Galactic Saviours and Ascended Masters. Psyops on Humanity. Only You can Save you from what’s Coming.

When Helena Petrovna Hahn or Helena Blavatsky published Isis Unveiled in 1877 the occult world was exposed to society, and its covert machinations became an open secret. It was her meeting with Mahatma (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘great soul’, which took the title ascended master) Koot Hoomi or Kuthumi and his letters to A. P. Sinnett and Letters of the Masters of the Wisdom, Series I and II which inspired this revelatory book. Her open critique on where science and religion had taken humanity in the 19th century and her beliefs that transcendental and mystical experience and doctrine were the true paths towards authority and insight into the true nature of reality caused quite the stir. With the creation of the Theosophical Society the mystery schools that wanted to enlighten humanity, moving the culture forward towards a greater understanding of its place in creation burst the perception bubble of scientific materialism. Eastern spiritual traditions began to imbue the western civilisation and thanks to this movement practices like Yoga entered into the consciousness of billions outside of the sub-continent.

Thanks to Blavatsky’s mission and the Mahatma’s Morya and Koot Hoomi, the Theosophical Society spread like a wave throughout the world and its influence opened the mind and hearts of many free and critical thinkers alike. Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scholar, architect, esotericist, social reformer. and philosopher who in 1902 became the head of the German branch of Theosophy without joining the organisation, but left in 1912/13 to create the esoteric spiritual movement, Anthroposophy, with roots in German idealist philosophy and theosophy, including Goethean science and Rosicrucianism. Steiner’s work on one of the most carefully guarded secrets of the mystery schools, the Eighth Sphere was perhaps the greatest revelation of the early 20th-century mystery school teachings. Though alluded to in the workings of art and scripture throughout history, often only the adepts would be able to translate its appearance, and therefore gain the insight into the wisdom of knowing its precedence over consciousness. Without getting into too much detail (check out the Dark Journalist shows on Rudolf Steiner and the Eighth Sphere for a greater understanding of it) the Eighth Sphere is a technological construct where humanities consciousness is milked through dense frequencies that resonate with fear to create an overlay/sub-reality in my definition. I’ll come back to the Eighth Sphere later in this blog.

Psychological operations on humanity have been the cornerstone of influencing perception and opinion since Cyrus the Great used psychological warfare on Babylon. With technological progression (technology is neutral, the use of it not so much as we shall see) especially in the 20th century, together with important developments in the fields of public-opinion analysis and the prediction of mass behaviour, the use of this means of influence over the perceptions of collective human consciousness has gone gangbusters. As great secrets were revealed in the late 19th/early 20th centuries to move the culture away from a specific end for human consciousness, (into the Eighth Sphere due to scientific materialism and fanatical religious dogma to name just two forces at play) a movement began to corral that same energetic collective towards the continuation of the construction of the eighth sphere through subterfuge and complacency.

Enter the New Age and the Ascended Masters with honourable mention to the ‘space brothers’. All three have created what I call the Cult of Complacency. This cult follows beliefs that lead consciousness into a cul-de-sac where it pools, changes nothing, and makes the suckers who buy into it give their power away to gurus, mentors, and extra-terrestrials, all of whom are here to save the day (still waiting for that to play itself out). The small collective of beings (some hybrid human bloodlines from ancient Sumer/Babylon others non-human) who have controlled the destiny of humanity since antiquity knows of the energetic constrictions and expansions of the creative force that is source energy. Consider the movement of lungs when breathing, inhale, expansion, exhale, constriction. In an age of constriction, information becomes the greatest asset to remain in authority. Controlling it is easy. Conquest, warfare, disease (orchestrated on purpose) and religious fanaticism, (The Spanish Inquisition) can deal a savage and deadly blow to the revelatory means to get information out into the culture, as well as an anchor in denser vibrational frequencies, strengthening the sub-reality of the eighth sphere. In the last century source began to inhale, an age of expansion began to permeate creation and with it, information began to pour into the collective minds and hearts of humanity. Something had to be done to curb its enthusiasm.

