Disclosure Narrative. Use your Discernment. You Are the Source of Truth

I wrote a blog a few months back about the potential for the enactment of Project Bluebeam or the FAKE alien invasion of the planet orchestrated by the less than 1% if their C-19 operation proved to be completely futile to an increasingly awakening population. Part of the narrative for the fake invasion (or the perceived threat) is the soft disclosure by the bought and paid for mainstream media and their handlers, the CIA and their entertainment networks, a la To the Stars Academy with members in that agency who have a collective of over a 100 years working within the CIA. Just last week Haim Eshed, who headed Israel’s space security programs for 30 years, claimed that aliens exist, that Israel and the US have long been in contact with them, and that Donald Trump was going to declassify this information but the extraterrestrial beings of the “Galactic Federation” stopped him. In my opinion, this is not only is this junk journalism, it’s also a chess piece move to further the agenda of harvesting more anxiety and fear on an already emotionally spent global population. If you do some serious research from outstanding researchers and investigative journalists, you will come to discover that no government holds any true power and that the ‘earthly’ representatives of the ‘Gods’ are the ones who pulls the strings. These bloodlines lead back to the Draconis/Orion Empire which has been infiltrated by Artificial Intelligence which has been incorporated into their biology and controls them. These beings are Reptilian humanoid, Nordic human, Insectoid, with dishonourable mentions to the Greys who are the future of the human race on a timeline that Silicon Valley and WEF nutjobs want to lead the human race into. Transhumanism. If you seriously think that these beings would come clean about their machinations on this planet you might also believe that Elvis Presley and I are the same person as well. Just to make it clear… we are not.

This year I became a member of my local CE5 (Dr. Steven Greer’s Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) contact group here in Wellington, New Zealand. I did so after watching his latest documentary on the worldwide phenomena that he has created with his protocols for contact with advanced inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial civilisations. I have been a contactee all my life. My experiences have been with neutral, malevolent, and benevolent beings depending on my frequency resonance at the time. So here is where I and Dr. Greer part company. His belief that all interstellar and inner earth civilisations are benevolent I know for a fact to be naive. What I take away from my group experiences though is invaluable. It is the coherence of the heart-based protocol action that I have learned that has changed my ability to interact with multiverse beings. For me, the jury is still out on Dr. Greer as much as it is for people like Sacha Stone, Simon Parkes, and a list of others who I feel a sense of intuitive unease about. Discernment is a key process to discovering truth and as much as truth can be objective at the moment, there are underlying truths that are permanent. I watched a Sacha Stone clip today where he interviews a couple who use scalar triangulations to validate the soul frequencies of aliens connected to human cosmogenesis. I found the information presented interesting and insightful, yet it bothered me that there were classifications of star systems and singular alien beings from those systems, when there are legions of different beings in the Pleiades, Orion, and Sirius (which is a portal for multiverse travel). I understand the regulations of time in regards to what he can broadcast, and the choice to target certain beings, but some star systems are occupied by so many forms of sentient life that humanity has interacted with for eons that it is like scuba diving in a lake rather than the ocean. A lake’s aquatic wildlife diversity pales in comparison to the ocean. To me it felt contrived, serving another purpose that seems to point towards another new age con job into a cul-de-sac for expanded awareness. Not all Draconis, Nordics, Greys, Mantids are evil as much as not all Pleiadians are lovely. These are generalisations that create disinformation. More of the same as Dr. Greer, but in another capacity. Humanity has some wonderful, benevolent, and compassionate folk, as much as it has some people that are closer to being possessed by lower astral forces because of their propensity to have an absence of compassion and love. We can’t generalise about our species characteristics as we can other intelligent forms of existence, hive minds brought about by AI or not.

What resonates for me and has because of the track record of the information being presented is backed up many various sources without any connection at all has been the work of Barbara Marciniak, channelling the Pleiadians (a group of beings from a future timeline that is avian-like in form, not the Corey Goode blue chicken cult that rode her wave and got smacked down for their BS) David Icke, (whose research has many credits from where he gets his information) intuitive Gigi Young and Daniel Liszt, aka Dark Journalist. They have all correlated more often than not but also offered different perspectives on the same information. Setting humanity free with knowledge, and being of service to humanity has been a fundamental aspect of their work, but they also don’t attempt to pull the wool over your eyes through their egoic agendas or a covert influence that’s pushing towards a certain timeline (Transhumanism). In my writing processes I have induced trance-like/channelling states where I have encountered various races of non-terrestrial humans living amongst us, the Draconis Queen, Enlil, and Enki the sons of Anu (Annunaki, Draconis Reptilian), Blue skinned female warrior Reptoids that are fighting against the Draconis Empire, beings from the Sirius star system who have travelled across the universe into our galaxy that look like Sasquatch, aquatic humanoid creatures that were renown in Mesopotamia, Egypt and Mali, and this year I met a human (in this incarnation) who was a Sirian creature that came from Venus to earth through the portal of the now sunken continent Mauritia to Krishna’s Dwarka during the last Ice Age. Our galaxy alone has so many beings capable of interacting with our planet and its occupants that it would take several lifetimes to name them. Many beings exist beyond the spectrum of visible light in our simulation, and so are invisible to the human eye, others resonate on frequencies that we currently cannot attain, so they too are invisible.

I see the new age is a hack for truth, infiltrated by disinformants, clueless egos who look for validation and suck in the gullible and weak, parasitically preying on their energetic awareness and attention, often willingly, and often unwillingly for the forces they are supposedly exposing. In this day and age of huge transformational energie’s I feel it’s more important than ever to use your discernment about figures who push narratives that aren’t balanced or they have hidden agendas, those who peddle saviours and space brothers, and a media whose lied to the global populace since the start of the C-19 scamdemic. Also, shill governments who work for less than 1%. The truth in my experience is shades of grey, not black and white, and no one is going to come and save us. We are the ones who have that responsibility, personally and collectively.

