5G : Part Two. Why Use A Bandwidth that Interacts with the Oxygen in the Air we Breathe?

With the use of bandwidths for communications (I would say Military/Intelligence applications) worldwide in the microwave spectrum already a seething highway, bathing the planet in a sub-reality of EMR/ELF radiation, RF Globalnet says, ‘Due to the increased bandwidth demands and the scarcity of microwave frequency allocations, the wireless communications industry is beginning to focus on higher, previously unallocated portions of the spectrum in the millimeter-wave frequencies from 40GHz to 300GHz’. In this corridor of frequencies, communications companies have allocated the bandwidth of 60Hz as the most effective frequency for, ‘Wireless communication devices operating at higher frequencies, such as 60GHz, which (sic) allow businesses to link to the fiber easily, without the cost and time delays associated with physical fiber installation.’ This all sounds fairly ambiguous until we look at the machinations of using the frequency of 60Hz for communications.

With further reading and investigative research, we see that the 60Hz is hugely absorbed by oxygen, allowing for greater transmission signals between frequency transmitters. 98 percent of the transmitted energy is absorbed by atmospheric oxygen, so it limits the range of the signal, hence the proximity of the antenna must be close to one another. So, let’s look at the concerns about the impact of this process on human health by looking at what 60Hz does to the molecule of oxygen, which will lead to a very important question. Oxygen has two atoms that share electrons, 60Hz causes the electrons to spin, your body’s absorption of oxygen by the lungs is made by an iron-containing protein called hemoglobin in your blood. So, what is the impact of 60Hz making the oxygen molecules spin the electrons and its impact on hemoglobin uptake for the body?

If we study the information coming out of the city of Wuhan, the alleged origins of this virus, from the hospitals, it paints an interesting picture. In Lancet, from February 2020, ‘ most patients presented with fever, dry cough, dyspnoea, and bilateral ground-glass opacities on chest CT scans’. Note that we have a dry cough, dyspnoea, or shortness of breath and ground-glass opacities in most patients. This you would consider normal in a city with some of the worst air pollutions on the planet due to manufacturing, but I digress. These symptoms were noted by Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell is an ED-ICU Doc at Maimonides in New York, who said that his patients were starved for oxygen like they had altitude sickness. Dr. Jason Sonners of HBOT, a proponent for the use of hyperbaric chambers instead of ventilators for those admitted into the ICU with an inability to uptake oxygen, made sense of the use of this treatment with the premise of ‘this virus that’s destroying our hemoglobin‘, in a video called ‘Is Covid-19 like Altitude sickness?’ Both cities of Wuhan and New York were exposed to 60Hz frequencies due a 5G communications antenna, with patients admitted into hospitals with similar symptoms of lack of oxygen uptake. Which leaves me with a question that I will leave you to ponder till the next installment of this series on 5G, how can places without 5G antenna and 60Hz frequency have reported COVID cases with the same symptoms???

How quickly can I destroy your hemoglobin?

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    • The best way to deal with any technology that is not conducive for public health and safety in my opinion is to inform people, ask questions of civil servants who are more than likely compromised (bribed = lobbied by BIG tech/communication) as to why they would endeavour to put people at risk? Including themselves? Kind counterintuitive… just saying!


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