History Repeats. From Atlantis to Today. Chimeras Are Back.

Part of my spiritual awakening process has been the memories of various incarnations, and some of these have been truly disturbing for me. One such memory was the final stages of my lifetime on Atlantis. In the novel Sanctum, I have written with great detail the horrors I inflicted upon my daughter, turning her into a chimera that would be a bodyguard (for a lack of a better term) protecting me and the rogue Pleiadian being that had possessed my body energetically from those forces that were seeking to destroy me and my work (Morvarid, the character from the novel United. Where I detail another memory of those who compassionately sought to destroy these creatures). Writing the grizzly details of that memory into text for Sanctum wasn’t so much cathartic for me, but shocking, bringing me to tears throughout the writing process. I was still weeping longer after I had written that section of the book, and was once again brought back to the reality of my deeds when I took my characters into the forest near Shambhala in the inner worlds of our hollow earth. In my writing processes, my immersion into the characters is complete. I inhabit them, merging with them in every way. I lived out the horrors of turning my daughter into a towering feline Goliath, meeting up with her again millennia later (these creatures were immortal), experiencing anguish, disgust and shame for my prior actions in that lifetime, and met many of her kin, chimeras who survived the fall of Atlantis when they were mercifully brought into the inner worlds of the planet to roam freely among those who compassionately accepted them. The creatures had chosen to live peacefully in the jungles surrounding the mythical city of Shambhala, and when they identified me as a creator. It was daunting and shattering to my heart, and my humanity that in the final stages of my life on Atlantis I had become a monster. Sanctum is a novel where I look to redeem myself, forgive myself, and find peace.

In my novel United, Morvarid remembers her time at the end of Atlantis entering into temples and subterranean chambers where these unfortunate creations were kept. She feels the sadness, and fear these creatures felt as she mercifully spared them any more humiliation and pain, suffering and abuse by slaughtering them. The chimeras of yore were abominations, used for sexual ritual, sacrifice, slaves, as weapons of war, and for sordid and violent games for the amusement of those who had created them and the twisted Atlantean Sons of Belial, and their followers. Imitating those who had played with genetic codes of life across the galaxy and beyond, those who wielded this science did so not for the betterment of civilisation, but to inflate their sense of power and control over society. The Minotaur of Crete is considered a myth, the chimeras gracing the frescos and reliefs from Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley, and throughout the Vedic texts (just to name a few civilisations) are all categorised with Crete’s most famous occupant as fantasy. To me, they are real.

I could history repeating itself in the revelations of those whistleblowers about DUMB’s, Deep Underground Military Bases, and the beings that were interacting with humans on these facilities. Draconis Reptilians, tall Nordic beings, Greys, Mantids, Insectoids, the list goes on, all of whom are renowned for their genetic manipulations of life across the galaxy and beyond. What better place to conduct and continue this horrendous practice than in these facilities away from the prying eyes of the public until it could be brought to the surface in incremental experiments that would desensitise the global populace to the full-blown existence of these creations at a later date.

I wasn’t surprised when I read in Zero Hedge on April 24th, 2021 that a team of  international scientists led by gene expression expert Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte from the Salk Institute in California had successfully grown human-monkey chimeric embryos for up to 20 days in a test tube. It was only a matter of time before this overt practice would break the surface. Belmonte justified the experiment by saying:

“As we are unable to conduct certain types of experiments in humans, it is essential that we have better models to more accurately study and understand human biology and disease. An important goal of experimental biology is the development of model systems that allow for the study of human diseases under in vivo conditions.”

For me the most chilling part of this article was this sentence:

Researchers were able to examine the resultant embryos to determine “which communication pathways between the monkey and human cells were viable in the generation of future chimeras and which were not.”

The article concludes that China has been practicing making Chimeras for almost 50 years:

Technology developed by Weizhi Ji and his team at Kunming University of Science and Technology in Yunnan, China has made the attempts at chimeras – which have been ongoing since the 1970’s – possible. 

Who knows what has been developed in that most secretive and closed-off society since their research began? Their technological advancements would have been enormous since the conception of this research. Not only that, who has been helping them with that research, assisting in their progress? I for one ask that question with a very open mind.

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell blogged about an article from The Federalist, written by Joe Allen about this very topic. Reporting that Elon Musk’s start-up Neurallink on Apr. 8, announced they created a cyborg monkey who can play MindPong using a brain chip. Allen makes it clear that Musk’s experiment had more to do with moving towards a human cyborg than making chimeras:

According to Musk’s declared ambitions, this breakthrough is just a stepping stone to inputting Neuralink chips into human skulls, thereby merging our cognition with artificial intelligence. In the hyper-competitive world looming just over the horizon — when AI has surpassed the human mind — getting a brain chip could be seen by many as merely a way to keep up in the rat race.

I think there are many applications for this technology that are being kept out of the public eyes. The claim that we will be at the mercy of AI before 2030 globally is parroted by the likes of many Silicon Valley nutjob futurists and heads of think-tanks like Klaus Schwab, but this technology can be applied across many fields of research, the most prescient for my intuition being super-soldiers. Human or otherwise.

Allen’s article leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the history (in the public record) of the practicing of chimera creations in the last few decades:

Today, we see myths becoming reality. Created in Promethean bio-labs around the world, “chimeras” are hybrid creatures whose stem cells derive from multiple species. This endeavor has been in progress for more than five decades. In that time, scientists have created viable rat/mouse hybrids, a scraggly sheep/goat, and a crippled quail/chicken, among others. More recently, the Salk Institute engineered pig hosts that grow healthy human lungs.

This is what we are seeing in public. What goes on behind closed doors, I shudder to think. History is repeating itself again.

Hiding in plain sight.

https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/scientists-are-now-growing-human-monkey-chimeric-embryos This is not right, ethically, morally or EVER.

https://thefederalist.com/2021/04/21/scientists-are-mixing-human-body-parts-with-robots-and-monkeys-we-dont-want-to-see-whats-next/ Joe Allen writing for the Federalist about the ghastly ramifications of this practice. History repeats itself again.

https://gizadeathstar.com/2021/04/monkeyhumarobots/ Dr. Joseph P. Farrell goes into detail about the nature of the phenomenon of the Chimera creations and cyborgs.

https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/us-senate-passes-bill-to-give-billions-of-dollars-in-funding-for-human-animal-hybrid-experiments I did warn you it was Atlantis before the FALL all over again. I know because I was there.

https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/france-adopts-bioethics-law-that-will-introduce-chimeras-genetic-engineering-of-human-material I have the feeling that this is being done on purpose.

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