‘Do As I Say Not As I Do’. Hypocrisy is just a way of life for the Less Than 1%. Machinations of Oligarchs exposed.

It seems that that paragon of human society has been out of the limelight too long. I’m talking about the world authority on the ‘magic virus’ Bill Gates. Not only did he warn the planet about the glaringly obvious (to him) fact that a coronavirus pandemic could sweep over the planet causing huge amounts of suffering and death, he also miraculously managed to invest in GAVI, his vaccine alliance, and therefore make BILLIONS in 2020 from the C-19 scamdemic. Truly intuitive. So on point was our boy Bill, that he hosted a dry run for how to deal with a coronavirus global pandemic originating out of China, in New York (ground zero for the C-19 deaths in the USA in 2020, and also a city where 5G is widespread, nothing to see here, move along) called Event 201 in September 2019. Stunningly, this was a precursor to C-19 appearing not more than a couple of months later in where else but… you guessed it, China! Event 201 has been the playbook from which all actors (how appropriate) on the global stage under Gates’ financial collusion, that’s being too kind, manipulation, have all made their economy crushing, livelihood destroying, mental and physical health decimating decisions.

Gates became persona non grata in 2020 as it became blatantly obvious that he was not only cashing in on the losses of the middle and lower classes of global society, he was peddling to the world that we would be locked up till all 8 billion people were vaccinated, and then we would still have to have booster shots, socially distance and wear masks AFTER his toxic shite was forced on those who didn’t want it, and those who have given their health and lives to it. Well, he’s back in the headlines again, this time in the Daily Mail in the UK exhibiting the levels of sheer hubris towards those he preaches to. Gates says he has spent ten years researching climate change and has a handle on how to solve the issue (me too) and has consequently penned a book (please don’t buy it) about the subject and how to get the world down to zero carbon emissions. Anyone who knows anything about climate science that isn’t under the influence of the Intercontinental Panel on Climate Change and their gravy train knows that’s the equivalent of committing planetary Seppuku or hari-kari. We need to flood the planet with carbon dioxide and plant fucktons of trees (native, not commercial) especially the tropical rainforests and stop chopping them down to grow palm oil. Trees devour carbon dioxide, life thrives in rainforest environments, forests, and forests produce oxygen, which humans breathe in, as we exhale carbon dioxide. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

The article for the online newspaper reveals the stunning fact that our saviour, Bill, was found by a 2019 study by Lund University in Sweden that he had the biggest carbon footprint of a group of 10 celebrities known to frequent private jets. Gates, a man of principle, with a moral compass permanently pointing south at New Zealand and the residence of Jacinda Ardern, said that flying in his FOUR private jets was one of his ‘guilty pleasures’. Now dig this statistic from a man who seriously believes that no one is doing more to tackle climate change than him, every single private jet flight emits up to 40 times as much carbon per passenger as a regular commercial flight, according to a 2019 report by aviation firm Honeywell Aerospace. Let that fact uppercut you off your feet and as you coming crashing back to Earth consider taking Gates, GAVI alliance toxic shite C-19 vaccine (the one where NZ’s head elected official spent MILLIONS of taxpayers money, yes, including mine on buying a stockpile) as the injuries and deaths toll up.

The REAL kicker of this article is the fact that Gates has put in a bid with his investment company, Cascade Investment for Signature Aviation Friday, teaming up with Blackstone Group to make a $4.3 billion play for the British private jet servicing company. Gates’s Cascade investment already owns 19% of the Signature and is the favourite to win the bidding war against his other team-mate (whoops sorry, opposition) the private equity firm, Carlyle Group. Is it just me, or does anyone else see this man wandering around the planet, doing whatever the fuck he pleases, with the gall of the Roman Emperor Commodus and wonder how long before he gets arrested and they take out his battery pack from his hard drive then put his android body in a historical villain museum next to Mussolini and Idi Armi? The man is completely overt in his hypocrisy, he needs to be jailed. SOONER rather than later. He is a danger to the human family and the planet alike.

‘ Do you expect me to talk Mr Gates?’ … ‘No Mr Lysander, I expect you to DIE’

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9128203/Bill-Gates-bids-private-jet-operator-one-month-releases-climate-change-book.html The hubris of Bill Gates is limitless. It’s time he was jailed and we Robin Hood his wealth.

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