3 Reasons Why Heart-Based Living is Revolutionary and Will Change the Paradigm of Reality Forever.

Fear has been the currency of control of the global human populace for eons. In my blog post, We Live in a Simulation. Sound (Words and Frequencies) Can Change your DNA. You Have the Power To Transform Your Experience I concur with David Icke saying that fear is the energetic source that self-perpetuates the walls of the simulation we all live in. It is the heart vortex, the heart chakra that allows humanity to connect beyond the walls of the matrix of control. For when we are heart-based living we feel the connection to all that is, all that ever has been, and all that ever will be. This force is an intelligence of love, acceptance, joy, and humour, a cosmic joker. Heart-based living, connecting to source energy (that which you already are) outside of the walls of the simulation means an end to fear. How can you be afraid of anything when you realise that you ARE everything? In this blog, I want to share with you three reasons why heart-based living is the most revolutionary act we can make at this moment. I have chosen to live my life acknowledging these principles and want to now share them with you.

1.Heart-based living means you connect before the fear firewall of the simulation.

Connecting to source energy via the heart vortex changes your perception of reality immediately. The firewall of the simulation is strengthened by the dense vibrations of fear. The emotional resonances of the densest frequencies that stimulate control (due to a feeling of lack of it) limit our ability to feel those programs that are emanating from source energy, namely empathy, and compassion. Our bodies are hard-wired for the amygdala to respond to almost all that the mainstream everything throws at our attention. Fear of disease, war, poverty, loss of identity, employment, culture, on and on it goes. What passes as entertainment is a form of predictive programming that lambasts the subconscious mind with symbology and narratives that play a huge part in the mass programming of society. When we put our awareness into our hearts and reach out from here a shift takes place instantly as our bodies go into a coherence state. We feel calm, emotionally composed as our waveform patterns synchronise with source energy and connect. The physiological effects are instantaneous, as the heart pulls other biological oscillators into synchronisation with its rhythms, and those of all that is ever has been, and ever will be. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively as comedian/philosopher Bill Hicks famously said.

2. Heart-based living connects you to the higher intelligence of source energy via you as an antenna.

James L. Oschman, wrote a paper that was published in ReaserchGate called, The Heart as a Bi-directional Scalar Field Antenna in which he documents the work cardiologist, Francisco Torrent-Guasp, who revealed that the ventricle of the heart is a double helical structure, now known as the helical ventricular myocardial band (HVMB). He continues in the paper:

Further work by Guasp and others revealed that this three-dimensional ventricular architecture can be regarded as a geometrically non-orientable surface, similar to a triple-twisted Möbius strip. This is one of several geometric arrangements used to document the Aharonov-Bohm effects, involving electromagnetic vortical potential or scalar fields. Extraordinary yet compelling evidence has also indicated that the heart’s energy fields, generated by vortical electrical flows through the heart and aortic arch, are coupled to fields of information that are not bound by the limits of time and space.

The heart reaches out beyond the walls of the simulation and links your consciousness with source energy, Surrendering and ultimately trusting in this connection will always bring you to be in the right place at the right time granting deep intuitive abilities, lead you to your passion and allow you to fearless pursue it with conviction as Mr. Oschman concludes his paper by saying:

As a bi-directional Möbius structure, the human heart seems suited for linking holographic organisms to each other and to a holographic environment, and vice versa, via scalar fields.

Therefore directing you to meet the right circumstances to synchronise you with those who would have your best interests at heart (pun intended) and aligning you with always being safe from harm, often in ways that seem miraculous and humorous. Your resonance will always draw people into your life that align with your frequency creating stronger coherent communities entraining those around them who are not resonating on the same frequency due to the power of your electromagnetic fields produced from the heart. The HeartMath institute discovered that when someone sends love to a recipient the heart rhythms synchronise in coherence.

3. Heart-based living will eventually effect bring the walls of the simulation down and shift the paradigm into a Golden Age

The heart communicates via cardioelectromagnetic communication, which is the strongest producer of electromagnetic energy in the body is so powerful is it that it produces 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain.  The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5,000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain and can be detected a several feet away from the body, in all directions, using SQUID-based magnetometers. This field can communicate with the brains of those as well as hearts within proximity to those who are resonating their connection to source energy. Along with the physical entrainment of hearts of those around someone who is connected to source energy via their heart, is the fact that the resonance emanating from those in higher states of awareness will communicate with the heart-brain connection and attune their bodies intelligence to find coherence. The HeartMath Institute discovered:

Research has shown that the heart communicates to the brain in four major ways: neurologically (through the transmission of nerve impulses), biochemically (via hormones and neurotransmitters), biophysically (through pressure waves) and energetically (through electromagnetic field interactions). Communication along all these conduits significantly affects the brain’s activity.

Growing numbers of people who are entraining to living fearlessly from their hearts will no longer feed into the feedback loop of the simulation, compromising its integrity with the energetic power of source energy as it infiltrates and pries apart the bricks and mortar of the matrix of control until it finally disintegrates completely and we have a global paradigm shift that connects the planetary consciousness to source energy.

Let’s go!

Meet you in the middle!

https://www.heartmath.org/ The HeartMath Institute. Perhaps the most innovative scientific organisation on Earth.

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/283660858_The_Heart_as_a_Bi-directional_Scalar_Field_Antenna James L. Oschman. ResearchGate paper on the The Heart as a Bi-directional Scalar Field Antenna. Insanely cool!

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  1. Mauri Aroha Pha!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration and research on heart-based living.
    Very powerful indeed as the heart vortex (Anāhata = “unstruck”) allows us to shift into a non-dual reality. This is where our natural states of compassion, connection, joy, love, and creativity spontaneously flow. . .

    “Wisdom tells me that I am noting.
    Love tells me that I am everything.
    Between the two, my life flows.”

    ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

    • Blessings to you Ming! Thank you for your wisdom and insights! So powerful! So beautiful and magical!

      Om Shri Ananhata!Good Morning!



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