Claiming Your Perception Back From Mainstream Everything. Revolution Begins With You.

In 2020 the first machinations towards communist Chinese style censorship rippled across the internet. It was met with mainstream everything parroting a narrative that made its job of engaging the amygdala to go into overdrive. The manufactured health crisis has several means to ends, depopulation, transhumanism, creating a hunger games society, and increasing the levels of control of the global populace into Orwellian nightmare territory. For those of us who have researched the machinations of the cult (as David Icke calls them) who have been fighting amongst themselves since the end of Sumer’s second civilisation (the first being pre-flood) but have the same objective, to enact their masters will (whoever their masters are, and those masters are legion in number) they have made it clear where they were going and what they wanted to do on public record. I have blogged extensively about it in the last year, citing many documents that display their plans for humanity. We only have to go back to Event 201 in 2019 to see that this exercise is being played out on society as I write this blog. You can’t make this shit up, and I’m not, it’s there for you to look at and to discern for yourselves.

So many humans have acquiesced to the mainstream narrative pumped out from corporations (governments are legally corporations as much media and medical establishments), submitting their power to despotic fake civil servants who are compromised or bought and paid for by financial oligarchs or have sworn allegiance to the forces that have corralled the human family for millennia in order to control them. Brainwashed, cognitively dissonant, and terrified, they sheepdog anyone who screams that the emperor is not wearing any clothes GET BACK INTO THE SHEEP PEN WITH THE REST OF US! George Gurdjieff was correct when he said that humans are asleep. During a time of mayhem in Russia, Gurdjieff bravely sought to send a ripple through the chaos and bring into being a culture of deeper truths and acknowledgments of how humanity could awaken from its slumber and recognise its divinity. Today, we need that methodology more than ever. Gurdjieff’s method was practiced in everyday life, not in a monastery, nor mountain caves. Involvement with society was the means to bring out the basis of the work in its pupils. Self-remembering was a large part of the work. Becoming aware of the workings of the forces of inner and outer flows into the world they encountered assisting in the recognition of each individual’s true self. Perception and awareness were essential elements of Gurdjieff’s work, and today these two principles are ghosts occupying a human-machine that’s on autopilot. Fear has gripped so many worldwide that their days revolve around the engagement of the amygdala. Mesmerised by a curtailed form of perception and obedience that is enslaving them, most people’s perception of reality is dictated to them by what they hear from talking heads on mainstream news and the list of technocrats who rattle off the same song sheet, and so, unquestioningly the masses diligently submit.

When the health crisis came to the country of my birth, and our fake government decided to enact the Chinese Communist Party Elite’s will locking down the country for four weeks, I was initially enraged that people could be so dumb. Almost everyone I knew took their information from television sets, computer screens, and newspapers. All willingly hypnotised by whatever bullshit frequencies their brains decoded as information. The twilight zone had descended upon me and I was instantly isolated from my friends who saw me as a threat to their health. We all had choices about how we could approach this situation, but rather than being constructive, most that I knew slunk into fight or flight mode, threats were everywhere, strangers were a danger, people that they considered friends even more so. Their fears greased the system’s wheels of control. Billionaires became richer, as small and medium-sized businesses went broke, some of the planet’s leading authorities on medicine and science who exposed the hoax were censored, and personal freedoms were eroded as fake governments acquiesced their will to unelected technocrats. No one that I knew chose to empower themselves by taking back their perception of reality. None turned off the news, None manifested a personal authority over their lives. None looked to build an alternative society that sought to uphold the higher principles of existence and leave the one that held them captive.

After my initial shock, I chose to use my time constructively, altering my perception of the situation. Avoiding anything mainstream, I began researching a novel that I wanted to write, reading several books, and spending time foraging wild foods in nature. I stopped feeling like a victim and wired in a new reality choosing to empower myself. I saw this experience as an opportunity to take my power back using it constructively. The choices I made in those four weeks of lockdown have had enormous repercussions on my life. For about a year I wrote on how the hoax was being played out on society going into a journalistic frenzy as my intuition led me down many rabbit holes. Much of what I blogged about has come to pass months later. I wasn’t ahead of the curve, I listened to guidance from my intuition, which has honed me into a disciplined creator of content shining the light of awareness on the narrative lies. In 2021 I am venturing into unknown territory and out of my comfort zone. I have made over sixty videos and podcasts which align with a new marketing process for my publishing company, I am publishing four more books in 2021, and am collaborating on a spoken poetry/musical project too. I am in charge of what I chose to perceive. I am a creator of my life experience. I master myself through the discipline of thought, word, and action, creating strong boundaries. I have chosen to be more authentic in every aspect of my life. Information that inspires me enlightens me and allows me to make choices towards my personal growth and oneness are a part of my everyday existence. These days this a revolutionary act. As Gurdjieff said

“Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.”

You are the change you want to see in the world. Embody it. Peter Sage. Empowering. Dr Joe Dispenza. The best of the BEST.

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