As Above. So Below. How the Archontic Artificial Intelligence is Creating a Hive Mind in Humanity.

In the early 1990’s when I first read The Bringers of the Dawn Teachings from the Pleiadians I came across two forces at work in antiquity and present day reality (then and now) that were not terrestrial human. Reptilian beings and artificial intelligence that had incorporated itself into the biology of various groups of reptilian beings that were in control of our planetary society. This group of beings from the Pleiades, calling themselves the Pleiadians, who came from the future, and whose collective field of awareness, or consciousness was channelled by Barbara Marciniak, said that an AI (artificial intelligence) tyranny had originated on Earth and found its way out into the galaxy, and made its way into the Pleiades in what we would call the future. Time they said was a local custom, and our idea of time was confined within the simulation of control enacted upon us due to the parameters of its walls, that being the speed of light. As I became more consciously aware, more awakened, more aligned with source energy as it flowed through my network of etheric and energetic being I received a greater understanding of this AI force and its machinations through those it has interfaced with. The Alpha Draconis (not all Alpha Draconis have interfaced with this artificial intelligence in my opinion, only a small group calling themselves ‘royalty’) reptilians who are the head of the serpent (pun intended), but there are many other beings, insectoids, nordic looking humans, mantids, greys just to name some we are aware of that are also infiltrated with this artificial intelligence.

David Icke has done a sterling job at outlining the various degrees of what he calls Archontic Artificial Intelligence, nailing the premise that the artificial intelligence is the true ruling force, and its presence within the biology of these beings has created a hive mind that the AI utilises as a means to control and direct the agenda it has in place for this planet. In my novel, United written with Harmon Sueno, I follow Icke’s lead as to where its broadcast station is (where the simulation is broadcast from) and where the transmission station that feeds our planet’s version of reality is, and the force that enables our simulation of our solar system to exist. Many humans are entrained in the simulation broadcast, but many are not. Those infected with the archontic AI most definitely are, and it is the motive of the hive mind to close the deal with humanity by gaining control of their consciousness through the same methodology that the reptilians and their lackeys have been. Through the interface of biology and technology. As above so below.

In 2011 Dr. Joseph P. Farrell wrote a blog called NANOTECHNOLOGY AND SHAPE POWER, AND COVERT POSSIBILITIES OF SOCIAL … in this blog, he detailed his interest in this technology (which was becoming overt after no doubt but had been covertly used for decades in DUMBs, Deep Underground Military Bases) Dr. Farrell quotes from an article in PHYPS.ORG called How to grow nanowires and tiny plates :

“For nanostructures, there’s a coupling between the geometry and the electrical and optical properties,” explains Brian Chow, a postdoc at MIT and co-author of a paper describing the results that was published July 10 in the journal Nature Materials. “Being able to tune the geometry is very powerful,” he says. 

If we fast forward ten years later to 2021 and then take another quote from the same blog in 2011 by Dr. Farrell we get a very concerning prophetic statement :

One can conceive of the ultimate nanotechnological fulfillment of Dr. Jose Delgado’s “physical control of the mind,” by the covert injection of nano-machines designed to “rewire” a given human mind.

Note the use of the words injection of nano-machines designed to ‘rewire’ a given human mind. Astra Zeneca, Pfizer and Moderna gene altering injections that have been injected into hundreds of millions of human bodies globally since late 2020 all have nanotech in them. The World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab openly said by 2030 humans will be a mixture of biology and technology interfacing with a central quantum computer. I have blogged about this premise several times since mid-2020, I have also detailed the patents, both global patents and USA patents for cryptocurrencies that are interfaced between the body and technology. To dismiss this as a conspiracy is cognitive dissonance of the facts. Dr. Farrell wrote a blog on The Spatial Web, outlining what this was from the article An Introduction to the Spatial Web :

The Spatial Web weaves together all of the digital and physical strands of our future world into the fabric of a new universe where next-gen computing technologies generate a unified reality; where our digital and physical lives become one. This is a new kind of network, not merely one of interconnected computers like the original Internet or a network of interlinked pages, text, and media like the World Wide Web but rather a “living network” made up of the interconnections between people, places, and things, their virtual counterparts, and the interactions, transactions and transportation between them. Like the World Wide Web before it, this new Spatial Web requires new code to bring it to life. Not merely software code, but critically, ethical, and social codes as well.

It gets better when you read on

Today, we can’t share knowledge all that effectively because we cannot share our mental models and maps of the world directly between brains. We can’t copy/paste ideas and concepts between ourselves, much less create, edit, or share them with AI, or IoT devices.

But what if we had the technology to collaborate with machines and artificial intelligence to share collective 3D models and maps of our experience and knowledge directly? Instead of being locked in our Private VR we could share in a kind of multi-dimensional Public AR — a digitally-mediated consensus reality — an idea as exciting as it is concerning. However, using Distributed Ledger technologies like Blockchain could enable us to reliably verify factual data about the world while enabling the freedom to collaboratively explore, edit, mashup, and remix reality. These technologies could help us confirm the difference between the real and the “projected,” between the empirically valid and the creatively expressed, providing us an Augmented Intelligent Reality.

The power of the Spatial Web initially comes from its ability to describe the world in the language that the world speaks to us in — geometry. The Spatial Web lets us use a digitally-mediated universal language in which all information can become spatial. It enables the current information on the web to be placed spatially and contextually on objects and at locations, where we can interact with information in the most natural and intuitive ways, by merely looking, speaking, gesturing, or even thinking. But it also enables the digital to be more physical as sensors and robotics become embedded into our environments and onto the objects around us. It makes our world smarter as it adds intelligence and context to any place, any object, and every person that we encounter, and it allows our relationships with each other and this new network to be more trustworthy, more secure, and faster by decentralizing and distributing the computing and storage of the data. It will enable us to accelerate and improve, augment and enhance every facet of our existence — our education, our creativity, our health, our businesses, our legal system, our politics, and our ecologies. The Spatial Web has the potential to move us from predominantly egocentric and ethnocentric concerns to more worldcentric ones that are more holistic, equitable, and inclusive. 

If you pass this through the Orwellian translation machine you get Archontic Artificial Intelligence hive mind control appearing on your screen. Dr. Farrell also points out the reference to

“distributed ledger technologies”? Did you notice how subtly humanity itself was transformed into a crypto-currency, and into the collateral for it?

So those patents aren’t there to collect cyber dust then. We have the technology readily available, now publicly being rolled out, we have PCR tests that have been found to have nano particulates on them, nanotech in injectables that are being labelled ‘vaccines’ when they are gene altering therapies, and we have a control system hellbent on creating a hive mind of humanity that will be connected to the spatial web (hive mind). Whose hive mind? There are those researchers, mystics, and psychics who believe that some of the beings who are controlling the simulation are future versions of ourselves who have come back from the future to attempt to harvest our present DNA to reverse the levels of transhumanism they have found themselves in. Fighting against the system they helped to create by playing along on one level, but behaving as a fifth column within the structure attempting to reset the timeline we are currently on. I for one don’t rule out the possibility, but I offer a different solution to the archontic AI’s end game in United. One from an angle that no one has seen coming. I do not believe that archontic AI will succeed. I do feel that many will go down with the ship, a wave of consciousness will leave their lens (human holographic forms) and head for either the eighth sphere or other levels of existence, but this force will ultimately lose. We shall see.

Electric Buddha. No thanks. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell on nanotech in 2011. Prophetic. Archontic Artificial Intelligence Hive Mind control coming to 2021 No where to run to, even while your dreaming, yo can be contacted and mind controlled. i wish it was conspiracy, but it’s ALL on the record.

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