COVID-19. The Richest People on the Planet are Making a Killing.

In case you’ve been living in the planet’s interior, preferably in Agharta, we the people are experiencing a manufactured crisis that’s unceremoniously creating a global dystopian police state from which the rollback to regain a semblance of our abilities to travel freely, (for some, that means from province to province, state to state, others, country to country) gather in large numbers at events, concerts and mingle about at parks, and beaches may take years. While this madness continues to grossly destroy the lives and health of countless billions, the world’s billionaires have increased their wealth so much that if Robin Hood had ripped them off and given their money to the neediest, sycophantic leaders wouldn’t have had to borrow imaginary fiat currency from central banks and rack up debts that may never be paid back. What these elected civil servants put up for collateral I would love to know. So much for transparency.

It’s all very well to say that some of these billionaires have investments in companies whose services allowed them to capitalise on people being under massive house arrest (Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon, Eric Yuan the CEO of Zoom and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, that owns Skype, let’s not forget Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook), and others whose investment in the vaccine industry (Bill Gates with his GAVI alliance) will seem their return on their investments defy belief, but a crisis like this one is made for the super-rich to create more wealth for themselves. As Chuck Collins points out in The Guardian, ‘From March to July 2020, the 100 US billionaires who are currently part of the Giving Pledge saw their total wealth increase $214bn – an increase of 28% in just four months.’ So during the ‘spike’ of the pandemic, these people made a killing. The Giving Pledge was created by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to give away half their wealth to charity which sounds admirable in theory.

Collins continues, ‘most of what they give away won’t go to on-the-ground charities, but private family foundations often controlled by wealthy heirs and their advisers. Instead of supporting charities on the frontlines of problem-solving, these billions end up sitting in tax-advantaged intermediaries.’ Some of these tax-advantaged intermediaries are in biotech (GMO seeds and foods being grown in India, Asia, Africa, which is destroying the livelihoods of small farmers and the biodiversity of crops) for research and development, which is another strand in the web of depopulation of the planet and systematic destruction of the environment. However the shocking truth of this form of ‘philanthropy’ is that it’s the tax-payer who has to foot the bill left by the charitable billionaires’ donations, Collins again, ‘But the notion that philanthropy is a private preserve, apart from the government, is a myth. The wealthier the donor, the more advantaged the charitable tax deduction becomes. For every dollar donated by a billionaire to their private foundation, we the taxpayer’s chip in as much as 74¢ on the dollar in lost tax revenue.’

So apart from owning all those businesses that we use during mass house arrest to aid us through our consumerist lifestyles, and also having tax breaks due to loopholes in the taxation system, how else did the billionaires vacuum up the money that governments hosed on the people (a great deal who have lost their jobs) to initially placate them through the lockdowns? Stock markets crashed in March and then rebounded quickly, allowing the exuberantly wealthy to buy up shares at little cost, only to have those shares value increase exponentially, and if you own the property, supermarkets, media, and your tenants and customers buy your products, pay their rents, bills, you also accumulate that wealth and have no need to spend your own money. Magic trick explained.

I’m under house arrest… who ya gonna call???…/billionaires-are… The gap between the super rich and the poor in India is horrifying. Digitised currency made smaller denominations illegal, which saw large swathes of the poor who had accumulated money carrying illegal monies. Now this……/billionaires-pandemic… Chuck Collins outstanding article in the Guardian (with solution on how to fix this disparity of wealth)… 40 million Americans became unemployed, while the combined wealth of the billionaires of this country saw their wealth increase by half a trillion dollars… Hunger Games Society anyone???…/not-jeff…/2062562/ Elon Musk’s wealth has increased by 197 percent. Doesn’t have anything to do with putting 5G satellites into low orbit by any chance?…/as-the-pandemic-continues-the… Canada’s billionaire industry is booming……/oneness-vs-the-1…/ Vandana Shiva on the 1% vs oneness Consider this… this is the Hunger Games Society becoming a reality folks… it’s probably closer to a BILLION if you take into account the nature of the divisions in society in Africa, India, Latin America, South-East Asia now there is no more tourism. … insane.

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