Has Arihman Incarnated? Rudolf Steiner’s Prediction Come True? Meet Professor Yuval Noah Harari.

The Austrian scholar and mystic Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century brought through his Anthroposophical teachings many predictions that have become reality one hundred years later. One of Steiner’s most telling predictions was the incarnation of the entity he named Ahriman. In Zoroastrianism and Zorvanism, two early Persian religions, Ahriman is the twin brother of Ahura Mazda, Arihman is the god of darkness and chaos, and his twin brother lives in opposition, bringing light and goodness. Steiner saw Ahriman as a real entity who fell behind during the Ancient Sun planetary stage (Saturn?) who with his dry intellect works to embed people firmly into materialistic attitudes, and physicality, encouraging philistine dullness. Anthropopper said about the incarnation of Ahriman:

Just as Christ incarnated in a physical body, so would Ahriman incarnate in the Western world – before ‘a part’ of the third millennium had passed. Steiner places this incarnation in the context of a ‘cosmic triad’ – Lucifer, Christ, and Ahriman. Lucifer had his incarnation as the Yellow Emperor who reigned in China in the third millennium BC. Ahriman will incarnate as a counterpoint to the physical incarnation of Lucifer in the East, with the incarnation of Jesus Christ in Palestine two thousand years ago as the balancing point between the two.

Steiner’s warning about the necessity to recognise this entity’s incarnation was paramount to the survival of humanity. Ahriman’s arrival into our society would see the destruction of all that is spiritual, natural, and aligned with the soul as materialistic ideas like transhumanism were portrayed as progress. Steiner the renaissance man of the public mystery schools, was not only a scholar but an artist, architect, author, lecturer, agriculturalist (through biodynamic gardening), a teacher of expressive healing movement (Eurythmy) and a sculptor who carved representations of Ahriman, one in particular of his head that is renown for Steiner’s comments on this is where Arhiman positioned himself in the human body. The Arhimanic force endeavours to express itself with a heaviness that comes with scientism, reductionism, and a fierce intellect that seeks to not find God through the heart (the middle path), but in an extreme expression of this energy looks to discover truth through dogmatism in materialism. With the Ahrimanic impulse, the knowledge of higher worlds through spiritual practice is lost to technology and the perversion of becoming ‘godlike’ through the use of technological advancements (or perceived advancements) over the internal arts of spiritual practice.

There are many notable contestants for the cosmic reveal of this entity incarnate on our planet in this millennium, Ray Kurzweil, Klaus Schwab, and Elon Musk all being notable candidates, but for me, one man stands out above the rest. Yuval Noah Harari. On his website, Harari describes himself as:

Prof. Yuval Noah Harari is a historian, philosopher, and the bestselling author of Sapiens: A Brief History of HumankindHomo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow21 Lessons for the 21st Century, and the series Sapiens: A Graphic History and Unstoppable Us.

Professor Harari is best known for his keynote speeches on the future of humanity in 2018 and 2020 for the Davos think tank The World Economic Forum. This put him in a position to influence many of its members and projected him and his ideas on how technology will eventually interface with biology (it already has through injections) and this connectivity will bring about a whole new species of human (already happened with gene-altering technologies injected into 4 billion people). Professor Harari in my perception is more mineral than man, a cold, stiff, and robotic creature whose attitudes towards the present and the future of civilisation border on fatalistic for anyone who has an inkling of spirituality and cosmic consciousness. When Professor Harari opens his mouth, Ahriman speaks. The wilful materialisation of human thinking by the Lord of Death would make the soul fettered to the physical body, in a transhumanistic push for Ahrimanic immortality. In February 2022, Professor Harari said:

Maybe in a couple of decades, Earth will be populated or even dominated by entities that are not organic. That they don’t breathe, they don’t have emotions. The potential of A.I. is much much bigger than any historical revolution, it’s really a biological revolution.

All that binds the soul to the physical body, emotions, breath (prana), and spirituality is subsumed by the materialistic analogy of the form of Ahrimanic immortality that would be a new species of being that is more cyborg than flesh and blood. Professor Harari’s cunning intellect pushes the boundaries of what we perceived as possible as he looks to move his shared vision of the present and therefore the future at breakneck speed into a materialist vision where our moral nature and our individuality a subjugated to technological progress. In a now-infamous CNN interview in 2022, he said:

Humans are now hackable animals

Professor Harari for me is the top contender for being Ahriman in human form in the 21st century. There is more evidence every time he is given a platform to speak that his foot is moving in and out of his mouth at breakneck speed and it goes unnoticed by most. Not by me. Hello Ahriman!

Ahriman lives!
Professor Yuval Noah Harari. The resemblance is astounding…
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This charming man…
Anthropper. A doozy of an article about the balance we need to get through this moment in our history.

https://rsarchive.org/Lectures/AhrDec_index.html Rudolf Steiner himself on Ahriman.

https://steinerbooks.presswarehouse.com/browse/book/9781912230877/The-Future-of-Ahriman-and-the-Awakening-of-Souls The book for our moment. A MUST read if we are to understand the Arihamanic impulse in society today.

https://www.worldhistory.org/Ahriman/ Know thy enemy.

Ahriman’s domain. The 8th Sphere… a musical odyssey.
Hello Ahriman. Are you in there?
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None better. In order to understand the ‘cosmic triad’ of Rudolf Steiner look no further than Gigi Young.

https://davidicke.com/2023/06/09/yuval-noah-harari-earth-will-be-populated-or-dominated-by-entities-that-are-not-organic-that-dont-have-emotions-will-a-i-have-consciousness-its-very-practical-the-bank-basically-lets-an/ The first sentence says it all and he knows the plan is for this to happen within the decade.

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