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Entwined (New Cover)

The night terrors of childhood have stopped when Buford Somerset's body went through puberty, but their memories were the bane of his adolescence. When taking time out from University he visits his uncle's office in London where he discovers a newspaper article that references the nocturnal tormentors of his youth.

Accompanied by his chaperoning adopted brother he travels the globe extensively finding fragments of a puzzle till the enigmatic Jammanjoh requests Buford presence in his grotto in the Siemien Mountains of Ethiopia where the final pieces are put into place.

Pablo Wairua is born into an order of Tuhoe Tohunga whoes lineage goes back to Lemuria. Drawn to Tiwanaku, Bolivia, he wrestles with an ancient evil and in the process has an unexpected rendezvous with a soul lost to the very force he has aspired to destroy. What happens next will change their lives forever...


The Light Guides the Way

The Light Guides the Way and The Eyes of Love See All are compilations of tales revealed to Pablo Wairua after his experience at Tiwanaku in Bolivia, as elucidated in the novel Entwined.

From the origins of a Sumatran pine growing at a latitude where it seemingly should not, to a young woman who stumbles upon an ancient curse that haunts the Coconino Forest in Arizona, these stories weave together experiences where meaning and truth coalesce to ignite a spark of wonderment.

Pablo writes to inspire, spellbind and entertain those who dare venture into the literary interpretations of the visions bestowed upon him.


The Darkness Holds Sway

The Darkness Holds Sway and The Wall Begins to Fall are the instruments through which Lord Buford Somerset emancipates himself from his hideous fate, portrayed in the novel Entwined.

A macabre dance where the supernatural balance of power shifts into realms where suffering knows no boundaries, possession leads to mass murder, loss of love metamorphoses into insanity and eventually necrophilia, and cannibalism is the apex of romantic love.

Lord Somerset writes to hold on to his sanity and alleviate his woes and in the process gives you a peek into his demented and nightmarish mind.


The Eyes of Love See All

The Eyes of Love See All and The Light Guides the Way are compilations of tales revealed to Pablo Wairua after his experience at Tiwanaku in Bolivia, as elucidated in the novel Entwined. In his tome, Pablo carves out what it means to love.

From lesbian ghosts who meet upon bridges on each New Year’s Eve to demonstrate their devotion to one another to a songwriter stuck in a creative rut who finds inspiration in the planet’s largest organism, these stories weave together experiences where meaning and truth coalesce to ignite a spark of wonderment.

Pablo writes to inspire, spellbind and entertain those who dare venture into the literary interpretations of the visions bestowed upon him.


The Wall Begins to Fall

The Wall Begins to Fall and But The Darkness Holds Sway are the instruments through which Lord Buford Somerset emancipates himself from his hideous fate, portrayed in the novel Entwined.

A vampire saint drains the occupants of a Brazilian penitentiary, yet leaves one man with AIDS to live out his days in comfort in London; wrathful spirits meet in a suburban sex club in Sydney, Australia, and wreak havoc on the fornicators.

Lord Somerset writes to hold on to his sanity and alleviate his woes, in the process giving you a peek into his demented and nightmarish mind.



Teal Maguire is a travel writer of extraordinary ability with a keen sense of adventure who leaves New Zealand to start a post at Vagabond adventure travel magazine in Vancouver, Canada. Here he briefly meets Brody Hobbs a beautiful woman at a party and a love blossoms between them albeit briefly as Teal is swept away on assignment.

A few years later Teal heads to find the Apurimac ‘The Great Speaker’, the start of the Amazon River and in a remote village finds Brody teaching English to the local Quechua population. She imparts knowledge of a strange and marvellous location in the Andes and takes Teal there to discover his cosmic origins.

The experience leave’s both Teal’s and Brody’s lives altered forever, sending them each on a separate journey that will take them hurtling towards destinies that neither can comprehend until they meet again, deep in the planet’s inner worlds. But not before they both confront lifetimes they have lived thousands of years in the past and the beings who have waited beyond the limitations of the frequency range inflicted upon the surface dwellers by the sinister inter-dimensional cabal, The Ultima Thule.

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Pharaeus Lysander


Welcome. Thank you for visiting my website. If you choose to journey further into the universe that I have created, then let me first give you the history of how and where this expanding field of consciousness is leading me, and potentially you.

My youthful endeavours into the literary world were an escape for me from a world that I found less magical than the one in my head. During the early 1990s I faced some insurmountable questions about my existence and got to the fork in the road where many of us in our youth find ourselves. My head and heart combined and led me out of my five-sense reality and soon my life was full of enchantment and hilarious synchronicity.

In 1994 I lived in an apartment in Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand, where I had an ‘experience’ that changed my life in ways I may elucidate in an autobiography at a later date. As a consequence, to appeal to the force at work within me, I wrote twelve dark tales (under the pseudonym of Buford Somerset – I liked the idea of giving over my voice, particularly in regards to these twisted yarns) in the space of days. Those short stories gathered dust for eleven years, and in the meantime I wrote half a dozen more in Vancouver and the first draft of a novel that I finished in 2003 in Wellington, New Zealand.

In 2005 I got to another fork in the path and looked towards the open road in a physical sense (heading abroad again, I travelled for six years before coming back to New Zealand in 2002) and decided that I needed to follow my heart at whatever cost to my head. I dusted off the short stories I had written in 1994 and rewrote them. I quit my job and spent my life savings so that I could fulfil my urge to write. In the process of which, I felt the impulse to bring some light where there had previously been none, and wrote ten inspirational short stories (penned under another pseudonym, Pablo Wairua). It struck me, as I was writing, that I could combine the knowledge I had gathered along my path of self-discovery into a fictional account of how these two imaginary writers came to pen these anecdotes.

