Contactee, Consciously Creative, Visionary. My Spiritual Awakening That Lead me to Write. Part One : Annette Lion and Atlantis.

I watched the latest episode of Ancient Aliens tonight and had a laughed as it started. The episode was labelled, The Harmonic Code. I consider this show purely entertainment, it often stretches out into enormous speculation without any reference to civilisations that have been on this planet from Atlantis stretching back into the depths of antiquity. It speculates that space brothers are responsible for so much of the megalithic architectural feats modern engineers can’t replicate, abandoning the thought that civilisations like Atlantis could have ever built craft that could have flown, let alone flown through solid matter (as Edgar Cayce revealed through his readings), and that all the greatest feats of the ancient world were gifted to humanity from extraterrestrials. This, is a nonsense. I’ll tell you why.

I’ve always had an active and open mind, my imagination has let me peer beyond my senses, and in other blogs I have made that clear. By resonating as such I have magnetised souls that have interacted with me that have furthered my understanding of the eternal nature of life, and the multidimensionality of existence. For the sake of brevity I’ll relate to my memories of the last of my lives on the continent called Atlantis and how it was I remembered the abilities from that lifetime, and how I went about using them in order to gain a greater understanding in this lifetime of my own cosmic history. This experience has allowed me to interact with non-human intelligent life from other dimensions, and that process has been mostly beneficial. I’ll relate to this lifetime on Atlantis because of the nature of the skillset I had. That being what one would call an adept today, but not long before the fall of Atlantis, I was known as a high priest of harmonics. What I am about to share all happened to me, and I was never once in an altered state of consciousness due to psychosis or drugs.

I met Annette Lion on the first day of the Festival of Possibilities in Nelson, 1996 when I saw her across the room during a seminar we both were attending. Energetically I felt her first, even before I saw her. I was moved to engage her but didn’t know how. I asked spirit at the time how to do so, and heard, ‘buy her a steatite Ganesh idol and I will do the rest’. Spirit moved my tongue that day, and I told her that, ‘Ganesh is the remover of obstacles and he will removed the distance between us as my love will find its way to you.’ I said that to a complete stranger, and then walked away. Annette came and found me on the last day of the festival and held my hand at the hummingbird the last attendees present created that Sunday afternoon and sent me into a cascade of memory of lifetimes of her and I together. I have never met anyone since who has been so instrumental to my conscious awakening, Annette’s gift of herself was the greatest gift anyone has ever shared with me. Her touch was a key to unlocking so many conscious memories, a trigger for so many codes to unravel and the recognition of my celestial Pleiadian family and my final incarnation on Atlantis.

I came across toning while living in the Tasman region in the mid 1990’s due to the people I met at various festivals. The geographic area at this time was a sponge for some of the most consciously aware and spiritually evolved people I have met anywhere on Earth. If I was to be honest, I really can’t say that there has ever been a time in my life like the years 1993-1997 going to and from the Tasman region from my bases in Dunedin and Auckland. The consciously evolved beings there made such an impact on me, and each other, that it naturally set us all on paths away from this location to venture into earthly realms for some, and for others who chose to unhinge from the body, they explored the multiverse beyond its confines. It could never last though, the energies were just too powerful, too intense. I was living in Ngatimoti in a cottage when Annette tracked me down and found me months after briefly meeting her. We became lovers and she was the catalyst for ancient knowledge, a skill set that defied my understanding for so many years and galactic family ties.

It was in the shop Possibilities in what is now a Chinese Takeaway that I had my first memory of the Atlantis. Annette and I were looking through the shop, when I came across some pendulums hanging from a display. I took a citrine pendulum and was asking ‘which way is no?’ The pendulum began to spin in a counter clockwise direction. ‘Thank you’ I said. ‘Which way is yes?’ I had asked when I was overcome with a sensation of falling and collapsed unconscious onto the floor. Before I hit the floor I had a vision, that vision seemed like an age to me, but Annette who was close, but not at my side when I fell told me it was mere seconds before she was reviving me with the shop owner.

As I blacked out my awareness had left my body and was flying over a paved golden causeway, the joins between the slabs were so tight I couldn’t distinguish individual slabs. On either side of the causeway were pyramids of different crystals, and as my awareness forged ahead I could see a colossal ziggurat made of Amethyst. Soaring over it I saw that interior was hollowed out, stepped down into a courtyard where a circle of humans of all different races stood together in a circle making tones while a light blue beam in the centre fo the circle crackled and spat with energy generated by the group. Encircling the light I made my way back down the causeway towards two individuals walking towards the ziggurat. I came in behind them, a distance, but close enough to make them both out and hear their language as they spoke to one another. The woman on the left was African, well above seven feet tall, a giant by today’s comparison. She was wearing a sleeveless dress with a cape that stretched out behind her. On her arms she had golden serpentine bracelets that coiled around her arms, her long black hair was braided off her head covering a design on her cape from view. To her right was a male, considerably shorter than her, long sleeved robe covering his arms and legs, his hair white with gray strands through it. Visible on his cape was a design that had two straight lines connecting at the top and bottom of a half circle facing inward to the centre of the cape, on the other side a smaller mirror reflection of the same design faced towards the centre too. I could hear the two conversing with one another in a language that I had not heard before in my current incarnation, but understood that he was explaining to her about the use of the human vocal chords to create harmonics with the intention to levitate heavy objects, heal and open dimensional portals.

My awareness was jolted when someone yelled out ‘Pha rae us! Pha rae us!’ In the vision the man on the right side of the causeway turned around and he had my face! I came too in the shop, Annette and the shop owner kneeling over me, their faces glowering at me in shock, mirrors of my own no doubt. Pha rae us was the name I had chosen for myself after an incident at The Gathering at the Canaan Downs in 1996/1997. It felt like it was appropriate to chose this name that had come to me via another catalyst who had triggered the name to come to light like a echo that had passed around my body on the last night/day of the festival. That name Pha rae us was an activation code for soul memories that would eventuate over the next 14 months. When Annette and the shop owner helped me to my feet, I told them I needed some air, and asked to be alone for a moment. I was bewildered and completely bamboozled when I shuffled away from Annette, after she had lead me into the courtyard where I sat down on a park bench. Still considerably shaken, I formulated the question for my spirit guides, “What did I see?” A female voice, one that I had heard years before during a psilocybin mushrooms experience said, ‘Atlantis.’ It was the beginning of the wildest and most revelatory 14 months of my life.

to be continued…

The Being Presence Centre, the shop, Possibilities was instrumental in changing my life forever.

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