David Icke : All Roads Lead to Love.

When I arrived in Vancouver, August 1999, I wasn’t sure whether I had truly followed my heart. I had spent almost two months travelling alone through South-East Asia after breaking up with my long-term partner three times in the previous month while island hopping through Indonesia, Malaysia, and then Thailand. Looking back on my experience I can see that my relationship with Sam was over before we left Perth together. Yet we carved out six weeks together travelling great swathes of the Indonesian archipelago and then onto mainland South-East Asia. What became evident to me while travelling with Sam was that I had moved on energetically, and wanted to be free to connect with life outside of being in a committed relationship. My growth cycle with her was immense, powerful, and grand, but it had come to an end in the months before we left Australia. At the time I didn’t have the fortitude to come to terms with that and make it clear. I held on. We decided to stay together after she left me in Bangkok in late June 1999, travelling to Vancouver, Canada alone to meet some people we had travelled to within Indonesia. I would join them in mid-August.

My heart wanted to keep travelling west towards India. I had enough money for another couple of months with a tight budget, but my head won the battle and so I arrived in Vancouver with not a cent to my name (after buying my flight). Our relationship ended shortly after my arrival, with Sam moving on, leaving me rudderless without any guidance from my heart as I forged on to find myself making new friends with fellow travellers and resident New Zealanders in Kitsilano. On Halloween 1999, I went to a bar/restaurant called Nevermind (which would become a second home to me) and met a woman named Jennifer Horkoff and her Hunter S. Thompson costumed flatmate, Eryn Dorman (who would become my greatest ally and perhaps the most influential person in my life in my time in Vancouver). Months later I was living with them in the property at 2785 West 10th/Macdonald in Kitsilano. Here, my flatmates and I would talk about all things consciousness-related most nights, discoursing, reading, laughing, and invoking huge shifts in understanding of the nature of reality with one another as we expanded our consciousness. I began to feel my heart and head realign and for the first time in almost a year, and a sense of purpose for my geographical positioning on the planet. There was a force afoot, invisible, pervasive, and playful that wanted me to be there in Vancouver at this moment. Corey Stovin, my flatmate gave me a book to read one night as we sat around the kitchen table downstairs in Jen and Eryn’s flat after listening to a Bill Hicks comedic CD. This book would be a game-changer for me, taking my understanding of the nature of reality into the stratosphere. That book was, I am free, I am me – David Icke.

As I read through that book I grew to appreciate where David’s research had taken him concering perception, integration, perspective on existence. I assimilated what he portrayed in that book and could see how this knowledge elevated my perceptions into a place where I could be ‘in the world, but not of it’. When Corey told me that he was speaking at the Orpheum Theatre that September, he, his sister Hayley, Eryn and I went along to watch him connect the information in a way that astounded us all in its diversity, yet he brought it together in a cohesive outlook that elucidated great truths. We sat in the very front row (you can see us at the end of the video From Prison to Paradise standing up applauding at the end) and the tangible sense of empowerment in the last two hours of that 10 hour marathon day was the most uplifting I had experienced up until that moment. We genuinely felt like we were making a difference just by adhering to the resonance filling that packed theatre.

As a consequence of my introduction to David Icke’s work, thanks to Corey, my bookshelf behind me is a catalogue of all his research and perceptions. What binds me to David’s work more than any other researcher into the nature of reality (on so many levels) is that he steadfastly makes the point that his books present his perspective on the existence and its machinations within and outside of the simulation we call reality. Having the freedom to look at his work objectively, then do my research, come to my conclusions and then revisit his work to see that he was indeed correct in his discoveries has created a feedback loop that has inspired me to become a channel/writer/imaginst and creator of Oho Ake Books publishing company. I couldn’t have written Sanctum, Entwined, United, the three novels which detail so much of David’s research as a constant thread throughout their narrative without having had the grace to align with David Icke. I am eternally grateful. These three books are the foundation from which all the other works revolve around the Shadow and Soul series is a galaxy of planets, each work a newly discovered planet, each blog a moon, unified by the central star that emanates from my association with the work of many researchers, with David’s light being the brightest emanating from that sun.

Reading his latest book, The Answer, I discover new insights, greater understanding, deeper knowing, and acknowledge how we shall prevail. His sense of humour makes the integration of the information presented that much more accessible as he explains that laughter IS the language of the heart and connects us to higher levels of intelligence, playfulness, and perception. David has made me laugh till I’m in tears often during reading the material in The Answer, and with amazing poignancy has explained that way out of this catastrophe being played on humanity is the simple act of opening your heart. Shifting frequencies to entrain to higher levels of consciousness is as simple as opening your heart, knowing your not your body, this is a temporary holographic expression we utilise to focus our infinite awareness through to experience this reality. This makes the whole idea of taking life seriously a burden that no one need to carry. Love is the Answer. David’s love has uplifted me for twenty years and thanks to its pervasive elucidations and humour I have flourished creatively, laughed at my greatest character flaws that align with my experience (especially when I’m believing they are me) when I’m in body-mind and not spirit, and I know that all we need is love to change the paradigm from a potential prison into a paradise.

A HUGE thank you to Corey Stovin for introducing me to David Icke in 2000.

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