demise, Buford Somerset has now been granted the title of Lord. In Elsdon Manor, on Lord Somerset's estate, he and his occupying possessor, Enki, sit cast in firelight, scribing tales that dance between the macabre and woe. However, things are about to change dramatically...

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All Roads Lead To Parihaka

The great-great-grandson of the Taranaki Maori chief and prophet Te Whiti o Rongomai meets his ancestor during a dream. He is counselled to start a rebuild of the settlement of Parihaka, which was destroyed by the colonial forces in the nineteenth century.

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