Debating vs trolling. Trolls can fuck off, debaters you’re welcome.

I’m going to dedicate this blog to an internet troll that I will call Joffery (very apt name) who made a menace of himself on my Facebook page and then did the same on this website with a comment which is no longer on this site. Joffery does not know the difference between debating and internet trolling, so I will endeavour to explain the difference and then give reference to what it was that made him a troll, and so, he can fuck off. So, the rules of debating according to The Zeroth Position stipulate that when someone resorts to personal attacks, ‘it’s no wonder you’re misinformed, you linked Dr. Kaufman’ (Joffery’s text from a comment which was deleted on Facebook, and maybe I’m being generous with the grammar, as I think he wrote your) then I am welcome to choose to not debate him because he just became a troll. Internet trolls will refuse to acknowledge the evidence. In this case, it was about the use of Koch’s postulates. He made a point, to which I asked him to footnote (which he did to his credit) and then even liked the post on my page on Facebook. It’s good to have fact-based evidence that’s contrary to anything I post if it’s not done in a trolling fashion. I’m all for a debate, but that wasn’t why he had commented on my page.

His attacks (which came next) and the fact that he had completely ignored all the posted articles (some of which were already linked, others I researched to find after his post) that showed the postulates were used in 2003 to identify SARS virus, and they were used again in 2020 to attempt to identify SARS-COV2 to prove that it causes the disease called COVID-19, with three separate videos/articles with medical experts in their fields explaining as such. That is by definition trolling. So you can fuck off. But it didn’t stop there, the personal attacks continued after I had deleted his comments, and then blocked him (naturally, as he became more aggressive and even more condescending).

If one felt so inclined to read

Ten Simple Rules For Debating


They could discover for themselves the nature of both, one is healthy, the other is a waste of time and energy.

speaking of which, Joffery, you don’t deserve either of mine, so I’m finishing this blogpost here.

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