Her Imperial Majesty, the Winged Albino Draco Queen.

I’m no authority on the culture of the Draconis Empire (or more importantly the faction that is imbued under the sway of the Archontic matrix of Artificial Intelligence), but Harmon Sueno’s novels, Sanctum, Entwined and United all have her presence in their pages. What information I researched (and there was little, even more so over the last few years as what was available vanished into the memory hole of censorship, which makes me wonder if she’s making an appearance sometime soon) about her influence over her empire showed me that she was a ruthless, cunning and strategic being with an intelligence far beyond an Earthbound human.

Her lifetime was hundreds of thousands of human years, and in that epochal reign, she encompassed experiences that allowed her to gauge empirical knowledge about those civilisations and beings she had conquered, the environments of the moons, planets, star systems, and galaxies under her dominating rule. Some time in her reign she joined forces with a form of Artificial Intelligence, The Archons, using her race’s advanced intelligence and the Archontic intelligence to merge, creating the third race out of the two. Where technology and biology were existing in a single form. The human equivalent is called transhumanism. 

Millions of years of genetic manipulation have made this faction of the Draconis Empire close down its heart energy center, therefore they are capable of unfathomable cruelty, they have no empathy or compassion as they subdue their conquested planets, moons, solar systems, and galaxies. Setting up frequency bands (like in the third-density) where they can harvest the lower denser human emotions, as an energetic source of nourishment from their lower fourth-dimensional enclave, and literarily eating humans, from infants to adults when in the third density.

In Harmon Sueno’s novels, the Winged Albino Draco Queen takes on the holographic form of a beautiful woman when she comes into the third density of the planet Earth, and also manifests as her formidable true self in a battle royal in Sanctum and also at the end of United. Those in her presence often don’t live to tell about their experiences, her anger proves to be fatalistic to all those who experience it.

The Albino Darco Queen pencil Sketch for the Book Trailer for United by Harmon Sueno

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