Dr Dolores Cahill. Speaking for the Voiceless, Asserting our Choices.

A friend of mine in Byron Bay, Australia sent me a clip late last night of Dr. Dolores Cahill, an Irish Professor specialising according to her bio at the University of Dublin,’ Prof. Dr. Dolores Cahill is a worldwide renowned expert in high-throughput proteomics technology development and automation, high content protein arrays and their biomedical applications, including in biomarker discovery and diagnostics.’ She has been a critic of the COVID-19 protocols being deployed by governments and institutions as being overly zealous and stood up for the erosion of human rights by these institutions run by civil servants.

I watched a public meeting of her talking on September 23rd, 2020, and listened intently to the information she presented in this talk, followed by a Q & A afterward. She is not alone in her speaking out, she is joined by a multitude of medical doctors, epidemiologists, and specialists in their fields that assert that the heavy-handed approach towards what accounts for an influenza strain has a far more sinister motive, which is based on control, rather than health. To those of us who understand the machinations of the mainstream media, (who owns it, finances it) talking heads that espouse themselves to be impartial medical doctors, epidemiologists, and scientists (when in truth they are toeing the line to further their careers, or keep their jobs rather than elucidate on the data that’s presenting itself daily, showing that the official narrative is a lie) she is a threat, one that MUST be silenced. However, her knowledge of the legal system of the United Kingdom, especially the law of Malfeasance, sets up the justification for mass arrests of top-down authorities who have paraded this charade upon the global populace. Destroying lives, economies, health, and the property of countless billions. This is a BIG problem for the less than 1% and their sycophantic shills who are under their influence. With the correct procedures through the democratic and legal processes, there eventually will a tipping point, as she says, and then those who have played out the pandemic lie will see themselves held accountable.

She is pioneering, pushing ahead, working with various people in many countries worldwide to bring this global movement to fruition, and create the necessary means to have those who have manufactured this crisis held accountable. I think she is possibly the bravest voice to be heard amongst those calling out the official narrative at great risk to their safety and well-being. As the draconian measure of the militarised police (working for less than 1%) in the UK rally to antagonise peaceful protests and gatherings, violating natural law, she is speaking out, raising her head above the parapet to urge people to discover for themselves how the law protects them against the kind of tyranny being imposed upon them. As the UK faces another fascistic and completely unnecessary lockdown, she is providing data that align with others who have spoken out about the herd immunity already reached due to exposure to coronaviruses. Slowly, so slowly, the tide is turning, and it’s a question of how long before this current begins to swell into a wave, and the volume of water behind the wave grows into a wall that can not be stopped as it washes over the planet.

Dr Dolores Cahill. Brave and defiant. A voice for the voiceless.


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