Did CERN’s Large Hadron Collider begin the overlay of the Eighth Sphere on our reality in 2012?

The Austrian scholar, mystic, and genius Rudolf Steiner, who was the German head of the Theosophy Society before creating Anthroposophy revealed in great detail the nature of one of the mystery schools best-kept secrets, The Eighth Sphere. The translations from german into English are detailed and thorough, and reading them is like deciphering a code that unlocks a wealth of esoteric knowledge about the nature of reality and those forces that wish to control and utilise the energy of humans for their benefit. Steiner’s evolutionary cosmology has human consciousness evolving through seven spheres, all within one another and each being a progression into higher states of awareness. Those spheres are Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth, Jupiter, Venus, Vulcan. The Eighth Sphere according to Steiner is invisible to the physical senses of man in his current evolution, but those who have developed imaginative visionary clairvoyance can perceive its existence. Invisible to our physical senses, but occupying the same space around us, the Eighth Sphere has two archetypal forces that work through it that Steiner calls Ahriman and Lucifer. These forces siphon off the energy of humanity via the head, or thought:

The most perfect of all is our organ of thinking, the brain, and the skull, and there the battle of which I have spoken is the most vehement, precisely because this human head, this human brain, is fashioned as it is; and it is so fashioned because at this place in our body, Lucifer, and Ahriman too, have been the most successful in wresting mineral substance from us. Physical substance there is more spiritualised than anywhere else. The formation of our skull is due to the fact that it is there that most has been wrested from us. Hence it is precisely through the head that we can emancipate ourselves from our organism to the greatest extent. We can soar upwards in thoughts, we can distinguish between the good and the evil. And for that very reason, Lucifer and Ahriman have there been the most successful in wresting away substantiality; in the so-called noblest organ of man they have been able to wrest away the greatest amount of mineralised substantiality. This alchemy by which mineral substance is sent over into the Eighth Sphere is taking place all the time behind the scenes of our existence.

The Eighth Sphere is a trap for consciousness, and materialism is the bait. Scientific materialism is the most applicable to the process of taking the energy of humanity into this realm and making it more robust till it becomes something less esoteric and more exoteric, no longer a covert secret but a commonplace external reality. The Large Hadron Collider experiment, a 17-mile long tunnel spanning both France and Switzerland, (they probe the fundamental structure of particles that make up the universe by smashing particles together at the speed of light) built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) may have overlaid the Eighth Sphere on this timeline of humanity in 2012 when the Higgs Boson or God particle was discovered. If Lucifer and Ahriman are entrapping humanity in the brain, then this is ground zero. The CERN scientists were responsible for creating the world wide web and have 900 000 computer cores from over 170 sites in 42 countries, producing a massively distributed computing infrastructure that provides more than 12 000 physicists around the world with near real-time access to LHC data, and the power to process it. At its core, CERN is a facility, that captures the essence of the statement by Steiner:

Hence it is precisely through the head that we can emancipate ourselves from our organism to the greatest extent.

Professor of astronomy at Regina University, Canada, Martin Beech called the CERN facility ‘Europe’s exultant shrine to nuclear physics’. He didn’t stop there with his adoration:

It is the most complicated machine ever built by humanity. It dwarfs by comparison anything else that has ever been constructed. Everything, including its size, technical complexity, scientific innovation, and exactitude of construction is on the grandest of scales. We are honoured to live in a epoch when such a machine, if that is really the right name for the (Large Hadron Collider) can be built.

Consider what Steiner said about the head and the human brain where the physical substance is there more spiritualised than anywhere else and that this machine was built due to the use of great technological and imaginative thinking. Professor Beech’s professions elevate the machine into realms of religious fervour and awe. If science is a religion to Professor Beech then the Large Hadron Collider is his alter to worship his God at, that God being the one that created the Higgs Boson particle perhaps? Or is it Shiva who Professor Beech kneels before in this alter? The Hindu God of destruction and creation has his statue outside the facility, seen in the Nataraj’ pose: which symbolizes him in a divine dance intended to neutralize the existing universe… and start the process of creation anew, this was gifted to CERN by the Indian Government in 2004, with a quote from Fritjof Capra on a plaque next to the statue explaining its significance:

“Hundreds of years ago, Indian artists created visual images of dancing Shivas in a beautiful series of bronzes. In our time, physicists have used the most advanced technology to portray the patterns of the cosmic dance. The metaphor of the cosmic dance thus unifies ancient mythology, religious art and modern physics.”

