From Lockdowns to Asymptomatic Transmissions, to Statistical Deaths showing no increase in 2020. The Scammers are having a Laugh!

Dr. David Nabarro, a Special Envoy on Covid-19 for the World Health Organization was quoted by Bruce Y. Lee in Forbes online as saying, “We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus.” That statement could have cost him his career. He was working for the man that after all was constantly reminding the world’s media that lockdowns may well be needed till 8 billion people are vaccinated (not just once, but with boosters too). That being Bill Gates, a software tycoon, whose investment in everything evil, Biotech, Big Pharma just to name two, makes him a solid candidate for seeing a jail cell for the rest of his natural life. There would be room in there for Melinda too by the way. Dr. Nabarro, a man of conscience amongst a nest of vipers at the WHO went on to say, “lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never, ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer.” Which should have seen him not out of a job, but also out of a body if the cult had had their way. Lee’s opinion that what the good doctor had said was taken out of context (I don’t think it was) may well have saved him from assassination.

In the country I live in New Zealand, the government decided to lockdown the aged care homes when the ‘resurgence’ of the virus took hold here in August 2020. D.r Simon Thornley, an Auckland University Epidemiologist, (not on the Gates payroll like technocrat Dr. Ashley Bloomfield who is advising the NZ govt, also owned by Gates) who had not advocated lockdowns due to the nature of locking up the healthy and those not at risk of death (due to the virus not being as deadly as Imperial College said it was, Gates-funded again, see a pattern here?) caused economic and mental health issues that were far worse than the viral impact. He said it was ironic that his team of specialists solution to the outbreak which they advocated three months before was being deployed at the time of the second ‘wave’ of the virus transmission into the community, rather than the initial outbreak. The economic consequences of that are going to be felt by the people of the country for generations to come, and instead of sending the proponents of that action to jail, the NZ people supposedly (I think the election was rigged) voted them back into the act on their behalf as their elected civil servants. The world is fucking mad.

Speaking of fucking insane, the brilliant and insightful mind of Surjit S Bhalla created a detailed paper called, “Lockdowns vs. COVID19: Covid Wins”. Some of the poignant FACTS of that paper make sober reading for the critical mind and one would like to think shock what David Icke calls the postage stamp consensus (non-critical thinkers) into action or critical thinking. Here is some food for thought from that paper,

‘By the end of March, 170 countries had closed their borders, 140 countries had several WHO containment measures, as compiled by OxGRT (border closures, restrictions on gatherings, etc) in place, and there were 8,81,000 COVID-19 cases and 43,000 deaths. With lockdowns, cases were expected to reach their terminal level, perhaps, 10 times higher at 8.8 million? Today, cases are 40 times, and deaths 24 times higher. This has occurred during the most intense period of lockdowns and controls around the world. These are not statistics about even partial success; rather, indicators of massive failure.’

Large parts of Europe, and the biggest state in the USA, the 6th biggest economy on the planet are STILL locked down due to ‘cases’ from an RT-PCR test that tests for genetic material, not the virus. When’s the revolution coming? The Northern hemisphere should be holding Nuremberg-style trials now, with the southern hemisphere not far behind. Not be outdone, Justin Trudeau’s (Order of the Rose secret society) government went full-blown Chinese communist on it which lead to the prominent Cambridge University virologist, Dr. Roger Hodkinson to claim that, “It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting population.” Dr. Hodkinson’s career and accomplishments aren’t to be scoffed at. A medical specialist in pathology, which includes virology, he trained at Cambridge University in England. Hodkinson served as CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta, and now runs MutantDx, a molecular diagnostics company in North Carolina that provides COVID-19 tests. He is the former chairman of the Royal College certified pathologist in Canada, he is the former chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa. He’s a BIG hitter. Revolution Canada? Lockdowns are not about health, they are about the destruction of economies, small businesses so that billionaires can clean up, get richer and gain more monopolies as the planet goes in the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. A document that was supposedly leaked explaining how the Trudeau-led government was going to play out his treasonous acts upon the populace for his masters in 2021 called for some serious discernment about whether any of the premises held water. I’ll post the link to the page below, but I won’t go into the details other than to say if the information in there is true, then Trudeau and those who wish to enact the plan need to be arrested and taken in front of a military court. Jail for the rest of their natural lives somewhere in the Arctic circle would be a compassionate end for him. A firing squad perhaps less empathic, but acceptable to some. Not me.