During the six months of writing, I began to research heavily from the books that had filled in the blank spaces in my own experiences, giving me a holistic vision of reality and that had also allowed me to form a clear picture of the history of Buford Somerset (an English aristocrat) and Pablo Wairua (a Tuhoe Tohunga).

I had to return to work after six months, but continued to write and research in my spare time. Working with my editor, I worked on drafts of the three books I had gone about penning in the six months I had off, until five years later in 2010, she sent me the final copy of Entwined (which I wrote using the pseudonym Harmon Sueno, the son of a Rapa Nui native and a Chilean colonist) back to me.

It ignited a blaze in my creative expression and I have gone onto write another four books in the last five years, balancing my worklife with my desire for artistic expression.

Go well.
Pharaeus Lysander

Pseudonym Biographies



Harmon Sueno

Harmon Sueno, the author of the books Entwined and Sanctum, is the son of a Rapa Nui native and a Chilean colonist.

Harmon’s sensitivity to what lies beyond the reach of the five senses and the visible spectrum of light – experienced from an early age – has never waned during his life as the layers of conditioning by culture, education and society attempt to lacquer over his connection to consciousness.

As a child he would dream about people – their entire lives lived out in the space of one night: past, present and future all melding together seamlessly into a continual stream of images, events and experiences.

His first eBook, Entwined, is an example of his remarkable recall of the lives of two men whose fates cross and are destined to do so again in the sequel United.


Lord Buford Somerset

Lord Buford Somerset is an English aristocrat, who, in the novel Entwined, has a cruel and twisted experience befall him that gives him the unfortunate ability to see into lives tormented by unimaginable suffering.

To preserve his sanity, he began to write what he sees in his mind’s eye. The eBooks The Darkness Holds Sway and As The Wall Begins to Fall are his earnest attempts to find respite from his torturous infliction.


Pablo Wairua

Pablo Wairua is a Tuhoe Tohunga of Quechua and Tuhoe descent. His lineage of warrior-priests dedicated to the protection of the planet’s living consciousness. A Tohunga, in New Zealand Maori culture, is a specialist practitioner whose skills can be seen in many disciplines, from art to religion, from navigation to carving, to teaching, building and advising.

After an incident in the novel Entwined, he was granted visions of wonder and beauty that moved him to become a writer of short stories.

His first collection is the eBook The Light Guides the Way, which was later followed by his second collection; The Eyes of Love See All



There are many people who have applied their various creative energies to the creation of Oho Ake Books, and others who have inspired or been bountiful sources for much of the information presented in my work.

Barbara Marciniak (and the Pleiadians):
My eternal gratitude to you for “awakening” me. My conscious journey began with your channelled works – my initial feeling of being rudderless vanished when I picked up Bringers of the Dawn.

David Icke:
You are fearless, hilarious, marvellous. Thank you with all my heart for the extent of your research and for conveying your discoveries in literary and visual works. Your books have made my conscious journey revealing and allowed me to make sense of who I am.

Odelia Schaare of Beautiful Words, my editor:
I was raw when synchronistic events brought me to you. You have given me all the tools, space and support that I have needed to find the voices for who I am but a conduit. You are the rock this house is built on.

Amber Coubrough, my cover illustrator:
Your interpretations of the mental creative palette I bring to you bewilder and beguile me with their charm. They are so vibrant that they both almost leap from the screen and launch one into their dreamscape at the same time.

Jana Borchers and Sylvia Harris, my proofreaders:
Thank you for your tireless work. You are both integral to the process of the creation of the books. I am blessed to work with you.

Steven Templar, my author illustrator:
Wow. You have brought my inner visions to life! Whenever I look at the images you have conjured, I have to come to terms with the fact that you are a wizard!

Preston McNeil, Michael Hobbs and Sean Woollgar, my book trailer producers, directors, film-makers, and editors:
You have bridged the next step for me, from page to screen – a tiny triumph for Oho Ake Books and its creative expression.

To Luke Parker, Michael Hobbs and James Jackson who created the music for all my book trailers:
Gentlemen, what a pleasure it has been to be able to hand over my vision for you to interpret it into the sonic landscapes you have created.

Amanda High, graphic/web designer:
You have allowed me another avenue of creative expression, and created the space that has allowed me to take my craft into the world. Thank you for your patience, humour and kindness.

To those who have supported me over the eight years of working on this project, family, friends and those beyond our density (a nod to the Pleiadians): None of this would have been possible without your belief in me and what I set out to do.

For more information / Contact details:

Barbara Marciniak:

David Icke:

Beautiful Words (Odelia Schaare; editing, proofreading and typesetting services): email

Amber Coubrough (cover illustrator):

Stephen Templar –  (Author Illustrator):

Sean Woollgar (Producer, Director, Trailer creator, Editor):

Michael Hobbs (Producer, Director, Trailer creator, Editor):

Preston McNeil (Producer, Animator, Director, Trailer creator, Editor):

Luke Parker (Book trailer music composer)

James Jackson (Book trailer music composer)

Amanda High (graphic/web designer): email



“Sanctum” is a must read for those who enjoy gripping surrealism and stream of consciousness writing not unlike the works of Clive Barker or Haruki Murakami. Harmon Sueno takes pen to paper with such deft clarity and poignant realism that the reader is gripped in the clutches of such a beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written tale that you are left questioning the very fabric of our present and future existence. HarmonSueno is an author to be reckoned with.
-Eryn M. Dorman, Toronto, Canada