Contactee, Consciously Creative, Visionary. My Spiritual Awakening That Lead me to Write. Part Two : Annette Lion, Aladdin and Activation.

Annette and I left New Zealand in May 1999 for Melbourne, her hometown. When I got on the plane to go to Australia my gut immediately told me that the journey she was taking to Germany to do Zentherapy (a form of deep tissue work) was not my path but hers. It was devastating for me to come to this conclusion, it shook me to my very core, and as a consequence, I felt lost when we arrived to stay at her parent’s place. I considered moving back to New Zealand in those first few days, but with the assurance that I would find my way from my support network of friends (now abroad) I decided to stay, and eventually bid Annette farewell. The month we had together in Melbourne was certainly action-packed and often triggering for us both. Annette shared much of her home city with me, teaching me about the cities culture. Her friends were kind and generous to me, and I will always be grateful for their friendship and support while she was with us, and after she had left.

One Saturday Annette took me to the St. Andrews market at the end of the Dandenong train line. My memory of my arriving at this market is foggy at best now, but this was no ordinary day because of who I would see here. It would be the first step in activating the knowledge of my final Atlantean incarnation in this lifetime. On a rise behind the market was a beautiful tent, it looked like it would have been more appropriate next to a desert oasis, but here it was surrounded by eucalyptus forest. This chai tent had buskers space within it, and a young man playing the guitar, singing. I knew who it was from afar and the sense of relief to see a familiar face was extremely grounding for me. His name was Aladdin. I had met him hitch-hiking from Riwaka to Motueka in the back of a ute two years before. The entire length of that journey was less than ten minutes, yet he had made such an impression on me in that time, his energy was soothing, gentle and light. I walked into the tent, and called him by name, he recognised me by face alone, not name. We spent a great deal of time sharing travel stories, and after he and Annette had gotten acquainted he asked us to join him next Saturday after the market for the night in a cabin where he been living, a few hours walk from the market. The cabin had no running water, no electricity, but sounded magical. We accepted his offer and returned the following week.

I remember the walk into this hut, birds calling ahead of us like a chorus from tree to tree. It was SUPER eerie, and when we finally arrived at his abode it was getting close to dark. Aladdin wanted to show us something, so lead us away into the forest into what appeared to be a flat piece of ground with a tree stump and sloping walls around the stump that lead up a hill. He said, “watch this”, clapping his hands together. The sound echoed up the sides of the walls, and out of the tall grass-feeding kangaroos looked up and hopped away up the embankment into the forest. Annette and I were in awe. What was this place? Aladdin then told us the Traditional Custodians, the Wurundjeri people used to come here to this amphitheater for gatherings, rituals, and meetings. This was my introduction into the magical nature of this incredibly ancient and historical landmass, and also the perfect place to remember what I was capable of co-creating with knowledgeable intention. I asked if Annette and Aladdin wanted to do some toning with me, and when they said yes, Annette stood the in centre of the tree stump, Aladdin on one side of her and I on the other. We started with deep guttural tones, rising from our lower abdomens, the sounds merging over Annette’s head as Aladdin and I faced one another. I surrendered to the experience, allowing the sound to shift through my body as it became less dense, the sounds gradually resonating with the main chakras on our bodies. When we raised the frequency of the tone to a point that resonated with the third eye there was a tearing of the darkness behind my eyelids open and I could see multi-faceted geometric shapes appearing, hovering over Annette’s head. In the moments after this development, on a single breath, we were moving through the entire major chakra system, each tone creating a geometrical shape that had INTELLIGENCE. I sensed the levels of consciousness, from lower to higher, the more facets the more intelligence these geometric shapes had. It felt like we were inside a chamber, the sound was reverberating off the walls, passing through my body. My awareness was without human limitations of the mind, I was vast, infinite expansive.

At the peak of a set of tones as we raced through levels of energetic fluctuation from lower to higher chakras, a dizzying barrage of geometric shapes flashing in front of my third eye we stopped opening our eyes simultaneously. It had darkened considerably since we started which made the next moment even more electrifying. From the top of Annette’s head appeared a blue squiggly shaped object that looked like a spermatozoon. It shot skyward and thudded to a halt, crackling with forks of blue lightning across the breadth of a concave transparent hovering dome that hung over the top of the amphitheather. An audible hum accompanied the sight of this dome, the stars observable in the sky above it as the final remnants of the day left us. We all stood there silently looking at this phenomena, turning around to gauge its perimeters, its size, watching as it slowly began to fade at the edges, the light still vibrant above us, showering the ground with its pale blue glow. Aladdin was the first to silently leave, Annette and I stood there looking as its light continued to move inward to the centre. She left, leaving me there alone as I watched the luminosity vanish and with it the hum. I found a stone in the long grass beneath the tree stump and tossed it skyward. It hit nothing, falling back to Earth. In the darkness, I silently strode back to the cabin. I was greeted by silence from the other experiencers, no one talked about what happened. We didn’t bring it up again that night. It was best left to disbelief, there was no way any of us could have explained it at this time with our collective lack of understanding of what we had just instigated.

to be continued…

St Andrews Market, Dandenong, Melbourne. Activation came a knocking.

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