I see a pattern here. However, it gets even more interesting. CERN brought together artists to collaborate with scientists and engineers to encourage artistic curiosity and creative perspectives. In 2018:

The Collide International Award is a three-month residency program. The program runs in collaboration with the UK’s Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (FACT) which fully funds a two months stay at CERN and an additional month at FACT headquarters in Liverpool. A jury comprised of art and science experts named British artist Suzanne Treister the winner of the international award. Treister’s body of work includes HEXEN 2.0, a historical profile instantiated in a deck of tarot cards of post World War II federal scientific research programs of mass control and the counterculture of grassroots resistance.

All this esoteric and religious association with a scientific facility where particles are created and destroyed, along with heavy-ion collisions, in search of the God particle? That particle, the Higgs Boson, was observed in the Higgs field on July 4th, 2012. Independence Day for the USA from the British Empire. The esotericism keeps on stacking up. Is there a hidden aspect of the research in the CERN facility that has its machinations producing an effect that could overlay this invisible dominion, unseen by the physical senses, called the Eighth Sphere on our dimension and therefore alter our timeline? Did this begin on July 4th, 2012? If we look at the possibilities that the self-contained subsystem detection facilities at CERN called CASTOR ‘Centauro and Strange Object Research’ and the ALICE detector are looking for strangelets, a form of matter that is thought to be produced in neutron stars. All this esotericism behind the facility’s operation is part of a deeper level of compartmentalisation of the inner desires of those who run the scientific operations. The creations of strangelets, a quark-gluon condensate or plasma, could convert all surrounding matter, and the world as we know it would vanish. Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek said in a Scientific American article in 1999, that he did not fear that Brookhaven Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider would create mini black holes, but strangelets and the consequential effect. Why would anyone want to create such an effect to create these? The cost of building this machine was somewhere in the vicinity of 6-6.5 billion dollars. That’s a military budget-sized venture, from a facility that is a sovereign entity onto itself, not part of any country even though parts of the twenty-seven kilometre circumference crosses beneath both Switzerland and France. Operating with the same privileges as the Bank of International Settlements, CERN has immunity from national jurisdiction and execution. To what end?

Reuters in October 2010 wrote an article that stated:

“Parallel universes, unknown forms of matter, extra dimensions… These are not the stuff of cheap science fiction but very concrete physics theories that scientists are trying to confirm with the LHC and other experiments.”

In 2012 did the forces of Lucifer and Ahriman change the timeline that humanity was on when the Higgs Boson particle was observed? Was this the beginning of the overlay of the Eighth Sphere on this planet as the machine produced strangelets? Scientific materialism has made humanity addicted to technology, constantly engaging the head and the brain in the skull with stimuli. Generations have become dependent on smart devices to live their everyday lives, so engulfed in their devices are humanity that they often resemble zombies, staring at screens, swiping, head down. Is this the makings of an energetic harvest into the Eighth Sphere? Are we living in an alternative dimension, the Eighth Sphere that Steiner warned us about?

In October 2020, Science World published an article while the world panicked over COVID. The title, Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universes In Days, left nothing to the imagination (a wink to Rudolf Steiner). In the article Mir Faizal, one of the three-strong group of physicists looking for parallel universes said:

“Just as many parallel sheets of paper, which are two-dimensional objects [breadth and length] can exist during a dimension [height], parallel universes can even exist in higher dimensions.We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes are produced at the LHC. Normally, when people consider the multiverse, they think about the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics, where every possibility is actualized. This can not be tested so it’s a philosophy and not science. this is often not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is real universes in extra dimensions. “As gravity can effuse of our universe into the additional dimensions, such a model may be tested by the detection of mini black holes at the LHC.”

Looks like Frank Wilczek may not have been worried about mini black holes, but CERN was creating them anyway, and what about those strangelets?

One of these images is one of the LHC detectors, the other is the Aztec calendar. Can you tell which is which?

https://www.dnaindia.com/india/photo-gallery-maha-shivratri-here-s-why-world-s-largest-particle-physics-lab-cern-has-shiva-s-nataraj-statue-2726336 Shiva at CERN, Switzerland. Destruction and creation… how insightful.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/andreamorris/2018/03/22/arts-at-cern-announces-its-2018-artist-in-residency-awards/?sh=459dce61120c CERN has its own Tarot Deck?

https://www.reuters.com/article/us-science-cern-idUSTRE69J35X20101020 Finding parallel universes with the LHC in 2010?

https://www.sciencenatures.com/2020/10/researchers-at-large-hadron-collider.html I think that this happened a while ago.

https://projectyourself.com/blogs/news/did-mankind-just-spend-13-25-billion Hiding in plain sight. Down the rabbit hole we

go…https://home.cern/science/computing/where-web-was-born brainiacs only need apply

https://wn.rsarchive.org/GA/GA0254/19151018p01.html Rudolf Steiner’s lecture five, detailing the machinations of the Eighth Sphere.

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