Climate Emergency claptrap. Agenda 21/2030 goes into overdrive in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

So the C-19 distraction hasn’t delivered on its promise (at least in this country). There are too many scientists, epidemiologists, virologists, medical specialists, forensic psychologists, Nobel prize-winning Italian doctors, Universities like the John Hopkins, Stanford (I could go on and on) saying that not only is the PCR-RT test is unreliable, and they can’t find any evidence of the existence of this mystery ‘virus’. The Woke Silicon Valley technocrats who run social media for their hidden masters can’t keep up with the censorship as more and more information destroys the official narrative and the world begins to wake up from its fear-induced trance.

Quick! Play the next card!!! SLAM! (The next card comes down with smack onto the gambling table). The Climate Alarmism card. Distract the masses with the foundation of the ‘New Woke’ paradigm that’s infiltrated society globally to the point where the masses beg for their servitude to the less than 1% under the guise of saving the planet from destruction. Meanwhile, two things have happened.

  1. Those responsible for destroying the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of New Zealand people get away with it
  2. The collection of DNA from those tested with a PCR-RT test is now in the databank, barcoded and now there is the potential for their DNA to be weaponised against them. I did say potential. Nothing is set in stone until it happens.

What was once Global Cooling in the 1970s, which became Global Warming in the 1980’s/1990’s and then for its third incarnation as the temperatures began to cool due to lack of sunspot activity, is now climate change. Its high priestess is a clueless Swedish teenager who sailed on a yacht owned by the Royal family of Monaco to New York rather than flies in a plane because she wanted to offset her carbon (or something along with those ridiculous storylines). She’s wheeled out every year at Davos by the less than 1% crowd to enact a masochistic farce on all present (it shows you how truly fucking sick these people are, perverted in ways that it makes your skin crawl). The level of fear that this lie perpetrates worldwide (especially among millennial’s and the indoctrinated school kids) is a harvest for the inter-dimensional asshats who truly run the show behind the curtain in the lower fourth dimension. Get them when they are young. Their energetic confluence is untainted and powerful. Not only that, this makes them more persuasive in adopting measures that will allow for a totalitarian prison of their own making. This brings me to what happened here in New Zealand on December 2nd.

Jacinda ‘Goalkeepers 2019, yes M.r Gates, Yes Mrs. Gates… (they proffer their assholes) lick, lick’ Ardern has declared that we are in a ‘Climate Emergency’. Where’s the proof of that??? Like the magic virus that she used to destroy hundreds of thousands of lives, there is none to speak of. There is plenty of data that is absolute rubbish, computer-generated (shit goes in shit comes out), an inconvenient truth for Al Gore whose blatant lies of what the world would be like after 2007 never eventuated, but he became a carbon billionaire and a is a monumental hypocrite to match with his Godzilla sized carbon footprint as he flew all over the world in private jets. And a gravy train called the International Panel on Climate Change along with UN Agenda 21/2030. The High Priest of this globalist trojan horse towards a world government (the United Nations is it in waiting) Al Gore should have his academy award returned and he should get an Emmy for Best Comedy, An Inconvenient Truth.

Jokes aside, we, in this country need to watch this mega-fraud and elected civil servant (she serves less than 1% globally and in China) as she begins to demolish our freedoms, the sanctities, and the abilities for people to live outside of the cities, buy land and develop it, and the systematic destruction of the agriculture industry all the name of sustainability. Which is Orwellian for ‘socialist totalitarianism.’ With an obedient and pathetically subjective mainstream media in this country not telling the country about the encroaching of regulations like ‘significant natural areas’ being made on people’s land so they can’t develop it, resource management acts that strangle agricultural processes and land development to death this government implements we are living in a perceptual bubble. The basis of her ’emergency’ is the need to reduce methane emissions from livestock, or reduce farming, and therefore force the people from the land into the cities, I can see some battle lines being drawn.

With droughts becoming commonplace across parts of this country where food production and livestock production is massive, the ownership of water by foreign companies and countries we are seeing the dissolution of the farming industry in this country in an incremental fashion. Food should never be scarce in a breadbasket like New Zealand, but with weather manipulation and Geoengineering playing a huge part in human-created climate change, we are in for an interesting three years. This is all planned. On a final note, I’m not averse to the reduction of sheep and cattle farming and the introduction of organic food crops and native forests being replanted in the place of green deserts. But not at the cost of anyone’s freedoms, not as means to get people off the land and into the smart cities where they can be imprisoned, no tomorrow or ever. I love my wild game, deer, hare, rabbit, pig, and there are plenty of these animals to eat our way through, however, the Greens (what a joke) have pushed for greater 1080 poison drops to cull off these animals nationwide. Vegetarianism and veganism are lifestyle choices, neither being mine and I don’t want to be forced into either.

Brainwashed lambs to the slaughter. Extinction may well be your best move, the alternative you don’t want to live under Dropping poison from the sky to kill pests, but destroying the land. Clever to create 1080, not intelligent to use it. Welcome to ‘sustainability 101’ Discern for yourselves what the impact of droughts on livestock farming Cecil Rhodes. Nice bloke. Another monumental fraud that needs to see a jail cell for the rest of his life and then his fortune delegated to the people of the world for our benefit. liar liar pants on fire there so many scientists that I could reference who tear the climate change hoax to shreds and expose the IPCC gravy train, but here’s one. Patrick Moore. A founder of Greenpeace and Ecological scientist. Heavy heavy hitter. Debunking that CO2 has anything to do with any warming, in fact, we are starved of it presently. Ask the Dinosaurs if there was an issue with CO2 when they lived on a jungle planet that had more CO2 in the atmosphere than we have today ad infinitum. Note the words from this article, ‘the dinosaurs THRIVED in’. 5 times more CO2. Greenhouse gases aren’t the problem, its deforestation of the tropical rainforests, that’s the issue in our day and age. He’s back! Wonder if Jacinda Ardern thought about the impact of her proclamation before she chose to use the words, ‘Climate Emergency’ on children and teens. Massive virtue signalling from our PM and creating more trauma after C-19. What a lovely lady. 2020 the year of FEAR

HEEEELLLLOOOO??? Climate Emergency? The only emergency we have is that you’re our ‘elected’ head civil servant JA Jacinda Ardern you a MEGA fraud and a compulsive liar (politician). You deserve to be in a jail cell for the rest of your life.

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