Consciousness Implants. Can we Share Knowledge from our Present Selves with our Past Selves?

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to live my life all over again and make different decisions with the foreknowledge of what my life would look like if I had ‘turned left’ instead of right. I’ve fantasized about transplanting my present moment consciousness into a younger age with the full wisdom and personal growth work I have done and not surpassed the consciousness of my younger self, but assisted and conjoined with that younger consciousness to gain deeper insights about life, and make different life choices. It sounds like the synopsis for a science fiction or a horror novel. What could go wrong? Lately, I have had visions of my younger self meeting my present-day self and the conversations I would share, and how my life experience would look if I had made some decisions that took me in directions other than the ones that got me to where I am now. This is heady stuff, but I’m not the first man to have considered this. I am no physicist, nor a mathematician who could calculate the speed I would have to move to direct my present self into the past (apparently somewhere neat the speed of light according to mainstream science), but ironically, when I remember my life in the past, in the present, I am transporting my consciousness there.

So can I affect my past if I visualise a decision that I made and take door 2 instead of door 1? Can I salvage a relationship that I blew with a woman by making a better choice that would have kept us moving forward together rather than ending that connection? Or to be specific, when I left Bangkok, Thailand, and flew to Vancouver, Canada, can I change that decision and fly to Nepal to be with the lover I had met traveling Laos in 1999? The ability to visualise these decisions and a different outcome for my present are simple. It takes a degree of will, visualisation, feeling, and most importantly imagination. Would my actions around this process change my present, forging me into a timeline where that reality overlays the one I am currently experiencing? In my experience, it doesn’t work like that. I have done this process countless times, and even with the greatest of intentions, there has been no visible change. The question I ask myself though when I go through this process is ‘Am I perceiving a parallel reality when I enact this process?’ All that I see, feel and experience feels tangible, visceral, and ephemeral but in the same instant drawn out, like a lifetime. The construct of time is indeed relative.

The block universe theory says that the past, present, and future already exist, so there is no flow of time. The theory says that our universe is like a giant four-dimensional block of spacetime containing the past, present, and future. This controversial theory says there is no ‘now’, all events are happening within the three spatial dimensions and one of time. My awareness can be wherever it wants to be, its point of attention can be anywhere it wants to be in eternity, and therefore my perception of what I call the present is relative to where I am within that block. This is not so far out. As I said, when I remember an incident in my past, feel, hear, and experience the bodily sensations, and emotions even though according to perception I am in the ‘present’, my consciousness is in the past. Big Think talked to Dr. Kristie Miller, the joint director for the Centre for Time at the University of Sydney and she believed that time travel was possible. She also said that maybe the past is the way it is because:

“For all we know, the reason the past is the way it is is in part due to the presence of time travelers,” 

There are many videos of people explaining how to shift timelines into parallel universes, parallel lives, and timelines. I have had vivid dreams of lifetimes where I have met myself in parallel universes where decisions were made and where a different outcome took place to my experience in this dimension. One of the short stories in The Eyes of Love See All is about a dream I had where I ‘woke up’ in a parallel universe to find myself living a very different life to the one I living now. It was one of the most enthralling and bewildering experiences of my existence. I have also witnessed several lifetimes existing all in the same space. If you can imagine a radio, you tune the dial to one station, then to another. One has Classical music, the other pop, and another classic rock. All exist in the same moment, just different frequencies. In my last blog, I wrote about an ‘overlay’ that descended upon me during an acupuncture session which showed me a life very different to the one I am living where a different decision with someone I connected led to marriage, a family, incredible adventures with our children and deep fulfilling soul work within that family unit. This leads me back to the question, ‘Can I share knowledge from my present self with my past self? Yes. I know you can. Does that alter your present so that when you return to the moment from the past your life looks completely different? In my experience, no. For me, going through the process of meeting my younger self and imparting knowledge means that other timelines are forged and I can through the use of imagination attune my radio dial to experience those lives whenever I want.

Everything all at once… we can go wherever we want… past, present and future. Block theory. Far out.

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The past, present and future all exist simultaneously.

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