Contactee, Consciously Creative, Visionary. My Spiritual Awakening That Lead me to Write. Part Four: Redgate Beach and Interdimensionals beings.

At the beginning of 1998, I had travelled across the Australian continent (hitchhiking) and made my way down to Esperance. From here I met a girl from Queensland called Cynthia who I would travel and become lovers with for three weeks around southwestern Australia. We weaved inland and back out to the coast until one day we met someone who I had known from Nelson, New Zealand in the summer of 1996/97. Her name was Miranda, but she called herself Mirarr after the peoples from the Northern Territory. Mirarr took exception to me and made it clear that she didn’t like me. When I first met her in Nelson, she told me straight up, “I don’t know you, but I don’t like you.” That was clear then, as it was when I saw her again. She asked Cynthia what she saw in me, and much to my shock, one night while we were all travelling together to Redgate Beach, Mirrar and Cynthia put the boot into me, verbally abusing me to the point that I had to leave our encampment and the fire where we were. I got up from where I sat, the ferocity of the anger that these two women lashed upon me made me feel dense in my body. Thoroughly ostracised I wandered some distance from them till the fire they were in front of was a flickering speck against the dunes.

I thought to myself, ‘I need to tone to clear my energetic field.’ And so, facing the ocean I mounded up the sand at my feet and sat cross-legged facing to the west and the endless Indian ocean ahead. In that consummate darkness, I felt a sense of peace momentarily as I began to bellow out from my lower belly, feeling the crushing weight around my frame loosen. My eyes closed, as I continued to tone up through my chakra system. In those moments of complete surrender, my body’s intuition and intelligence began to take over, and I was completely present with the inhalation and the exhalation and reverberating sounds passing over my vocal cords and out of my maw. The sounds began to bounce around me, as though hitting the walls of a funnel as it began to solidify about me. It was truly eerie to feel the vibrations of your toning leaving your body, then coming back in waves that passed through you again several times as they echoed in this increasingly confined space that was forming in my etheric bubble.

The density that had smothered me was loosened so much by the time I was toning with a frequency to match my third eye, that when a crack in the sky appeared before me, and a spotlight shone down towards me, searching for the source of the energy moving skyward I wasn’t so much frightened as I was curious. All this time I had my eyes closed, but the light was so bright that I literally could feel its warmth on my skin. I tilted my head to the left when I saw a beachball-sized orb coming floating towards me on the light, tentacles of light wriggling from its body as though it moved on an invisible tidal motion. I immediately stopped toning and a thought appeared in my head, the voice was my own, but the thought was planted, “what do you want?”. The tone of the voice wasn’t angry, curious ,or cautious, the question was voiced like a request. It was at this moment that I realised that I had summoned this being. I was so far out of my depth, this I knew, and the latent abilities I began to relive were beginning to scare me, for as I have said, I couldn’t have the capacity to understand what I was doing, or how to wield this knowledge with any wisdom.

I don’t know what you are, or why you’re here, but you are scaring me and I would like you to leave,” I said assuredly. My voice echoed around the space that confined me and this being, and after a pause, this creature moved back into the blaze and with its disappearance, the lucent that was shining down on me retreated into the sky directly above where I sat and vanished. I was motionless, my eyes closed as my mind intellectualised that what I had seen was the moon. Opening my eyes for the first time in over thirty minutes all I saw were stars and an endless black ocean. I turned back towards the fire where Cynthia and Mirarr sat, and behind them was rising above the sand dunes was an orange-yellow full moon, presenting itself from the east. I looked back to the west, only darkness and the pinpricks of starlight graced the evening sky. I slowly got up from my location, my legs aching slightly, their rigidity making my movements deliberately slow. This was the last experience where I would use toning for almost two decades.

Shit got FREAKY for yours truly at Redgate Beach

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