A Leader of the People for the People. What Would That Look Like? Here’s My Interpretation.

In my blogs I’ve written about the sycophantic nature of elected civil servants who don’t honour their promises, are self-indulgent, power-hungry (though they have none, they are puppets that get discarded when their usefulness is over), and get elected on personality rather than policy. What would a leader of the people, for the people look like to me? I’ll do my best to explain this, and they also tie in the machinations of the system that I can see keep these people from ever getting into a position where they can come into prominence in our present culture.

Can you imagine a leader whose patriotism for their country and their people meant that they came forward and said, ‘Ok, we are in debt to the Bank of International Settlements, The World Bank, The Communist Chinese Elite and technocrats from Silicon Valley to the tune of 450 billion dollars. The question is now how do we honour our debts without crushing the economy, ruining lives, and make a smooth as possible transition to becoming debt-free?’ Then, this leader said, ‘I will ask you the people for innovative ideas, and also the specialists and advisers who are part of my team. I believe it is in our best interests that we never compromise our nation, our resources, or our lives to pay off our debts, but it is your will that we shall adhere to. For you will have spoken.’ That would send a shockwave around the world that would crumble the very foundations of the political systems that are in place. We would have a leader acting out of complete transparency about financial debt, and therefore expose the hand that feeds the nation’s fiscal policies. If that same leader then said, ‘I now give you, the people the ability to chose whether we stay with fiat currency (Banking dynasty debt money) within our borders or you would like an interest-free government-created currency for use.’ Combining with this statement, ‘all data on how this could work are detailed in this document which I would implore you all to read before making this decision. We would still have to honour our debts with fiat currency to our debtors, the way this would be done is detailed the document.’ This leader would probably be assassinated within minutes by an operative working within our intelligence agencies for the Banking dynasties. If one country did that (think Gaddafi’s Gold Dinar for the African continent, or JFK’s Greenbacks) then other countries would attest to wanting to follow. End of fiat currency. End of control. 

This champion of the people then propositioned that the Welfare state had to end. It creates inter-generational dependency, allows some to parasitically draw from the coffers, and creates social strata that needn’t ever exist. I’m not calling for a UBI (universal basic income), I would say that we look at ways to feed our communities, support one another, and innovate to bring more value to the collective community and nation. Teaching people how to grow food, forage, hunt, fish, creates a sense of meaning now lost to many, community gardens were nourishing, enriching, and healthy foods are grown feed communities. Foraging is something I’ve embraced fully after learning about what I can and can’t eat from nature means that a reliance on cheap processed foods is a choice, not the only option. Did you know that ALL the seaweeds growing in this country are edible? Creating warm, dry cheap dwellings in communities near farms that have diversified from cattle, sheep farming and need workers to maintain their crops means you’ve created thousands of jobs nationwide. Innovating to find means to produce free abundant pollution-free power for these communities (and the nation in general) would mean that these power companies can be free to be the tip of that arrow to find more ways to allocate, maintain, and create the infrastructure for the movement of the culture forward.

Technology and distraction go hand and hand in today’s culture. Under forward-thinking leadership there would be a greater emphasis on empowering the individual to see that bringing value to the community uplifts everyone. What if people strived to help one another rather than be social media self-indulgent, addicted to smartphone entanglement, watching the entrainment devices (television), and living their lives in cyberspace. Cyberspace is a tool, not a destination. Studying, improving, supporting, growing, all could be attributes that would be the wind beneath our nation’s people’s wings. A great leader would look at the colonists of this country under the Crown and then say it’s time to put an end to that. Republic. Yes. One where we acknowledge our past and understand that it wasn’t all koombaya between Maori iwi when the first immigrants from Europe arrived here. Far from it. There still is ancestral tribal baggage that some carry, scars from pillage, slavery, wars. Yes, but how about creating a Kaumatua council of all the Iwi of this archipelago who are incorruptible, steadfast, and have the first and last say about whether a law is passed in this country. They would have all the legal, specialist advisers at their disposal for their decisions. These people inspire all Maori and non-Maori to honour being Kaitiakitanga not only for the present population but especially for the generations to come. If they thought that any law being put forward was detrimental to the nation it would be binned instantly. No more golden handshakes, smiley glad-hands, and secret deals between corporates and cabinet ministers. COMPLETE transparency.

What if this leader hired the right people to make this country completely self-sufficient so that we needed not a jot from another country? We naturally would still trade by choice, rather than necessity. Finding innovative ways to repurpose technology that would otherwise end up in a landfill, finding innovative ways to reduce the production of rubbish, or even better make it bio/eco friendly so that it could compost instead of being buried in toxic landmasses. Education systems that incorporate the Rudolf Steiner and Maria Montessori principles into schools, where what EXCITED a student in regards to what they wanted to learn rather than indoctrination was the reason for education. A country whose leader was incorruptible would tell the technocratic elite and the Black Nobility (the bloodline houses of Europe behind the curtain) to politely ‘fuck off’ when they offered gifts privilege, power, or attempted to blackmail them to keep them in line. A leader who stood before the nation and said, ‘I am but your servant. It is your vision for our country that I shall do my best to enact with the help of our Kaumatua Council.’ Can you imagine that???

I can, it’s my dream, and far out, it’s far from complete. Not everyone would agree with me, and that’s fine. It is my vision. I for one think that it’s time for we the people to take our country back and kick these shills in government out and where they belong after thorough and deep investigations into their activities. If they have acted not in the best interests of the people of this country or committed treason then they need to be held accountable to the people. In our society, a leader like the one I have described can never make it to a place where they can truly represent their people. The system has roadblocks everywhere to stop this from happening. Those elevated into positions of political influence have a soul to sell, or start in a position where they want to help move the culture forward, but then fall prey to enticements, ego, or worse, their predilections towards sexual depravity. Others see how the game is played and step out before they get to this place, or are threatened by intelligence agencies, told their lives or families are at stake if they don’t play along. The game is rigged folks, and the house (take your pick of the one of the 13 of the Black Nobility for starters) always wins. It’s time to play a new game. Either that or we lose again.

The sooner we realise this, the sooner we can move the culture forward together.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lch8gyFGFA&feature=emb_logo A leader for the People of the People.

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  1. Yes. A little stream of consciousness response from me, how rare 😉 What struck me initially is the idea of the external and internal leader. Augusto Boal comes to mind. He uses the expression “The cop in the head”… and his Theatre of the Oppressed movement…the people must awaken to our own power to choose, to want something more than just what is laid out before us to consume. Dreaming it up on an individual basis, which is what I hear you saying Pha. That’s not even at the level of voting or government, but in the microcosm of home/self, the ways we ask for what we want/don’t want in our intimate dealings, every day. Of course I love to imagine a leader imbued with qualities and ideas that move us forward with grace and wisdom, that impart and somehow even teach the people to do better, be better, yes this we must dream up as well, make it manifest. AND there is also the externalizing that we all are familiar with, wherein we want it, wait for it to appear outside us, just there on the horizon, the magic pill, the answer. Some ideas expressed in one of Ram Dass’ talks touched on the concept of “God, Guru and Self” all in one. Of course the appearance of an ACTUAL leader who has insight, awareness and open-mindedness is a worthwhile vision that requires ‘people-power’ to manifest, and a myriad of other workings up the ladder (which I lack the language and knowledge about, so I won’t go there 😉 to bring about. My point, the little ‘ting’ that came initially, is how to begin being the leader we wish to see? What does that look like inside me? Who am I manifesting here and now, in the one being I actually have an iota of control over? 🙃 So my revolution starts here


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