Things are not as they seem. Use your discretion.

https://www.youtube.com/user/darkjournalist Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist. X-Series has 99 episodes, some of the information (all on record is mind-blowing). The other interviews has he done over the years with UFO researchers Timothy Goode, Linda Moulton Howe, Stanton Freedman, John Mack, Jim Marrs just to name a few are incredible.

https://www.facebook.com/newearthproj/videos/733798130828604/ Sacha Stone with  Elena Bensonoff & Alejandro Ferradas in a ground-breaking ‘live’ broadcast unveiling the scalar triangulations (‘soul-frequencies’) of the primary creator species (aliens) connected to human cosmogenesis. Not all of this resonates with me, but you decide.

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/weird-news/former-israeli-space-security-chief-says-extraterrestrials-exist-trump-knows-n1250333 The timing of this makes me question it’s release. Watch for a ‘fake’ Nordic extraterrestrial reveal by the USA in the next couple of years. They wouldn’t roll out the Draconis Reptilians… that’s the ENDGAME move on an already subjugated transhumanist global population.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCD9wywdVvQ Gigi Young on the Israeli scientists ‘mainstream’ confession and the Galactic Federation.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7_dfafLzks Gigi Young on the truth about disclosure and breakaway civilizations

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JInwPRKY5Rk a mentor, a gem, a revelation for me, Gigi Young on her insights into the Annunaki.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBL5NNIGCkQ Gigi on false disclosure from 2018

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDfeJU6-UN0 Gigi on Inner Earth and Starseeds

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8CDNlNYQuw Gigi’s starseed journey

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHJPUhRf94w Gigi on Creator Beings

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbXjLW9RweA Gigi on Sirius https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GucM10jlhvk Gigi on ET’s being humanity visiting itself from other timelines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POIm1yx-BM8 Gigi on Lion beings, Murry Hope’s Paschats, and Simon Parkes’ Kip Kouri.

Gigi on Portals and Stargates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8HQJRbBbYM Gigi on contacting ETs

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2glnZ1ef85U Gigi and the Pleidians.

https://boldconnectionsunlimited.bandcamp.com/ I’ve followed Barbara Marciniak’s work since the mid 1990’s. I have all her books, most of her podcasts from bandcamp and use my own discernment as to what I take from the beings from the Pleiades who she channels.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNth8vzlkxY A classic time trip back to 1994 when Alex Collier, Andromedean contactee talks about Reptilians, Zeta Reticulans and so much more.

https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/us-navy-patent-describes-em-drive-flying-triangle-craft Best ask Gary McKinnon about this…

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  1. I’ve been trying to research and find out about the scalar technologies used by Elena Bensonoff and Alejandro Ferradas. My intuition as well as my own ability to use kinesiology and dowsing indicates that they are not integrous and perhaps, perpetrating a massive fraud on humanity. They charge $700 for a half hour session. Friends of mine have been taken in. To my knowledge they have not revealed the exact “technology” they are using…keeping it very general and vague, saying they use three different pieces of equipment. Do you have any more info on them or about the technology they might be using. I’ve watched them via Sacha Stone and in their own groups on their website, are making public to the groups, information about certain persons “soul frequencies”, some of which would be highly damaging to these public figures. I don’t think they have secured permission from these people. Thank you so much for any response. I do this out of love and concern for my fellow humans. Just following my intuition.

    • Following your intuition and using your discernment is key in these times, perhaps more than ever. I have watched the two episodes where Sacha Stone has talked to these two researchers, and to be honest their ‘discoveries’ were interesting, but do not sit well with my own intuitions about some of these beings that they referred to. With regards to technological advances, equipment etc, I am cautious, but open to their use. However, my feeling is that if such technologies are given to humanity without the awareness needed to understand and operate them without producing harm, they are a trojan horse for something more sinister (an energetic harvest, opening portals, possession of the hosts by entities). I think that caution needs to be paramount. The human biological machine entwined with cosmic consciousness can easily surpass technological ‘advances’ such as those used by these researchers, but it takes great patience, a great teacher and an open heart to allow source energy embody the field of awareness of a student (think of source/guides as an overlay over the human energetic field to enhance the latent abilities that are attuned, activated through disciplinary processes). That’s why the work of mystery school’s like Gurdjieff (The Fourth Way) or Rudolph Steiner (Anthroposophy) are essential for the inquisitive mind and open heart. Though they may not resonate with everyone, there is much hidden within the codings of their teachings that activates that which is dormant in the human field of awareness in my experience. A modern day example of such a gifted teacher is Gigi Young. Having said that, one must find their own way, and may that way for you be one filled with adventure, peace and humour. These are tenets for aligning with source energy in my experience. Thank you for the comment and reading my work. It means everything to me that you have chosen to engage with me. Be well

    • My intuition has guided me to understand the technology they use is only as good as the operator. They use a picture as well as a name and date of birth to base their scaler wave on and that in itself produces unconscious bias. The energy eminated from them once their UB kicks in, feeds into the results. If the operator was devoid of bias only then would the reading be accurate. I feel they genuinely believe their readings, however the ego is a cunning animal and assumes the position of higher self (especially if the soul is still materially attached) which seems to point to this couple in terms of their fees. My conclusion is there’s a high probability that clients are being deceived and mislead with their results.

      • Have you read any of the books by Joseph P. Farrell? His work on esoteric, physics, metaphysics and consciousness and technology meeting somewhere in the middle are the best of the best.


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