As above so below. Macro and Micro. Humanity and the Quantum Coherence of Consciousness.

Ordo Ab Chao. Order out of Chaos. This is the motto of the 33rd Degree of Freemasonry. Our planetary civilisation is in turmoil, divide and rule are splitting humanity into warring factions. The politically correct have become violent, a manufactured global crisis, overtly controlled by a gofer billionaire for the hidden hands behind the curtain is destroying the world as we knew in 2019 allowing technocracy to run amuck, controlling the lives of billions in fascistic methods that will see an end to economies worldwide. The biggest economy in the world is tearing itself asunder, forever forging closer to a race war, a civil war, creating the space for rogue nations to revisit their empirical aspirations, and for border skirmishes to potentially go nuclear. Recession is no longer a catchphrase for talking heads, it’s a reality for most countries. Lives, businesses, families will never recover from this onslaught. Foreclosures, homelessness, unemployment are already skyrocketing through the stratosphere and into deep space. What is the order potentially coming out of this chaos? Is this a Masonic plot to take over the planet? I’m not here to debate that, nor I am going to dismiss from the chaos order that has been offered from various technocratic elite think tanks and forums. Hegelian isn’t it?

The magnetic nature of every cell in our biological forms is subject to internal and external forces, like solar and geomagnetic activity affect physiological rhythms and global human behaviours. Does this process come full circle? Do human behaviour and physiological rhythms affect geomagnetic and solar activity? Does the resonance of collective human behaviour and its collective emotional energy integrate with the planet and then become responsible for catastrophic earth changes? Does collective human fear culminate in weakening already unstable fault lines? Does collective human anger assist in the volcanic eruption process? The HearthMath Institute conducted a study to see if mass human emotion, whether positive or negative, has a measurable influence on the Earth’s energetic field in 2012. Their scientific study was an extension of the knowledge gathered from various experiments throughout the twentieth century to support this notion. They’re intended to eventually create a heart-based conscious global society where the natural world flourished together in coherence with humanity. It was admirable and far-reaching for its vision.

Since the beginning of this manufactured crisis in late 2019, there has been harvesting of collective human emotions that tip the energetic scales towards the heavier, denser waveform patterns of fear, frustration, anger, turmoil, hatred, sadness. Then, as the light of truth begins to expose the discrepancies in the spin of the technocrats and the talking heads, and as the scientific truths around the very foundation of this hoax being played out on humanity were quickly censored, another event triggered the next wave of collective emotional responses. Cortisol, adrenaline spikes haven’t dropped in some parts of the world for almost a year. The USA is a battleground, its major cities resembling a John Carpenter movie where race violence protestors and agent provocateurs are allowed to roam the streets, loot, assault people and police officers, property, and businesses. However, it’s illegal to protest the COVID scam and lockdowns. What is the outcome of these denser geomagnetic energies on the North American continent? Is Yellowstone’s Super Volcano going to blow itself out of the ground leaving devastation that ends the United States, Canada, and Mexico? Will the San Andreas fault line loosen its grip so that large tracts of the West coast of North America slip into the Pacific depths? Time will tell, but I for one can see the end of the USA coming sooner rather than later, and the collective human emotional output will have a great impact in whatever the method of its demise.

Beautiful in its slumber, catastrophic if awoken…/amid-a-pandemic-and-social… It’s no longer the world’s police as it destroys itself from the inside out. The emotional entrainment of the collective anger is consuming, dense and unifying with the very land beneath their feet, and the air above. watch that space. Heart based conscious living is the panacea for harmonious existence on Earth and throughout existence.…/ What do you think is going to happen? 90 earthquakes in ONE day. Is that odd???… two birds, one stone. Never mind their political leanings (whether they’re right or left, centre or upside down). It’s simply the truth.…/yellowstone-volcano… Oh really?

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