Asteroid Strike or Fake Alien Invasion 2020?

So, the fake pandemic is falling apart daily. The majority of humans are still unquestioning in their obedience towards the system, although a few are outraged at the openly fascist behaviour of their countries, states, provinces elected civil servants. The, ‘it’s not happening to me, so I’m ok’, the mentality is pervasive, another form of divide and rule over the global populace by a few hundred people. They go about their daily lives, yet they are beginning to feel that something isn’t quite right. When the levels of censorship deny the right of freedom of speech then they begin to feel uneasy, but it still doesn’t affect them as they go about their daily lives. Lockdowns have crushed medium-small businesses, created mass unemployment, but the governments of the world are borrowing money from Central Banks to create wage subsidies, so they’re ok. That is until that spring runs dry. Then what?

In 2020 the global elite has begun to show their hidden hand overtly. Fear has subdued many, anger has enraged others. Civil unrest is global. The George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter movement runs amuck freely. Worldwide, protests, riots, vandalisation, take the United States of America to the brink of civil war. These same movements are allowed to take place globally without the limitations of COVID-19 protests, so there is no social distancing, no mask-wearing, the violence of the protestors towards the law enforcement often goes unchecked. Yet, if you wanted to make a peaceful protest against the lockdowns, mass arrests, fines, and jail are the consequences. That’s because one serves the agenda, the other doesn’t. It’s that simple. Order out of chaos.

The COVID-19 distraction and the BLM movements are the first two cards we have seen put down on the table for this new decade. The third and fourth cards, and possibly the most telling of just how desperate they are to remain in control is the Asteroid strike/Alien Invasion cards. If one listens to Carol Rosin’s testimony of what Wernher Von Braun, the Nazi rocket scientist who fathered the Apollo Program said to her before he died, we see a picture beginning to form.

In April 100 of the planet’s best telescopes that hunt for asteroids passing by the planet (at proximity) were turned off due to the pandemic. Some telescopes have remained to fulfill the necessity of watching for Near-Earth Object trajectories as an explosion (pun intended) of fireball incidents are being documented in the skies globally. With so many telescopes turned off it would be no coincidence that so many smaller NEO would make their way into the lower atmosphere without being detected, especially if the remaining telescopes were looking into deep space. Intellihub, then reported this on August 12, ‘Over 100 telescopes have been reported to have been shut down in a move that virtually makes no sense and now one of the world’s largest radio telescopes named the Arecibo Observatory has been rendered inoperable after sustaining damage after cable unexpectedly snapped creating about a 100-foot long gash in the dish itself, furthering fuelling the problem.’ With further investigation, it became obvious that the damage done to the Arecibo telescope was an act of sabotage, with evidence of an extreme source of heat or energy at where the cable broke, destroying a large number of panels in the dish. But why would someone sabotage this dish granted its objective to identify NEO’s? 

A few days later a Russian Cosmonaut aboard the International Space Station filming the aurora over the Antarctic caught a gigantic UFO on camera. On September 1st, both The Wall Street Journal and Fox News days apart ran the same headline (scripted) ‘UFO Spotting Has Replaced Bird Watching as Pandemic Obsession’. With articles detailing the number of sightings this year due to lockdowns and people being able to have the time to see these phenomena. Is this a form of predictive programming and a psychology operation on the masses? Von Braun warned Rosin that both the asteroids and alien invasion cards to be played were fake and were the means to an end towards the weaponisation of space (already happened) and a world government (already have it in waiting, in the United Nations). Yet it gets even more interesting, more coincidental and at a deeper level more occult ritual as we see the machinations of the Continuity of Government and NORTHCOM’s appointment of Lt. Gen. Glen VanHerck as the Combatant Commander and head of NORTHCOM. VanHerck was the Commander of the 509th Bomb Wing. It was the 509th Bomb Wing group at Roswell, New Mexico that went out to check the crash debris of what was claimed to be Extraterrestrial vehicles (and retrieve the bodies, alive and dead). Compartmentalisation is standard in the echelons of secrecy and power, and here we see with the appointment of VanHerck as the head of COG in the USA (after the early retirement of the Terrence J O’Shaughnessy), who comes from a division of the Air Force that dealt with the UFO file in the USA. What does the less than 1% know that they don’t want the masses to know? Is this another form of psychological manipulation being played out? Or is someone or something approaching the planet that would see an end to the Presidency of the United States, and therefore the COG to take over, emerging from a DUB? A Deep Underground Base, like Cheyenne Mountain? It remains to be seen.

Lt. Gen, Glen David VanHerck the head of NORTHCOM and the Combatant Commander of the COG (Continuity of Government). He has some interesting ties to the UFO file in the USA.…/status/1302322606541025287/photo/1 Dark Journalist’s X-series details the machinations of the USA COG (Continuity of Government) and its connections to the UFO file

Near Earth Object telescopes being ‘turned off’ in April due to the ‘pandemic’…/earths-best-telescopes-have…

The Russian Cosmonauts footage of a massive UFO rising out of Antarctica…/iss-ufo-video-russia-ivan-vagner/

Carol Rosin on Wernher von braun’s testimony and the last two cards being played on a unsuspecting global populace.

The Wall Street Journal September 1st…/ufo-spotting-has-replaced-bird… and then two days later……/2020-banner-year-close…

The Arecibo Telescope is sabotaged…/

Dr Joseph Farrell’s blog on the Arecibo telescopes sabotage…/a-little-more-about-the…/

Followed by an explosion of fireballs globally the latest fearporn

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  1. On Logic Before Authority’s Youtube site, in the comments I read about nuclear explosives off the coast of New York City underwater. Supposedly when the blue beam meteorites strike these explosives will be detonated, causing tsunamis. This is to happen this Halloween 2020. Do you heard anything about this?

    • Dude, that’s WILD, haven’t heard anything about it, but will CERTAINLY look into it! Thanks for the tip man! Appreciate it!


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