A Quarter of 2021 is Almost Over. The Collective Soul Exposed For Those With Eyes to See. Part Two: True Leaders and Whistleblowers Unite.

Continuing with this blog series about the first quarter of 2021, let’s flip the coin and further our expose of the soul of humanity, where compassion, empathy, and truth reign over the rigidity of control, manipulation, and fear. On March 30th, an article was published in nbcmiami.com reporting that the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis would pass an executive order forbidding local governments and businesses from requiring so-called “vaccine passports” to show proof that customers have been inoculated against the coronavirus. DeSantis has proven throughout the charade of a pandemic that he is a man of the people, advised by those within his state government who uphold the Constitution of the United States of America as not only the principle document to promote the freedom of the people from tyranny, but also a promote personal responsibility. While many states within this country have governors who are acting like modern-day caesars, further encroaching upon the rights of those who have elected them to uphold, serve and protect them from tyranny while doing the opposite, DeSantis and his government has shown how to imbue the trust of the people and act accordingly. He said:

“It’s completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine to just simply participate in normal society,” 

Bravo. There is no place for medical apartheid in any free society. Many medical institutions have made it clear that the survival rate for this infection is 99.97% if you do not have co-morbidity issues. The idea of mass vaccinations and vaccines passports has nothing to do with health, it is a political means to create greater levels of control, fulfilling patents that allow technology and biology to merge and create a two-tier global society that will eventually force the great unwashed (those who do not consent to be part of the ongoing medical trials for these experimental gene therapies) to be isolated, and eventually pressured to join the rest of society. DeSantis also rejected mask mandates and has used his executive authority to preempt local governments from enforcing such measures, once again giving the people the responsibility to chose whether to wear a mask or not.

Dr. Naomi Wolf has been following the science, the incoming data, and the pushback of those medical scientists, experts in fields of virology, immunology, epidemiology in Europe and the USA. In an interview with Kevin McKernan, who directed a research lab at MIT for many years and has 25 years of experience working with PCR tests, and Bobby Malhotra, who was on the Austrian COVID task force, who are both signatories of a retraction report to the Eurosurveillance Journal, asking for the retraction of the essay by Christian Drosten, advisor to the German government, that initially proposed the use of PCR tests and their protocols or the “recipe” to use, to diagnose COVID. The essay was peer-reviewed in a DAY when the average journal review takes 172 days. They believe that the PCR test it should not be used for diagnostic testing, as the PCR tests will pick up any one of four Asian cold viruses (a common cold) and report it as a positive for COVID, and that Drosten never had a sample of COVID to test in his protocol, therefore had to use a computer simulation. How many false positives have we seen since testing began? Feel like you have been played? Dr. Wolf highlights their conclusions:

We can’t possibly even know that there has been a pandemic, let alone what its scale has been, since the results of PCR tests to date are “garbage” and need to be thrown out and the whole process begun anew with accurate testing protocols. They also warn that now that the WHO has told labs to release the CT levels that labs are using to health clinics that ask about them, we are likely to see a “drop” in “infections” which will really just be a change from inaccurate to more accurate test conditions. Most importantly, they warn that the PCR allows a “pandemic” to be dialed up or down at will, by simply adjusting the CT levels.

I’d suggest that you read the next statement from Dr. Wolf over and over again:

The entire COVID-19 pandemic policy has been predicated on “COVID Charts” that purport to show waves of “cases”, including “spikes” and “hotspots.” The entire Western world has been following these charts that allegedly track test results for COVID; policies based on these tests have locked whole nations indoors, isolated elders, kept kids and teenagers out of school, crushed entire sectors and resulted in a massive wealth transfer as distressed assets are bought up by big investors and developers for pennies on the dollar, and as Big Tech and Big Pharma rack up unprecedented profits.

