EnvironmentaL Polluters of the Death Cult and Net Zero Madness. One is an Issue the other a Bad Joke.

In order to truly understand the insanity of the globalist parasitic class who consider themselves elites (due to control and accumulation of financial, economic societal wealth) and their continuing plan for the re-emergence of a feudal system with them being the rulers of a global peasantry class, we must know their origins. Troy McGauglin’s book The Saturn Death Cult does this was aplomb. Connecting ancient astronomical alignments where our first sun was Saturn (a brown dwarf star) this being the mythical Golden Age, and then the consequential fall from that age as the solar systems alignment changed bringing about catastrophic disaster to not only the planets in the solar system, but also Earth. Those who knew of what life was like during the Golden age kept the knowledge of that time and its mysteries to themselves creating a priest class, a ruling class that inverted life in order to retain what was lost. Practicing the inversion of life through human sacrifice, sweat equity (taxation, another form of human energetic reaping and harvest) in order to return to that lost age. It sounds fanciful without the deeper research that McGauglin exposes in his short book, but once read, the picture becomes clear.

David Icke’s work then brought the death cult into modern terms with the revelations around the Sabbatean Frankists, a cult which rose out of the following of professed Jewish Messiahs Sabbatai Levi and Jakob Frank (who said he was the reincarnation of Sabbatai Zevi and the biblical patriarch Jakob) . Together, their teachings revolved around the inversion of Judaism, transgressing as many moral norms as possible. Without going into great detail, the Sabbateans were forced by the Ottoman of Turkey to convert to Islam, but continued to practice their satanic inversion of life in secret, and this cult infected has infected the world taking on new guises like Zionism and Wabbabism. It was Jakob Frank’s mass conversion of Sabbatean Frankists to Roman Catholicism in the 19th century set the precedent of infiltration of religious communities in order to bring about total global control. It would Jakob Franks connection with Mayer Amschel Rothshild (formerly known as Bauer) the German-Jewish (Sabbatean Frankist cult member) founder of the Rothschild Banking dynasty that set global domination into overdrive and expansion.

In contemporary society the Death cult that became the Sabbatean Frankists have their tentacles in everything. Three companies BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street have global control over economic and financial industry. Within the ranks of these companies are all the biggest contributors to environmental degradation and pollution at the behest of the inversion of life. We must remember that countries are legally corporations and the two are forever interchangeable. The greatest polluters on the planet also make the most profits polluting the environment with plastics that fill not only the oceans but also landfills. Hundreds of thousands of people constantly litter the landscape throwing non-biodegradable plastics in the streets of major cities, villages, wilderness areas, lakes, rivers. ponds and the ocean. According to The Guardian just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of the global emissions that pollute the environment, yet it is the global populace that must pick up the tab for in the form of carbon taxation. Climate alarmism has replaced common sense as a means to keep the few in positions of exploitation and control as the parasitic class looks to bring about their Hunger Games Society. 

Ainsley Kellow writing for Quadrant Online sums up the madness of net zero (carbon emissions) by 2050:

This disjuncture between climate scientific knowledge as revealed in the laws of physics and the published literature is not inadvertent. It has been spun by green political actors, those who have invested in assets the value of which will be enhanced by regulatory action in response to climate alarmism, and by news media that continue to operate on the principle of “if it bleeds, it leads”, and staffed by journalists who seem to lack basic scientific knowledge and scepticism.

The only benefactors of introducing a means to create more top down control at the behest of saving the planet are the parasitic class who are propagandising their anthropogenic climate change lies while exploiting the planet of its resources, polluting the air we breathe with noxious gases and heavy metals, pouring toxic waste into rivers, streams, oceans, landfills, burying depleted uranium, using it in bombs to kill people, and then insisting on using green technologies that exploit rare earth minerals, and create slave child labour around the world. The death cult knows no mercy for the planet or its inhabitants. All must suffer and die. In British Columbia, Canada where a carbon tax was introduced in 2008, the Federal Governments plan for price hike of the tax in 2023 would according to Nelson Bennett writing for mining.com mean:

Canadian farmers will be particularly hard hit by a combination of higher carbon taxes and low carbon fuel standard, McTeague said. That could push up food prices. Not only do grain farmers burn a lot of petroleum fuels, they also burn a lot of natural gas to dry their grain.

“At $30 a tonne, the carbon tax represents 10% of the entire cost (of fuel),” McTeague said. “And at $170 a tonne, that is a five and half-fold increase. So now you’re looking at a pretty substantial, devastating impact for farmers.

Playing into the hands of the World Economic Forum‘s plan to own everything as corporations (countries) buy up or confiscate farms in the name of stopping emission as they attempt to curb cow farts. In order to create the parasitic classes feudal system globally the death cult must transition to a heavily reduced population, total control over every aspect of society, the environment, human biology, thought processes and the planet itself. This agenda is not human. It is cold and calculating, sick and evil. It is only allowed to continue its movement towards global totalitarianism because of an apathetic, acquiescent populace who buy into the propaganda around climate alarmism, distracted from the real necessity to call out of the biggest polluters on the planet to clean up their mess with their unfathomable profits while distorting the paradise that is the planet we live on with their toxic practices of extraction, manufacturing and putrefying the air, the water and the land in order to get people off it and into more manageable centres like smart cities. 

The Daily Sceptic published an article by Will Jones on the 23rd of June which detailed how the Rishi Sunak led government of Great Britain will be imposing a 170 pound a year Net Zero levy on energy bills within days of the article was written. Another crushing demand on already struggling people in country that has seen energy bill prices soar last winter. The article quotes The Telegraph:

The cost of the levies was shifted from consumer bills to be funded instead by the Government, following a year-long campaign by energy firms and MPs amid spiralling gas, electricity and food prices last year.

It will again be imposed on consumers, although there has been no formal announcement. Sir Jacob Rees-Mogg, who was Business and Energy Secretary when the costs were taken away from consumers last year, said: “Green levies are part of the problem behind the U.K.’s particularly high electricity prices. They ought to be abolished but should fall on general taxation until that can happen. The ambition for Net Zero must not make us cold and poor. Any new or re-imposed charge ought to be announced to Parliament first and not slipped through slyly.”

I will leave you with this story of a single man who is a pioneer for a future that revolves around life and symbiosis with the planet. Jadav Molai, an Indian man planted a 1,360 acre forest to save wildlife. For 35 years he planted a tree everyday. Bengal tigers, elephants and rhinoceros, over 100 deer, rabbits and a variety of birds now flourish in that forest. May his actions inspire many to create a regeneration of our natural world, not for a death cult that wants to exploit, control and parasitically suck it dry of all its energy (including the global populace of men and women), but because there is no separation between the planet and it’s inhabitants. We are all interconnected, not disconnected.

What a LEGEND.

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