Consciousness Emanating From The Heart. My Experience of Contact With InterDimensional Beings in 2020. Part Two.

I had no intention of practicing the CE5 protocols when I went to Wright’s Hill in Karori that Friday night. The plant medicine I had taken had elevated my mood, and I felt buoyant and mischievous as I drove up into the ranges. Arriving at my destination, I got out of my car giggling as I walked up to the spot where I would come for sunsets in the late summer and all autumn. A cloudless and expansive sky was above me as I made my way along the road. Rabbits scuttled away into the bushes, and I could hear a night bird, the small native New Zealand owl, the Morepork, or Ruru (Maori name) calling out across the valley in front of me. The winter we had in this part of the world was mild last year, and I moved about with ease, not uncomfortable in my altered state of consciousness. I felt an urge to practice what I had learned at the CE5 group meetings, and so began to bring my awareness into my heart vortex, acutely aware of the spaciousness of its deep resonance. I visualised dropping a red crystal shard from my base chakra into the Earth and down towards the core sun of the hollow Earth, where it permeated the inner planetary star creating a current that bubbled up to my coccyx. I was ready to vector beyond my auric field out into the solar system, deep space and the planet’s oceans and inner worlds.

The first waves of visualisation within the parameters of the protocols create an immediate sensation of connectivity to the multiverse for me. I pierce the veil of the simulation we have chosen to exist within interacting with creation outside of this matrix. I focus on where I am going, who, and what I acknowledge moment to moment means that I have to filter out information that comes to me psychically. In my writing process, I interact with my consciousness occupying levels of existence that are not within the limits of the construct we call reality. So the concept of interaction with fields of awareness (often not in physical form as we know it) is not unusual for me. Like a stone dropping into a pool, I sent ripples of my attention from my heart into the galaxy, instantaneously receiving feedback from a being in a craft that looked like a star, shimmering, pulsing blue-white. ‘Go home and go to bed.‘ It said. The message made me laugh as I vectored back into my body. Walking to my car, the euphoria I felt about going home to bed and the onset of tiredness that wasn’t there when I had begun my CE5 practice moments before filled my body. Driving home thrilled with the idea of sleeping, not questioning the experience, I fulfilled the request made of me.

Arriving home, I laughed myself into bed gleefully. Looking back at this experience, almost a year later, I understand my embodiment was the strongest it had been on that night than it had been since our countries house arrest/lockdown in April 2020. When our lives returned to a semblance of normality, my life became a seesaw of daily grind and evening blogging. I spent more time in my head than feeling into my body and hadn’t checked in with the shadow aspects of my healing process. I had been holding space from intimate connections as I refocused my energy after a two-year relationship. I was also integrating with the direct experiences of another lifetime I was living in the present tense but in another dimension. I had employed higher levels of perception without grounding the information into my being. My heart was completely open, but the energy flowing through me didn’t make it into the lower chakra system up until this point. This CE5 experience with the aid of plant medicine had rooted the influx of energy into my entire energetic being. From head to toe, and into the Earth beneath my feet.

Lying in bed, I sunk into my futon and closed my eyes, immediately feeling a wave of pressure against the duvet cover. It wasn’t forceful or heavy. It was a slow wave rolling over my frame like a clinging electromagnetic mist. As it washed over me, I felt waves of passion whose crest was a deeply accepting love. This field of awareness read my etheric body, decoded my frequency, and then manifested itself as the woman that my heart had opened to recently, Holly Hamilton. I didn’t sleep till the daybreak of the next day. This being and I entwined our subtle energetic fields and our holographic bodies during hours of enlightening sexual union. Unlike my succubus experiences (and there have been a lot), this intimate association was energising, not depleting. My tantric/Taoist sexual prowess took over my machinations. Internalising many powerful orgasms, the energetic blocks in my etheric framework were dissolved and consequently freed up. New avenues of elucidation into multidimensional existence presented themselves to me as a consequence.

The being I had sex with also utilised the body it had taken as an instrument to further its knowledge through experience. I felt every orgasm it had, travelling upward into the heart of the form it had taken and into levels of existence beyond the limitations of my imagination. I learned where it had come from, a planet in the constellation Cassiopeia, its form was not solid but etheric, and it could manifest itself into any configuration it chose. I eventually went to sleep, waking up hours later feeling rejuvenated, grounded in a sense of elation that comes with accelerated healing. The next night when I went to bed, I felt the same sensation creep over my feet, but this time I abruptly stopped it. If I thought it was the plant medicine that had created the experience the night and morning before, I had empirical evidence that it wasn’t the very next night. There have been no more visitations from this being since. I have welcomed it back, but it has never returned. This contact experience was a foray into multidimensional sex with a non-human entity that healed rather than robbed me of my life force. The heart is a lighthouse into the cosmos and our bodies portals to the multiverse. To me, it was never in doubt. I had written about such events with Pablo Wairua in short stories, and now I could testify to their existence.

Cassiopeia. The Night Queen.

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