The light of soul has shown that this ‘pandemic’ has nothing to do with a health crisis, it’s about more top-down control and down-up wealth transfer as in an attempt to create the feudal governance of The World Economic Forum’s, Great Reset. Remember, you will own nothing and be happier than you have ever been, in 2030.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) will not go about its agenda unopposed. German attorney Reiner Fuellmich along with thousands of lawyers worldwide is working towards prosecuting the WEF, its acolytes, and sycophantic civil servants for the ruination of businesses, the destruction of forced lockdowns that has impoverished families, seen a massive spike in suicides, and decimated the lives of millions globally due to the perpetration of COVID-responses. Forming the German Coronoa Investigative Committee to pursue civil charges against the main perpetrators, among them being the head of the United Nations World Health Organization Dr. Tedros Adhanom, he is hopeful that he can bring all the willing parties to justice in a Nuremberg style trial. In a continuation of the expose by Dr.Wolf, Mr. Feullmich says:

“Based on the rules of criminal law, asserting false facts concerning the PCR tests, or intentional misrepresentation, that can only be assessed as fraud. Based on the rules of civil tort law, this translates into intentional infliction of damage.”

He continues:

“The crimes committed by Mr. Christian Drosten [an epidemiologist and Germany’s version of Dr. Anthony Fauci] and Mr. Lothar Wieler, a veterinarian and head of the German equivalent of the CDC, and Tedros Adhanom, head of the WHO, must be legally qualified as actual crimes against humanity as defined in Section 7 of the International Criminal Code.”

We would have to build a prison that would house hundreds of thousands of politicians, technocrats, celebrities, members of banking dynasties, royal houses of Europe, and on and on the list would go if they were all found guilty. May that day come sooner rather than later. 

In Australia, a former member of the Victorian state government, Sanjeev Sabhlok, resigned after the creation of a police state by premier Daniel Andrews in 2020. Om his website, where he blog’s he stated about his resignation from the Victorian government:

resigned as an economist in the Treasury on 9 September 2020 to protest the violations of human rights and the Police State created by the Daniel Andrews government. [My 16 September 2020 article in Australian Financial Review, my October 2020 book, The Great Hysteria and the Broken State, my 68,000 word complaint to the International Criminal Court, my 30 December 2020 article in The Australian]

He is another shining light for transparency in a world where the inversion of this action is viral (pun intended). Growing up in India, and joining the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in the Haryana cadre in 1982, he married and moved to Assam where he worked in the roles of Deputy Commissioner of Barpeta district, Professor of Management at Lal Bahadur National Academy of Administration and Commissioner to the State Government of Meghalaya in the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government of India. Within the machinations of governance in India, he discovered incompetence and corruption that lead him to pursue an overhaul of the political system in his country of birth in 1998. When he failed to make any changes, he resigned in 2001 from the IAS and left for Australia. Working for the government of Victoria from March 2001-2020, as an executive till 2005 at the Victorian WorkCover Authority, then as an economist in the Department of Treasury and Finance, until his resignation, he now focuses on India in his blog’s, pushing for reform in what he perceives as a socialist country. He states:

Socialist Indian governments have created the hugely skewed incentives that continue to underpin India’s Third World conditions including low productivity and dire poverty. Without fundamental governance reforms, any economic reforms that were implemented since 1991 cannot fully succeed, either. This governance system needs to be totally overhauled.”

His work holding the Andrews-led government accountable for creating a police state under the premise of a health crisis cannot be underestimated, nor undervalued. It is an act of rebellion against tyranny and misuse of power invested in him and his government by the people of Victoria.

We gave our power away, now it’s our moment to take it back.

https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/florida-governor-to-forbid-vaccine-passports-with-executive-order/2416606/ Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida has shown himself to be leader of the people, and a upholder of the Constitution of the United States of America.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fznDgRHInM Dr Naomi Wolf, with Kevin McKernan, from MIT, who worked with PCR tests for 25 years and Bobby Malhorta, a member of the Austrian COVID task force signatories of the retraction letter of Christian Drosten. A Must Watch.

https://www.technocracy.news/hohmann-calls-for-second-nuremberg-tribunal-to-try-crimes-against-humanity/ Nuremberg 2.0 is coming.

https://www.sabhlokcity.com/ Sanjeev Sabhlok’s blog is a must read for those in India and Australia as he fights against socialism, corruption and tyranny.

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