DNR : Do Not Resuscitate. Aged People and Middle Aged left to Die.

I wish I wasn’t writing about this. I do. However, you have to bring this subject matter to light to grasp the nature of the death cult that is the less than 1%, and their sycophantic minions. During this manufactured global crisis there was a spate of nurses, on the front line in hospitals, aged care homes, and ICU units who made videos about what they were told to do. DNR, Do not resuscitate those who have fallen ill or died. Flu deaths, car accidents, gunshots, didn’t matter… leave the corpse to cool. It wasn’t just the elderly either, ‘The Daily Telegraph reports half of the staff members who said they had been asked to change DNRs worked in homes for the elderly, while half worked in homes for younger people with learning or cognitive disabilities. Staff said that some hospitals were operating a “no admissions” policy for care home residents – even for non-COVID-19 conditions such as heart attacks – and some said they had struggled to make appointments with GPs for elderly people.’ Yep, Sweden even followed that script. In Aotearoa/New Zealand someone asked the Canterbury Health Board what the percentage of DNR for COVID-19 patients was… and were told you aren’t allowed to know. What country is this??? Communist China???

The cabal that rules over an acquiescing populace of almost 8 billion (with an ever-increasing rising tide of non-acquiescing people) want to get rid of those who are in their minds ‘useless eaters’, to use that paragon of murder, mayhem, and evil, Henry Kissinger’s statement about people, his age. Best not to resuscitate you either than Henry if you pop your clogs. Sounds good to me. If you can’t work, if you are mentally challenged, or damaged due to medical/pharmaceutical drug side effects (from vaccines) then you’ve got to go. It’s like Nazi Germany without the license to shot grandad in the head (yet). This is all planned, and it’s deeply disturbing. Spain’s failure to protect the elderly in rest homes saw many aged people die in their rooms. The right-wing government diligently left the aged to die in numbers that defy belief.

We must protect the elderly, is the catch cry coming from civil servants who we elected to work for us. How? By letting them die without assistance that could see them easily live on for the last of their twilight years? People need to wake up to the sheer evil of this cabal and its agenda and wake up in larger numbers. I for one won’t let my mother out of my sight if she goes into hospital for anything where she will be losing consciousness. Operations or otherwise. I’ll be at her side. She’s got loads of life left in her, and some sick agenda isn’t taking her away from me. She will die on her terms. Thank you.

My GP told me a story about how a patient of hers in Nelson Hospital who was in his 80’s was left to die by the staff in the hospital and he was STILL CONSCIOUS, albeit sick. My GP (with the help of a nurse who had a conscience) smuggled Intravenous Vitamin C and huge amounts of Vitamins D and E into the hospital which saw a recovery from the patient. He got out of there (smart move) and home, and from there my GP personally treated him back to the best health he has had in years with nutrition and vitamins. Bless her for her bravery and the nurse’s conviction to do what was right.

We are entering into a dark dark time, the veil is lifted, the overtness of this cabal and its agenda are becoming more obvious by the day. We have to get up, stand up, and face it, and bring it to its knees, and then once and for all see it vanquished with love and unity as one human family. We are the heroes that will be praised for our actions in the generations to come. Let’s go.

Aged care means the elderly living life on their terms.

https://www.cdhb.health.nz/…/cdhb-10313-wcdhb-9428…/ The Canterbury Health board in Aotearoa/New Zealand refused to give the figures of the DNR cases to one inquisitive person. Denied? Why? How many were left to die? What age?

https://www.independent.co.uk/…/coronavirus-do-not… Kate Masters. Massive respect to you.

https://www.independent.co.uk/…/coronavirus-do-not… People with ‘learning disabilities’? DNR. Sick. Truly sick.

https://www.1news.info/summer-wave-of-dementia-deaths… The CULL is probably the SICKEST part of this agenda being played out by the less than 1% Death Cult. It makes me feel ill to think that the elderly die in this way. This is what our society has become. WE LET THIS HAPPEN.

https://www.medicalbrief.co.za/…/nhs-wanted-do-not…/ The National Health Service in the UK told Aged Care home to DNR their sick if they died.

https://davidicke.com/…/doctor-who-served-35-years-in…/ JUST BRILLIANT. MUST WATCH

https://www.express.co.uk/…/Care-homes-coronavirus… You don’t protect the aged by isolating them from their loved ones and locking them out from seeing them. That’s a recipe for DNR, you give them Vitamins D & A & E in high doses and Zinc and you let them feel loved. This stinks to high heaven of a CULL

https://thewire.in/…/coronavirus-how-spain-left-its… Spain, you’re disgraceful, but you’re the tip of a very very large iceberg

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