Despotism. Far More Contagious than any Viral Infection in 2020.

Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, Australia wants to keep the state under emergency powers until September 2021. Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand is enforcing a policy of elimination and rolling lockdowns, Gavin Newsam the Governor of California wants to enact martial law, Israel’s prime minister has shut down courts and begun intrusive surveillance of citizens. I could write a blog with names of elected officials, civil servants who have become drunk on their importance, ignoring the science and data coming out of the institutions that labelled this crisis a pandemic after only less than 5000 deaths worldwide (and its dubious as to if those who died of a virus or some other disease due to co-morbidity). The latest science and data show that the infection to death rate for those without morbidity issues who contract this virus is somewhere in the ballpark with the seasonal influenza virus.

The most shocking and sickening aspect of this situation is that the population is stunned into fear, and allowing these individuals to destroy their lives, destroy their health, and in the long run, the cost of the lockdowns on society will far outweigh the deaths by any viral infection. How many people die of cancer, heart disease, heart attack, pneumonia, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, every day? How many will die of treatable diseases, not get diagnosed, and get the treatments that could save their lives if their ailments were caught early enough because they’re terrified of catching a virus that leads to the disease called COVID-19 (if it even exists) and won’t leave the house? They hang onto every word that technocrats, appointed experts, clueless civil servants, and those who know the agenda and play it out without being held accountable. In the end folks, the catastrophic damage caused by this crisis will be the loss of life that could and should have been easily prevented.

The mental health cost of this manufactured crisis is what truly concerns me. It’s a harvest, a bountiful feast for the masters of our constructed reality. How many suicides will there be from those who will see their businesses crumble, their houses foreclosed, their farms repossessed? If the think the horrendous cost of the Indian farmer’s suicide plague that was brought about by Monsanto was vicious, you ain’t seen anything yet. This wilfull destruction of economies, power grabs, and sycophantic service to the people now being exposed as those pushing the ‘Great Reset’ of global society, will have consequences that will see their depopulation agenda and a giant leap towards Agenda 2030 protocols made within a year. All because the 99% didn’t push back harder. We have only ourselves to blame for what we are experiencing. The tide isn’t turning fast enough to not see millions perish. The elderly and aged left to die in their thousands worldwide (a cull), the deaths from preventable diseases or diseases that could have been slowed, treated, stopped from progressing scooping up those frightened out of their critical thinking minds by the mainstream media, talking heads that parrot the narrative to keep their jobs, toe the line, while hundreds of millions lose their livelihoods.

We have to take responsibility for all of what is happening. When good people do nothing, evil prevails. Well, evil is thriving, it’s controlling every aspect of the lives of countless billions. The lies are so overt, the science and data from the world’s most renown medical institutions are ignored, the palatable nature of fear reeks like a fog over cities like Melbourne, New York, Singapore. All the freedoms we enjoyed in 2019 are gone and there is no bringing them back, not now, despots are clutching power, and ever militarised police force enacting their decrees on those who speak out, organise peaceful protests, and ask questions of the official narrative. What will it take for mass non-cooperation amongst the 99%? In an instant, this sick and intrusive joke would end if we the people peaceful didn’t cooperate with our enslavement. Is there a moment to do this? A call to hearts? Not arms.

Never been a better time than NOW.

We are the many, they are the few. Rise my human family and end tyranny…/a2e9026a234600f22ea0c676d17de24c In New Zealand, there’s no one in the government with the balls to tell it like it is. Here in Melbourne we have a human being of incredible moral fortitude. Bless him. New Zealand is quickly dissolving into a socialist country run by the Marxist left that so left its far right. Alan Jones. Forever on the money. A voice of reason in a world of sycophantic taking heads who ‘do what keeps them employed’ instead of doing what’s RIGHT and exposing the lies.…/coronavirus-governments-power… The levels of despotism around the world have gone into overdrive.… 15 deaths, all over 80 to justify locking down Melbourne till September 2021? I see the city tearing itself apart if that happens, or mass immigration out of Melbourne.

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