Art For Arts Sake. Money For God’s Sake. Monetising your Passion. Selling Your Soul or Self?

I have been wanting to write this blog since I opened the back of my heart and have felt the consequences. Trusting that there is a force that is guiding me in my life and aligning with my heart has been a leap of faith that I made decades ago. Due to the nature of this choice, I have ridden along a timeline where all that has been hidden from my conscious awareness has manifested in my life either in my direct experience through other people (as my mirrors) or me via empirical experience. Taking responsibility for everything that happens to me has been crushing, motivating, endearing and challenging. Choosing to be completely vulnerable as to open the back of my heart to allow energy to flow into it was like stepping up the game to another level of awareness and observation that is indescribable. The shit that came at me (or was pulled to the surface) as soon as I opened that spinning vortex over my spine brought some truths to me that I was unable to see up until that moment. The most essential I can see moving forward with my passion, my current purpose (I am open to shifting my points of attention, life isn’t a one-trick pony) is that some of the people that I followed within the spiritual/conscious awareness community lack integrity, authenticity and exploit the most vulnerable for the energy and money (same thing).

On the other side of that coin, I have found people that are doing the opposite, they are embracing, unfolding, uplifting, and guiding those who are evolving through these energetic shifts and offering a balanced perspective that doesn’t look to take anything from anyone. The most vulnerable in their communities are given insights, answers, and encouragement to find balance in their lives as they fulfil their hearts desires. The picture these teachers paint is a very different one from those who look at other members in their community as lifetime customers (suckers to exploit in my opinion). I bought a course in May 2021 from two people (one whose content I often watch on youtube) after being enamoured with their sales pitches for months. I wanted to have the abundance, lifestyle, freedom of my time back that they were creating for themselves and so decided to go ahead and buy one of their courses (which had a money-back guarantee in 30 days if the course didn’t work for you, more on that shortly). Starting the course I was intially blinded to the sense of exploitation that came during the first set of modules, but when I opened the back of my heart, it became blaring obvious to my perception that there was a great deal of coercion, manipulation, and targeting of people to adhere to marketing practices that would align with any corporate company seeing flesh and blood humans as commodities only there to further accumulation of wealth and abundance. To say that I felt disheartened was an understatement. I felt physically repulsed. I immediately asked for a refund, this course didn’t resonate with the being that I was becoming. The answer I got stipulated that I didn’t read the fine print (I take responsibility for that yes) which said I had to enact their systems machinations, and prove that I hadn’t sold anything, had not created customers and gathered an email list, all of which they would evaluate as to whether my application of their system was successful or wasn’t to get a refund within 30 days of the purchase. I felt like I had been set up to lose $1000 NZD. Read the fine print before you buy anything online folks. Or anywhere, especially from within the spiritual/conscious awakening community online.

Thinking that if I would refund someone who bought a course I had (with a money-back guarantee of 30 days IF the course didn’t resonate with the purchaser) made online, so would those who I had felt an affiliation with doing the same was a lesson to learn about a lack of integrity. You talk a good talk, and these people certainly live a lavish lifestyle and have income from several other ventures, but they are ruthless businessmen. There is nothing compassionate, nor empathic about discerning whether someone has been successful with your methodology or not. Ouch, dude. Walk a mile in my shoes then tell me how it feels. The creators of this course I bought are big on monetising your purpose, your passion. When I now deconstruct their use of language in their content, the levels of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in their videos is off the charts. They play from the same song sheet, making clips that look to bring value into people’s lives as they come to terms with what they have said they have gone through, yet recycle the same information over and over again, making content that targets the most vulnerable in the spiritual/conscious awakening/new age community. The sensationalism of their content titles on youtube get views, subscribers, therefore potential lifetime customers (in their own words), and yes, their use of NLP makes for great hooks for those not attuned to that form of coercion and mind control. I may sound like a disgruntled former customer, and that may be some people’s perception, it’s not my intention. I intend to sound a warning for those who ARE most vulnerable in this community. Slow down, question more, and use your discernment with what sounds to be too good to be true.

Following your heart and your passion in life means being fearless, yes. In my experience, it also means owning up to taking responsibility for how you go about wanting to share your passion, purpose with global society if you do. Creating an organic timeline where through the power of aligning with both passion and purpose elevates your resonance, magnetising to you the people, the forces, the energies that will provide you with the abundance you will need so you can continue to follow your heart is more in tune with who I have become. I am first and foremost a writer, I’ve written twelve books, three novels, six collections of short stories, a single short story that I published as a book (it’s the most timely of ALL my published work), two collections of poetry and I am writing my fourth novel. I believe in the quality of my work, spirit has guided me throughout my journey, but I have been a faceless man for thirteen years. There are many ways to highlight what I do, what I have created and I have decided to make my presence known online more. As I make content for my website, youtube, podcasts I will allow people to come to me if they chose and if they chose to buy my books it will be a blessing for me, but it will always be on their terms and it is my alignment to the force that animates this body that I trust in, not a ‘sales funnel’ to create lifetime customers. Meet people on their terms, not yours. ‘The universe is abundant, therefore I feel abundant, all my financial needs are met before I ask’ – Stuart Wilde. Say no more.

There’s one born every minute….

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