Giants. A Phenomena that is Dismissed by Modern Archaeology. Or Covered Up? Sumer, West Virginia Mounds to Nubia and Cuzco. The Evidence is Global.

Dr Joseph P. Farrell, whose website, piqued my interest recently when I came across an article on Nubian Pyramids and Giant Fingers. Dr Farrell blogged about a post from Archaeology World on July 16th, 2021, called ANCIENT WALL PAINTING IN THE NUBIAN PYRAMIDS DEPICTING A GIANT CARRYING TWO ELEPHANTS. I had written with Harmon Sueno about giants in my sequel to the novel, Entwined, that being United. Scribing about the sacred valley around Cuzco as I recalled the childhood experiences of Pablo Wairua (the author of all the heartfelt, emotive short stories he and I have written together), I had a vision of androgynous giants moving enormous stones effortlessly with technology that made them weightless. After this, spirit guided me to discover the research of Alfredo Gamarra. 

Alfredo Augustin Gamarra Caller was born in 1903. From a very early age he dreamed about stones. These stones he would later recognise as the monolithic giants of Ollantaytambo. He said that when he first visited the site he heard a voice in his head saying, ‘This is the first edition of the genesis of the sacred scripts.‘ Alfredo’s research would lead him to create his hypothesis of the Cosmogony of the 3 worlds. Jesus Gamarra (his son) and
Jan Peter de Jong say that this theory consists of:

The Cosmogony of the 3 worlds is based on the existence of a biological zone, located in our planetary system, in a position neither very proximal nor too far away from the sun, that determinates the appropriate environment for the existence of life. This biological zone includes 3 different orbits, being at the moment our planet in third, last and most distant (from the sun) orbit of the biological zone.
In his proposal Alfredo Gamarra does not accept a stable orbit of 365 days. He indicates the existence of orbits more closer to the sun, those locations of our planet made it possible that other physic laws could exist, and one can also explain, basically because of difference in gravity, different forms of life, and ways of construction, ruins, which till now have not been explained satisfactorily, among others.

Looking at his cosmology theory, it is the first and second orbits that give the planet less gravity and allow for the stature of creatures, humanoid and otherwise to be gigantic. The correlation between Gamarra’s research, Edgar Cayce’s (the sleeping prophet) statement that humans ‘walked with dinosaurs’, Mesopotamian civilisations of Sumer and Akkadian origin showing seated giants called the Annunaki, the Book of Enoch, and Genesis in the Old Testament is tantalising. Giants are found throughout these cultures, depicted historically as having existed during epochs considered mythos to modern archaeology. The subterfuge is rife to dismiss this part of our planetary history. Keeping humanity ignorant has been a means of wielding power for the few over the many for millennia. In our present-day, distraction and perception management and censorship is the methodology of control. With the psychological operation of the emergence of UFOs into the mainstream media, thanks to the rebranding of this phenomena as UAPs or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena by the CIA, we have the platform for human origins cards to be played out. Has the ridicule around the existence of giants in our past been so that the controlling force of global affairs can play the ‘giant’ card on their terms? Could the reveal of interdimensionals and extraterrestrials as humanity’s progenitors and the global elites are the descendants of the sons and daughters of angels and men, giants, be presented to the world? 

Is it a point of interest for Archaeology World to publish an article that talks about the Kingdom of Kush and the city of Meros, wherein one of the over two hundred pyramids there is a picture of a giant fair-skinned, red-haired giant carrying two elephants? The Nubians are Sudanese, African, not Caucasian. The article quotes the Roman historian Josephus Flavius, who said that giants roamed Egypt till the end of the reign of Joshua, in the 79th century B.C. The Roman historian claimed that the giants were awesome to see them, their faces were very different from humans, and that their huge bodies matched their loud voices that were as terrifying as a lion’s roar. Following this, the article talks about:

In addition, many wall paintings from ancient Egypt depict the builders of the pyramids as “giant people” ranging in size from 5 to 6 meters tall. According to experts, these giants were capable of lifting 4 to 5 tons of blocks separately. 

Some of those ancient murals showed giant kings ruling ancient Egypt, while some depicted comparatively small-sized servants under giants.

Closing the article is the story of Gregor Spori, a Swiss entrepreneur and a passionate admirer of ancient Egyptian history, who in 1988 met a group of robbers of ancient tombs in a small house Bir Hooker in Egypt. Presented to Spori was a mummified finger wrapped in rags. The creature that the finger belonged to was, according to Spori about 5 meters in height. The tomb robbers then presented an X-ray image of the finger from the 1960s to Spori to prove its authenticity. My speculation on why information about giants finding its way onto the website Archaeology World is just that, but it funnels nicely into the progenitor narrative and the divine right to rule axiom.

How about that finger…

Some of the giants described in this article would have dwarfed the Giant’s causeway. Alfredo Gamarra. A intuitive researcher and a inspiration for me. Giants of ancient Mesopotamia.,47200,47200 Graham Hancock’s forum. Jesus Gamarra explains his father’s theories and insights. Giants of New Mexico? Call the Smithsonian quick! Zacharia Stichin weighs in… Giants of Sumer. – Richard Dewhurst on the giants of West Virginia mound culture. Why publish this article now? For interests sake? Or is this part of the soft disclosure narrative? Dr Joseph P Farrell’s blog that piqued my interest. Giants. Can’t get enough of them.

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