The night terrors of childhood have stopped when Buford Somerset’s body went through puberty, but their memories were the bane of his adolescence. When taking time out from University he visits his uncle’s office in London where he discovers a newspaper article that references the nocturnal tormentors of his youth.
Accompanied by his chaperoning adopted brother he travels the globe extensively finding fragments of a puzzle till the enigmatic Jammanjoh requests Buford presence in his grotto in the Siemien Mountains of Ethiopia where the final pieces are put into place.
Pablo Wairua is born into an order of Tuhoe Tohunga whoes lineage goes back to Lemuria. Drawn to Tiwanaku, Bolivia, he wrestles with an ancient evil and in the process has an unexpected rendezvous with a soul lost to the very force he has aspired to destroy. What happens next will change their lives forever…