The will to take responsibility for creating one’s own life, and understand the power available to humanity if only it straightened its collective spine and rolled up its sleeves, and with disciplinary action got stuck into creating a new paradigm of community, connection and peace has been hijacked. The creation of cul-de-sacs for consciousness by those who bloodline families in the late 20th century and early 21st century is part of the war against expansion and cosmic awareness. Youtube is flooded with gurus, mentors, spiritual teachers that regurgitate a doctrine that takes the power of creation and responsibility out of the hands, hearts, and minds of those who follow them. Some of the channeled material I have seen from beings like Bashar makes me want to puke blood. The idea of an ascension process where some of humanity will follow a timeline where they will ‘vanish’ into the fifth dimension leaving behind those trapped in the overlay of the eighth sphere (due to the introduction of the transhumanist movement) on Earth is utterly ridiculous and either harmlessly naive or dangerously misleading. You discern.

Each human is a sliver of source energy incarnate in a human body. Recognising that means that you understand your TRUE nature as a creative force, and you understand that your TRUE nature is a love that is a cosmic glue that binds you to all of creation and therefore the idea of someone or something coming to save you from the perils of the world we find ourselves living in today would make you break into hysterical laughter. Humanity needs to stop giving its power away, grow the fuck up, and quickly. We need to not accept the infusion of Artificial Intelligence, genetic alterations of biology from injectable nanotech via vaccines (essential the Borg from Star Trek), and not become a collective anchor for the eighth sphere to overlay our planet. The eighth sphere is a hell world where the degeneration of humanity’s consciousness means that it has no means to leave the altered human form, no means to travel into the multiverse of creation. If one looked at the analogy of the Matrix movies about making humans into batteries, it’s the same.

In the novel United, by Harmon Sueno (the sequel to the Entwined in the Shadow and Soul Series) which I wrote in 2014-16, there is a network of individuals who all play their part in bringing down the control system of the Archontic infused Draconis/Orion Empire. Collectively they open the door for expanded awareness to permeate the planet, and awaken much of the ‘sleeping’ population into acknowledging their place in the multiverse. I don’t go into detail about the result of that process, only the machinations as to how that energetic confluence of beings could bypass the eighth sphere to accomplish a fait accompli over the ruling forces. The collective who bring about the demise of the Empire all took responsibility for their parts to further the goal of the whole.

Discernment is key to the end of the psychological operations on collective human awareness. If the information doesn’t empower the individual to use discernment, take back their power, take responsibility for their creations (EVERYTHING they experience) then it should be trashed immediately. Tell the ‘space brothers’ to fuck off, let the channelled material that talks of ascension into the fifth dimension speak to a room full of crickets, and most importantly ask for help to lead towards empowerment and responsibility.

United. By Harmon Sueno. Available for purchase at Barbara Marciniak who channels the Pleiadians, a group of Avian beings (not Corey Goode’s CIA psyop Blue Chicken Cult) from the Pleiades. Their track record of information over 30 years has been on point. The most important aspect of their teachings, HUMANITY HAS TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ALL THAT IT CREATES AND NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US FROM THE BLOODLINE FAMILIES AND THE DRACONIS/ORION EMPIRE. We collectively and individually have to do that. Couldn’t have written it better myself. BRILLIANT dissection of the New Age claptrap that you find peddled by ‘gurus’ everywhere on youtube and other media outlets. An unflattering biography of Helena Blavatsky from Brittanica. The exemplary Daniel Liszt, aka Dark Journalist. His journalistic research is about as nuts and bolts as you can get within this field of research. His work on the Mystery Schools is detailed, his work on Rudolf Steiner perhaps the finest you will find on the internet. The X series is a MUST watch. 100 episodes and counting… Brittanica’s history of Psychological Warfare

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