An article published by detailed the extent of that wealth transfer. Best hold tight for this statistical fact, it’s a mindblower, ‘The collective wealth of America’s 651 billionaires has jumped by more than $1 trillion since roughly the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to a total of $4 trillion at market close on Monday, Dec. 7.’ That’s some jagged pill to swallow when you’ve lost your livelihood, your business, and your home due to the lockdowns. There seems to be no end in sight in regards to the wealth transfer as rolling lockdowns on the back of confusing and ofter contradictory studies (who funds them? cui bono?) from Europe and North America come in. The bought and paid for shill that is the British Government produced a study that said that immunity to COVID ‘degrades’ in the months after infection. Contrary to this, the American Medical Association’s JAMA Network Open journal has published new research from a government-backed study that appears to offer new evidence that the asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 may be significantly lower than previously thought. Is it any wonder why people are committing suicide in record numbers, or San Francisco’s case a record 621 people as of December 19 have died of drug overdoses in San Francisco That is 360% more deaths than COVID-19. This is a cruel and sick joke being portrayed on a populace of acquiescing people. How much longer are we going to take this???

The mental health of children who have contemplated suicide in the USA could ascend to levels that show the psychopathic nature of the Biden Administration if they should govern the country in 2021. THANK FUCK for the CDC explains that the effect of lockdowns on children’s mental health has been catastrophic. The report from the CDC said, ‘Compared with 2019, the proportion of mental health-related visits for children aged 5–11 and 12–17 years increased approximately 24%. and 31%, respectively.‘ Can we as a human family not see each other suffering and do something about this? Collectively? Evolve? Open our hearts? Putting masks on children for their ‘safety’ shows the madness that’s pervading our society. The trauma this is causing future generations is a harvest for the non-physical forces at play behind the scenes. A doctor from St Louis, Missouri filmed a video (link below) where he said that the ‘system is set up to kill people’. In this case, a 4-YEAR-OLD BOY got a bacterial infection from prolonged mask use. He is understandably outraged, as much as I am, and if you’re not then you’re not paying attention. Dr. Russell Baylock was succinct in his observation on the dangers of mask use, ‘by wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.’ Is it any wonder people are growing SICKER and there are more ‘cases’ (of course, that’s how you prolong the scamdemic, genetic material that you label SARS-COV2 or COVID can no longer escape your body when caught in a mask and you, therefore, test ‘positive’… understand???) when you’re rebreathing toxins? Is wearing masks effective at stopping the spread of this ‘virus’? A Danish study came to this shocking conclusion, ‘The recommendation to wear surgical masks to supplement other public health measures did not reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate among wearers by more than 50% in a community with modest infection rates, some degree of social distancing, and uncommon general mask use.’ Once again, this scamdemic has nothing to do with health, it’s about CONTROL and perpetuating the game to achieve the result. Just ask Klaus Schwab what that is.

This blog is becoming a tome. There is much more to say about this lie, more facts, more data you won’t find in the bought and paid for mainstream media aligned with bought and paid for ‘fact-checker websites’ owned by the same people that own the mainstream media. No conflict of interest there then! I’ll leave you with this final observation from on the statistics on the number of deaths from 2019 compared to 2020, the webpage title is, ‘Stats show 43,265 people died last month – just 8 more than October 2019 (when Covid wasn’t around). The link is below, there isn’t anything else I need to say. We are being FUCKED and 2020 was the year that those doing the rogering showed their puppet’s faces. We need to arrest the lot, then go after the people behind the curtain. Not in 2021, 2022, 2030, NOW.

2020 the year the global populace was scammed BIG TIME. Read between the lines. It’s that simple. Lockdowns are not about protecting people, they are about destroying them Covid Plan-B, the team of epidemiologists, virologists and scientists in New Zealand with brain cells on active duty that aren’t treasonous to the people, unlike Dr Ashley Bloomfield and his puppets, Jacinda Ardern and Chris Hipkins. Read this paper written by Surjit S Bhalla and tell me that we aren’t being played. BIG hitters weighing in on this scamdemic. Are you getting it YET? This is the ultimate crime against humanity. Hunger Games Society in creation. ??? If this is the case, then lockdowns, masks and social distancing are all irrelevant. No, they are relevant in world where Orwellian surveillance becomes implantable. If this isn’t making your feel sick, then you might have COVID. Consider the implications of this. SERIOUSLY. Biden’s administration would be the nightmare that so many in the USA think they are living under with Trump being President. The fear is so pervasive and often deadly that parents are masking children for prolonged periods of time. In this video a child nearly DIED with a bacterial lung infection from his mask. critical thinking was so 2019 Take the fucking mask off NOW. Statistics. You might want to sit down. Reading this might just send you into the REVOLUTION your country needs in order to arrest the corrupt who are demanding your submission

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